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Video game consoles (market of Russia)



Growth by 26% in pieces (up to 640 thousand) and 30% in money (to 12.5 billion rubles)

At the end of 2018 Russian the size of the market of all consoles was about 640 thousand pieces and more than 12.5 billion rubles that exceeded indicators of previous year for 26% in pieces and 30% in money. TAdviser Reported about it on March 15, 2019 in M.VideoEldorado the - group, the retail company on trade electronics and home appliances.

Traditionally the peak of sales of game consoles in 2018 fell on the fourth quarter, and demand for consoles in December exceeded approximately by 2.5 times an average value of other months. About 60% of the market were occupied in kind by PlayStation 4, on the second place there was a Xbox One prefix, and the Nintendo game system Switch with almost double sales growth became the third most popular.

The greatest dynamics of growth — 45% in a year — showed the republished retroconsoles which became popular in the late eighties and the beginning of the 90th years of the last century. Russians purchased about 100 thousand prefixes PlayStation Classic, SEGA Mega Drive Gopher, Nintendo Classic Mini NES and SNES with previously set games.

According to "M. Video Eldorado", mass distribution of inexpensive retroconsoles and positive dynamics of a prefix of the last generation of Switch where there are also republished retrogames, helped the Japanese company Nintendo to increase a market share almost by one and a half times at the end of 2018. The highest positive dynamics was shown by SEGA Mega Drive Gopher. The competition to consoles of Nintendo and SEGA is made by PS Classic which left in December, 2018 from Sony.

Against the background of development of technologies added and virtual reality, cloud a geyming, demand for consoles for a game on 4K-TVs, positive dynamics of a segment of 8-and 16-bit consoles paradoxically looks. Russians highly appreciated the republished prefixes which will help to return for a while to the childhood and again to plunge into the world of hits on which grew. Besides, from modern consoles they are distinguished by rather small price — the head of department "Entertainments and photo/video" told the M of Video Eldorado groups Oleg Reznikov.

From game retroprefixes of the most popular at the end of year there was Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES, demand for it grew slightly. At the same time sales of the predecessor — Nintendo Classic Mini: NES — were in kind tripled almost. Complete with prefixes there is a HDMI cable, an USB power supply cable and controllers. Among innovations — function using which it is possible to rewind up to five minutes of game process from the moment of the last preserving. For owners of eight-bit Nintendo Entertainment System well to 30 built-in games, including The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, PAC-MAN, Super Mario Bros. and others. In Super Nintendo Entertainment System the producer set 21 games, for example, of Super Mario Kart, Contra III: The Alien Wars, Donkey Kong Country.

Almost four times sales of portable prefixes of SEGA Mega Drive Gopher increased. Devices from the Genesis series are equipped with the small LCD screen, the integrated speaker phone, the capacious accumulator, the USB connector, 20 classical games and the slot for cards of microSD for increase in their quantity.

At the beginning of December, 2018 the PlayStation Classic retroconsole was provided by Sony company. Innovation in accuracy repeats design of the well-known original which appeared 25 years ago, but with a reduced size at 45% differs. 20 well-known games among which Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, Wild Arms, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six are available to owners of a prefix. Two wire controllers, the HDMI cable for connection to the TV and the card of a virtual memory for preserving of progress when switching between different games are included in the package of a miniature prefix. The console finds demand at persons interested to ponostalgirovat, at the same time from the moment of release the cost of innovation falls gradually.

620 thousand devices for the amount of 12.5 billion rubles are sold

On January 19, 2019 the Svyaznoy Consolidated company|Euroset announced the analysis of the Russian market of video game consoles in 2018. From January to December, 2018 sales of video game consoles grew year-on-year by 31% in piece expression and on as much in monetary.

In total at the end of 2018 620 thousand devices for the amount of 12.5 billion rubles were sold. The greatest gain in pieces and money showed Nintendo Switch – 87% and 79% respectively. Sony PlayStation 4 which occupies 62% of all market in a natural vyrazheuii remains the leader in the market. At the second place was Xbox One from 12%, and top three is closed by Nintendo Switch – 6%.

The game industry gains great popularity around the world. On this wave of success in many countries the cybersport was already equated to traditional sport. We see that video game consoles and the PC fight for gamers, and the last are more preferable to users. However consoles are capable to give to gamers absolutely other user experience, as influences development of popularity of goods of this category.
David Borzilov, vice president for sales to Svyaznoy Euroset consolidated company

PS4 SLIM + Gran Turismo Sport + God of War + Horizon Zero Dawn + 3 Month plus member became the most popular bundle in 2018.