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  Business Intelligence
Business intelligence

Russian market of BI

The Russian market of BI solutions continues to grow and develop. Increase in a role of analytics in the organization and optimization of workflows of the companies, together with the sharp growth of number of the processed information and development of the innovation instruments of data processing, promote sales increase of analytical software. Growth of the market of BI is also stimulated with the Digital Economy program – in it, among the major digital technologies, Big Data and artificial intelligence are selected.

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' №' Company ' Revenue from BI projects in 2017, million rubles including VAT' Revenue from BI projects in 2016, million rubles including VAT Loudspeaker 2017/2016
2Technoserv1,525.5N / dN / d
4AiTeco Group **513.5252103.7
5Jet Infosystems400N / dN / d
6BARS GROUP38633116.6
10Corus Consulting Group29962382.3
Interview with experts
Ivan Vakhmyanin, the CEO of Visiology, in an interview of TAdviser told about features of implementation of BI solutions and the perspective directions of development of the Visiology platform.
Main trends of the Russian market of BI

In 2018 in trends of the market of BI remain cloud and open source of the solution, migration on domestic goods is relevant, the demand of tools of predictive and advanced analytics grows.

Relevant solutions
Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition is the new version of the Neoflex Reporting system which, as of September, 2018, is used in more than 20 banking and non-bank financial institutions for receiving a different type of the reporting. Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition integrates advantages of classical technologies and the last practices in the field of processing of Big Data. Neoflex Reporting Big Data Edition allows the customers having large volumes of diverse data to prepare the regulatory reporting according to strict requirements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. High high-speed performance of a system is reached due to use of technologies of a stack of Big Data. For storage of detailed data HDFS (Hadoop), and for processing — Spark which supports the distributed calculation in-memory is used. Learn more...
In the modern world data are a valuable asset which is capable to bring to the enterprise an economic benefit: provide direct monetization and increase revenue. The organizations implement the system of management "the Industries 4.0": pass from intuitive methods of acceptance of business solutions to management on the basis of data analysis, improve business intelligence tools, develop the corresponding employee competences. Learn more...
Russian Big Data market

It is difficult to call the industry where technologies of the analysis of Big Data will not be demanded in the short term. At the same time the Big Data direction develops more actively in the companies which saved up big layers of the structured and unstructured information: financial sphere, telecommunications, Internet commerce, retail.

World market of BI and Big Data

In February, 2018 Gartner released the next magic quadrant, having included in it 20 BI systems. The third year in a row 3 vendors - Qlik, Tableau and Microsoft became leaders. Carried only one company to number of applicants of analytics - Microstrategy. Visionaries are called by IBM, Tibco Software, SAP, SAS, ThoughtSpot, Salesforce and Sisense. 9 vendors - Logi Analytics, Pyramid Analytics, Yellowfin, BOARD International, Oracle, Information Builders, Looker, Domo, Birst became niche players (Niche players).

[1]#.D0.94.D0.B0.D0.BD.D0.BD.D1.8B.D0.B5_Gartner 2018 | [2]#.2A_2016:_.D0.9E.D0.B1.D1.8A.D0.B5.D0.BC_.D1.80.D1.8B.D0.BD.D0.BA.D0.B0_.D0.B2_.2416.2C9_.D0.BC.D0.BB.D1.80.D0.B4_.E2.80.94_.D0.B4.D0.B0.D0.BD.D0.BD.D1.8B.D0.B5_Gartner 2016 | [3]#2013 2013 | [4]#2012 2012 | [5]#2011 2011 | [6]#2010 2010 | 2009

In September, 2018 the International Data Corporation (IDC) analytical company provided some results of a research of the world market of the software for work with Big Data and analytical tools. At the end of 2017 sales of such software on a global scale reached nearly $45 billion against $40.8 billion the previous year and $37.5 billion in 2015. More than 70% of income in the considered market were the share of ten the largest producers.

The largest software makers for work with Big Data and analytical tools, data of IDC for 2015-2017.
Determinations of BI and Big Data

Uncertainty of the term business intelligence was affected by polysemy of the English word "intelligence". Today theorists, vendors and market researchers of BI often disperse in determination of the fact that such BI (the system of the business analysis).

Information which it is already impossible to process by traditional methods, including structured data, media and accidental objects belongs to the category Big Data. Big Data – the term by which mean data arrays with a capacity ranging from several tens terabyte to many petabyte (thousands terabyte).
What is Big Data?  | Analysis techniques of Big Data  | Analytical tools  | Markets of solutions for management of Big Data  | History of development

The specialist in Big Data – that hero who on the basis of studying of data bulks in different spheres of life (it can be both business, and science), formulates trends selects trends and predicts what cannot be seen with the naked eye. In practice such researches lead to discoveries, increase in company performance, determination of new sources of income, improvement of customer service, etc., but it can unroll Big Data ball not to everyone.

Due to growth of popularity of data science (DS) there are two obvious questions. The first – in what consists qualitative difference of this recently created scientific direction from the business intelligence direction (BI) existing several decades and actively used in the industry? The second - perhaps more important from the practical point of view - with what functions of specialists of two related specialties data scientist and BI analyst differ? In the material prepared especially for TAdviser these questions are answered by the journalist Leonid Chernyak.

Self-service BI (literally - "the BI systems of self-service"). Emergence of a large number of the solutions of a business intelligence addressed to end users, experts of IDC and Gartner fixed since 2011-2012, stating formation of a new segment of the market of BI with "human face". And the term self-service BI - rather successful to it determination.
That such Self-Service BI? | Main players

The developed visualization tools of data became an integral part of corporate BI platforms. Some vendors, such, for example, as Tableau, made visualization a cornerstone of the analytical systems. The trend penetrates the market of the systems of analytics completely: today even the simplest analytical tools for end users often rely on visual representation of data.

Further development of the world market of the business analysis will go on the way of active mastering of advanced (advanced) analytics, including the predicative analysis, creation of simulators and variable models.
[7]#.D0.A7.D1.82.D0.BE_.D1.82.D0.B0.D0.BA.D0.BE.D0.B5_.D0.BF.D1.80.D0.B5.D0.B4.D0.B8.D0.BA.D0.B0.D1.82.D0.B8.D0.B2.D0.BD.D0.B0.D1.8F_.D0.B0.D0.BD.D0.B0.D0.BB.D0.B8.D1.82.D0.B8.D0.BA.D0.B0.3F Определение | Scopes | Key players

Data discovery rather young term, but some industrial BI platforms, such as QlikTech, for example, already constructed around it the marketing strategy. Such solutions became very popular with users thanks to simplicity of work and the available interface.

Additional and archive materials

Criteria of functionality and system performance should be regarded when choosing the solution for a business intelligence as of paramount importance. Selecting or updating a system for the business analysis, it is necessary to think over methods of storage and data integration, visualization tools and analysts.
Selection terms of systems|Choice of functionality

Growth of the direction of mobile analytics in Russia accompanies growth of interest of users in mobile versions of other classes of business systems. In process of increase in penetration of the corresponding hardware in a corporate segment, this phenomenon finally will find mass character.
World market | Russian market | Examples in operation

Special requirements are imposed to storage systems in a business intelligence. Growth of projects on implementation of the systems of business data analysis and Big Data technologies will provoke serious demand for DWH so the segment of storage systems for analytics and Big Data will grow by 1.5 times annually till 2016.
World market | Russian realities

Failures of BI systems (the system of the business analysis) in Russia, experts consider, are caused by the same typical errors at a preproject stage and at an implementation stage: it is illiterate project organization and also mismatch of functionality of the solution to business needs. There is also a number of specific BI errors.
Lack of interest of management  | Choice of incompetent integrator  | Weak project team  | Lack of uniform terminology  | Badly worked requirements to a system  | a trust Problem to initial data  | Resistance to innovations  | Functional problems  | the Lack of trust and the overestimated expectations

According to analysts of Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), only about 30% of implementation projects of BI systems are successful. The main problem is even not the release of the project for a framework of the budget or the taken-away time borders, and mismatch of results with expectations.
Business need for BI|Goal setting and project tasks|business Support|Ensuring collecting and quality of data|Choice of the solution|Management of the BI project|User aspect of BI|system Efficiency evaluation

Analysts from Gartner consider that in the platform for the business analysis 15 key features grouped in three main categories should be implemented.
Abilities to integrate|Information representation|Data analysis

The main opportunities of BI systems (the systems of the business analysis) develop in four main directions: data storage, data integration, data analysis and data view.
Data storage|Data integration|Data analysis|Panels and cards

Today categories of BI products include: BI tools and BI-applications. The first, in turn, share on: generators of requests and reports; the developed BI tools — first of all instruments of online analytical processing (online analytical processing, OLAP); corporate BI sets (enterprise BI suites, EBIS); BI platforms.
Instruments of generation of requests and reports|OLAP|BI sets|BI platforms|BI-applications|Investigation of data|Other methods and means

Key advantages from implementation of a BI system at the moment are fall forward and the accuracy of drawing up reports, analytics and planning, increase in process performance of decision making, increase in customer satisfaction. Much less often BI systems (the system of the business analysis) allow to achieve reduction of operating expenses or increase by total revenue.
the Tasks solved by a BI system|BI vs ERP|Advantages of BI in digits

  • Data on BI systems (the systems of the business analysis) which are used in Russia and also unique information on the companies integrators and their BI projects are provided in tabs below.
  • The companies can register the systems and projects in the directory of TAdviser/BI free of charge. The section is in a foreground mode of updating.


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