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Uniform digital circuit in health care on the basis of Uniform State Health Information System

Within the Health care national project since 2019 in Russia work on the federal project "Creation of a Uniform Digital Circuit of Health Care on the basis of Uniform State Health Information System" started. It is one of 8 projects entering the national project. Its results should become the tool for implementation of other seven federal projects of health care. The volume of the forthcoming costs for creation of a digital circuit - more than 100 billion rubles.



The Deputy Minister of Health E. Boyko on TAdviser SummIT - about a role of "digit" in increase in life expectancy in Russia

Speaking at the TAdviser SummIT conference on May 29, 2019, the deputy minister health care Elena Boyko told about digitalization of the industry with emphasis how it will concern all citizens. Citizens are the main asset of the nation, emphasized with the deputy minister, having added that because of demographic crisis of the 90th years in Russia natural losses of the population are observed today. Most often our citizens die of cardiovascular and oncological diseases.

Elena Boyko on TAdviser SummIT

The decree of the president No. 204 is directed to strategic increase in "the main property": according to it it is necessary to provide steady natural growth of population of the Russian Federation and by 2030 to enter in "the club of the countries 80+", i.e. where life expectancy makes more than 80 years.

Slide from Elena Boyko's presentation

The decree assumes complete transformation of a health care system, and one of leading roles in it will be played by digital technologies. In 2019 in connection with the decree the Health care national project, the including complex of the interconnected measures separated into 8 federal projects started. One of them – digital medicine.

Slide from Elena Boyko's presentation

Elena Boyko told about the main questions which organizers of information systems of different levels in a zdrava and participants of the IT companies who will participate in the project should deliver before themselves. Questions are as follows: where to treat, who will treat how to treat and whom to treat? She in detail considered that she is included into the solution of each question and what technology resources are created and will be created for this purpose.

Slide from Elena Boyko's presentation

For example, regarding availability of medical aid, at the federal level there are registers of the medical organizations and workers, information on them is displayed on the card that allows to make decisions and to plan attraction of additional resources.

One of trends in a zdrava the deputy minister called use of medical robotics, including – robots assistants for carrying out different transactions. In Russia for today more than 30 such installations, Elena Boyko provided data.

To a question of the one who will treat Boyko pointed to importance of training taking into account new technology realities.

To make digital break in health care, people who will connect physicians and IT specialists are necessary for us. These are specialized analysts who will well understand medicine, in medical processes and will be able to write appropriate programs, systems, to develop the medical equipment, - Elena Boyko says. – Therefore today already practically in all medical schools of the country new specialties appear.

Slide from Elena Boyko's presentation

In the question "How to Treat?" one of the most important elements is exact diagnosis and timeliness of rendering medical aid. For this purpose there are corresponding algorithms in each occasion, on each disease. There is a task these algorithms to digitize and integrate with the medical systems of the organizations, Boyko told.

In process of the translation of medical information in digit Big Data will collect. Using machine learning technologies, on their base it is possible to build new services, speaks to the deputy minister. The speech, for example, goes about diagnosis of diseases on the basis of medical images. At the same time it is important to define how developers of services will be able to obtain these data.

Slide from Elena Boyko's presentation

Speaking about a question, "Whom to treat?", Boyko mentioned that all approaches in health care are directed to passing from a tendency of treatment of the started diseases to their timely prevention. In the report of this idea to the population and the help by it consciously to lead a healthy lifestyle different digital services will be also involved.

Slide from Elena Boyko's presentation

Elena Boyko also noted that within the project of digital health care in the long term 3 years there is a task to implement digital technologies in all structural divisions of the medical organizations and to provide information exchange between the organizations and interdepartmental exchange.

Slide from Elena Boyko's presentation

О TAdviser SummIT

TAdviser SummIT took place in Moscow on May 29, 2019 and attracted more than 640 participants - heads and experts of IT departments of the largest companies and the state departments of Russia, representatives of IT developer and contractors. During the action the prospects of digital transformation of business and state agencies, development of technologies, products and services were discussed. In a plenary part and five thematic sections more than 70 reports were heard. The action took place Sokolniki in 5 halls of Holiday Inn.

Problems of a uniform digital circuit

The Deputy Minister of Health Elena Boyko in May, 2019 in an interview of TAdviser told that tasks of the federal project "Creation of a Uniform Digital Circuit of Health Care on the basis of Uniform State Health Information System" are much wider, than his predecessor - the priority project "Electronic Health Care"[1].

As a part of the national Health care project there are eight federal projects. They are devoted to fight against the main diseases of the population – cardiovascular and oncological diseases, to increase in efficiency of delivery of health care to children, development of primary health care, prevention of diseases, preparation of the medical personnel.

"In digit the circuit" is a providing project. It not only about state services and about IT infrastructure. Its results are the tool for implementation of other federal projects of health care.

For the subjects of the Russian Federation the largest tasks are: reorganization of processes of regional health care, interdepartmental interaction, development of medical information systems, their implementation in all structural divisions of the medical organizations, connection to the centralized regional systems and Uniform State Health Information System, training of health workers and also development of IT infrastructure are DPCs, computers, secure channels, etc. To the Internet infirmaries are connected by the Ministry of digital development for the budget account of the national program "Digital Economy".

Goal: Increase in efficiency of functioning of a health care system by creation of mechanisms of interaction of the medical organizations on the basis of Uniform State Health Information System and implementation of digital technologies and platform solutions, the innovative medical technologies, including the system of early diagnostics and remote monitoring of the state of health of the patients till 2024 creating a uniform digital circuit of health care for providing the actions directed to decline in mortality of the population of able-bodied population from diseases of the blood circulatory system, new growths, infantile death rate.

Digital circuit of health care set


For project implementation for six years about 107 billion rubles from the federal budget plus joint financing of the subjects of the Russian Federation are provided. For the first three years of the project 70% of the specified amount are put.

The most part of means is intended for implementation in subjects, a federal part is a development of Uniform State Health Information System, competence center and also on federal institutions. From 107 billion to subjects 81 billion rubles are provided.

The expected indicators

Requirements in end-to-end technologies for projects digital a health care circuit

Main article: End-to-end technologies of digital economy

The list of the end-to-end technologies (ETET) – basic set:

What needs to be defined for making decision on use of ST and ensuring effective state support?

  • The generalized consumer characteristics of ST and the solution on their basis;
  • Expediency of use of specific ST, including and together with others ST for creation of synergy, disruptive effect;
  • Level of industry/nosological need for each ST and possible state support of its development and deployment

End-to-end technology (cross-cutting technology, end-to-end technology, further – ST) - key scientific and technical/technological/technical solution which implementation provides the disruptive, changing rule of the game, improvement of the situation of the sector or branch of the economy in the developed industry (sector) of economy


Results of the federal project Digital circuit of Health care

Medical information systems Main functionality

Organization of functioning of the Digital circuit of health care

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