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VMware Partner Network

Since May, 2014, partners will be able to join a partner network of VMware Partner Network, without defining specific programs initially. It will provide the much bigger level of flexibility for further growth. VMware also represents the new member status Enrolled which will allow new partners to join at first a partner network of VMware Partner Network, to pass trainings according to solutions of VMware and only after that to select the program of cooperation, proceeding from the current priorities of business. The status Enrolled replaces the status Registered.



VCloud Air Network (vCAN) (ранее VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP)

The model of licensing of vCAN allows service providers to propose to the clients a range of solutions of VMware in lease, based on monthly payments which can varirovatsya depending on number of virtual machines or on usage time. Besides, connection to the program does not require initial costs, payment of services is made by the principle "by Pay-as-you-Go, Pay-as-you-Grow", and there is a possibility of use of trialny licenses and the license NFR for internal use. In addition, partners are given vsestoronnya marketing and technical support from vendor.


vCloud Air Network

The vCloud Air Network program is developed especially for service providers and gives the chance to render services in providing virtual infrastructure to end users based on technologies of VMware - the software provided in lease. Among such services - standard cloud models: SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, PaaS. Key advantages of the program are connection without initial investments, an extensive set of the provided services, marketing support of vendor and payment by the principle "pay as you go, pay as you grow", i.e. upon use of software within a month.

Training program and certifications of Veeam Certified Engineer Certification Program

On December 8, 2014 the Veeam Software company announced start of the new training program and certification of Veeam Certified Engineer Certification Program available as for system engineers of customers, and engineers of partners (Veeam ProPartners).

The program of certification includes a 3-day training course and examination after which successful passing the certificate of Veeam Certified Engineers (VMCE) is issued. The certificate of VMCE is confirmation of existence of the qualification necessary for correct implementation and setup of the products Veeam. The document also certifies presence at the knowledge engineer and experience, allowing it to work as the expert in the solutions Veeam (Veeam Expert). Each rate includes both a theoretical, and practical part to provide to students an opportunity to study technology and features of its configuration. Besides, each engineer will be able to try to perform tuning of a system using realistic scenarios.

In the territory of Russia and the CIS training will be provided based on Training center of Softline company which since November, 2014 acquired the right to carrying out the authorized rates of vendor and issue of certificates of VMCE.

"In spite of the fact that our products are simple and convenient in use, we receive many requests both from customers, and from partners, rather training courses according to solutions of Veeam. Now it became possible, – Vaganov Vasily, the area director of Veeam Software in Russia and the CIS notes. – One of our strategic tasks – advanced training of partners and engineers of customers. Passing of a training course will allow partners to act surely as experts in the products Veeam, and customers will be able to train the engineers at any time. Undoubtedly, the new Veeam Certified Engineer Certification Program program will contribute to the development of an ecosystem of partner interaction and customers".

The offered rate will allow to receive skill of work with solutions of Veeam and also with compatible technologies and will be available both to internal visit, and in online the mode. According to the results of training resellers will be able to render professional services, and customers – to increase investment soundness in the solutions Veeam, trying to obtain much higher rates of ROI and service quality within SLA (Service Level Agreement).

VMware Elite Partner Initiative

In February, 2014 VMware submitted the affiliate program of Elite Partner Initiative capable to provide unique opportunities of entry into the market for specialized partners of VMware who are ready first to invest in the newest technologies of VMware, such as VMware NSX and VMware Virtual SAN. Partners of category Elite will locate deep technical skills, to have already acquired practice of creation of solutions and will get access to expanded resources that it is closer to cooperate with VMware regarding the strategy of promotion of new products, success stories and real implementations.

The reviewed and new competences

Customers continue to receive values from solutions on virtualization and cloud computing regardless of the amount of business, and VMware, in return, simplifies a task of partners in differentiation of their examination and helps them to create solutions with more extensive opportunities.

Since May partners will be able to receive any competence according to solutions, reducing thereby costs of clients for new solutions and also expanding and differentiating the unique offers and skills. With the advent of these changes partners of VMware will need to obtain two accreditation on sales (VSP) and two pre-sale accreditations (VTSP) on all competences.

In addition to these changes since May of VMware also enters competences Cloud Provider Solution and vCloud Hybrid Service Solution.

The new program will allow partners of VMware to create unique practicians and to develop business. At the same time some competences according to solutions will also undergo changes:

  • The competence Infrastructure Virtualization becomes Server Virtualization.
  • The competence Management becomes Management Operations, and will be focused on work with vCenter Operations Management Suite.
  • The competence Cloud IaaS will be renamed into Management Automation and will be focused on vCloud Automation Center.

The simplified awards

Awards for registration of opportunities (Advantage+) will be offered from the very beginning of activity of partners, and will increase by a certain percent on a measure of promotion of the partner to the new statuses. Respectively, the award reaches the maximum level for partners of the class Premier.

Mobile university VMware Partner

For maintaining and preparation of sales partners can browse all content of VMware on the mobile device through the VMware Partner University Mobile application which can be loaded into App Store and Google Play. The application is well free, and partners will be able to use it for secure access to information by means of details for an input on Partner Central.

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