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United States of America of the USA


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History of the USA

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The richest person in each state for 2017. Red - earned, blue - inheritance.



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Literacy level

The average level of literacy in the countries of the world about 69%. Given for the end of 2018.

Domestic policy

In 2019 the popularity of socialism grows in the USA

According to poll of Fox News, in December, 2019 31% of the American voters prefer socialism to capitalism. It is 6% more, than in February, 2019.


Kosmonavtik of the USA

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Foreign policy

The international policy of the country is performed through

At the global level of the USA try to advance the policy through

Armed forces

U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) and subordinated organizations:

Military budget of 3.2% of GDP

The military budget in % of GDP, 2018:

  • 8.8% Saudi Arabia
  • 4.3% Israel
  • 3.9% Russia
  • 3.2% United States
  • 2.5% Turkey
  • 2.4% India
  • 2.3% France
  • 1.9% Australia
  • 1.9% China
  • 1.8% United Kingdom
  • 1.3% Canada
  • 1.2% Germany



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For gain of protection of the state cyber security in 2016 it was created



Intelligence agencies

Key intelligence agencies of the USA are united in the U.S. intelligence community into which structure including enter:



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Protection of borders

2019: Influx of the illegal immigrants from Mexico crossing border families

The unregistered immigrants, travelers families, cross the southern border of the USA in record quantities that is confirmed by calculations of arrests from customs and protection of borders.

Families cross the southern border of the USA in record quantities

In May, 2019 more than 84,000 people were delayed in attempt to cross border. The number of the arrested families already led to the fact that the total number of detentions on border reached a 11-year maximum in February.

2018: Creation of a virtual wall on border of the USA and Mexico

In September, 2018 the Californian company Quanergy finished tests of the lidarny system of protection of lines which drew with the permission of the sheriff of the district Val-Verde on one of local ranches at border with Mexico. The company signed the contract with customs service of the USA and constructed a virtual wall which would constrain illegal immigrants on border with Mexico. Read more here.

Weapon in the USA

Health care


Labor market

The largest employers

The largest private employers in states of the USA. Data for April, 2019

Salaries in the USA



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Information technologies

IT in a public sector

The Internet in the USA



Mass media

Visas in the USA


Religion of migrants from Ghana

In January, 2020 there was article of the anthropologist Jane Parrish who studies influence of economy of the USA on transformation religious the practician of migrants from Ghana.

The belief in divine spirit (sunsum) which can appeal to the priest from leaves, stones, etc sticks is widespread among akan - ethnic group to which also residents of Ghana belong-. In New York priests began to hear sumsum'ov appeals "from hours, canes, pair of jeans on the store shelf, wrappers from candy or the bicycle bus".

What are the people who are so surprisingly thinly feeling the world around engaged in? Clients (and often it is children of illegal migrants, hardly making ends meet) come to priests "for money for leather bags of Balenciaga, a bag in the form of a garbage bag of Louis Vuitton for $2000 and an Air Jordan 7 sneaker". For a small price with the God's help remove the damage induced by witches from the client, open the channel of good luck, take off a wreath a bezversachiya, an etseter.

However progressive young priests suspect a certain deception of all this system and do not accept a consumption cult. "They say that old gods ride in the Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and Lamborghini cars, and witches serve at them as drivers".

These priests despise new European and Asian cars, but they developed the whole cult around the old, laid-off American grinders and the lost Ford model of production. They preach certain surprising magic socialism and revive thirst of life in clients, forcing them to associate themselves with "good" old wheelbarrows, inhaling in sufferers "industrial spirit". You are purposeful as Pontiac Firebird with its powerful motor. You are imperceptible as Chieftain with his fins. Your backbone - as the Buick Skylark suspender.