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BPM is a software class for business process management and administrative regulations. Use of BPMS allows to organize effective interaction between managers and IT specialists, it is better to use existing and to accelerate development of new information systems. Basic functions of BPMS - modeling, execution and monitoring of business processes. Based on data of monitoring, the organization reveal bottlenecks and will improve the business processes. The cycle of management becomes isolated when through BPMS the changed business processes quickly are implemented into operation.

A BPM system is initially intended for implementation of the principles of process business management in the company. The set of information systems is sold in the market, each of which is definitely created for complete business process management: strategy, design, implementation, control.

Russian market of BPM

Status of the Russian market of BPM

The market of BPM in Russia is in a stage of rapid growth and development. The main driver of such changes is digital transformation which involves more and more industries. Digital models of business are inconceivable without digital business processes, and the key idea of BPM is and there is an idea of the process digitalized, routed and controlled using information technologies (is more detailed...).

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Trends of the Russian market of BPM

Interview with experts

Andrey Venevtsev, the director of information technology of RAEX, told about features of work of rating agency and implementation of a BPM system for process automation of assignment of ratings.

According to Venevtsev, rating activity is not trade, not bank and not some services which are provided one-time, quickly and to the specific client and which therefore it is shtuchno possible to measure. It is expensive research which is very not easy measured. Therefore BPMS is very important. It allows to get really competitive advantages due to accurate planning and decrease in cost value of rating.

Roman Dzvinko, the chief executive of SPC of Businessavtomatik, in an interview of TAdviser told about distinction of the Russian and western approaches to process management, trends of the domestic market of BPM systems and features of the Vizari Platform which in the company is called the next step in development of BPM.

According to him to receive the maximum return from the implemented system in any industry segment, first of all, it is necessary to make it more ergonomic for the unprepared user: expand functionality and simplify work with a system.

Elena Istomina, the director of the department of consulting, implementation and support of Directum, in an interview of TAdviser told about features of business process automation using an ECM system and development of intellectual services in a portfolio of the company.

Dang Oleinikov, the chief of crew of support of information systems of document flow "UEC Aircraft engine", in an interview of TAdviser told about the choice and use of an ECM system for business process management.

The director of ELMA Alexey Trefilov told how new technologies help customers to solve "old" problems — to increase operational efficiency and the client involvement. And what part in "the wonderful new world" is assigned to BPMS (Business Process Management System).

Directions of development of BPM systems

Developers of Business Process Management Suite continue to monitor the arising trends, to estimate their potential for business together with BPMS and to build in the most perspective technologies the solutions. A part of vendors notices that implementation of all complex of different products as single system shows interesting results as in this case technologies are capable to enhance effect of each other multiply. (in more detail...).

Relevant products and projects

In the middle of 2017 the large-scale project — automation of strategically important business processes of the company and their consolidation in a uniform IT environment using BPM technologies was initiated. As a result of the tender for implementation of such difficult and multitask project the products bpm'online for business process management and CRM were selected.

Automation of two processes became the first step within implementation of strategic plans of the company: new product developments (New Product Development, NPD) and granting IT services (in more detail...).

The Vkusvill company owns network of 700+ of shops in Moscow, Moscow area and the neighboring areas. Specialization of Vkusvill – products for a healthy power supply. The retail chain stores live and constantly change – some shops open, others change a format, the third are closed on repair and resume work after reconstruction.

Process of opening of new shop – one of the most important and responsible. Since 2018 it is automated in The First Form BPM system. This implementation is interesting that it covers all process from the initial idea prior to a grand opening of shop, and at each stage the, most suitable tools are used (in more detail...).

In the second half of 2018 the RAEX rating agency started automation of end-to-end business process of assignment and maintenance of rating in BPMS (Business Process Management System) of ELMA.

Assignment and further maintenance of rating — uniform end-to-end business process. Work on design of subprocesses of end-to-end process in the ELMA system is conducted on the basis of a data structure and logic of communications of earlier developed corporate storage. As of August, 2019 in ELMA 40 subprocesses operating with more than 20 specialized types of objects of rating activity are automated (in more detail...).

Statistics of the market of BPM

As of September, 2019 the base of projects TAdviser contains over 2.6 thousand implementation projects of BPM systems. 90% from them are executed in the territory of Russia. Most often implementation projects of BPM systems are executed in the field of finance, in trade and a public sector. Spheres of construction, IT, consulting and health care also belong to the leading industries. Nearly a half of all projects is the share of these seven industries.

The greatest number of projects is executed based on solutions of two vendors – "Terrasoft" and Elma. As of September, 2019, in TAdviser base there are about 768 projects of each company.

The solutions "Terrasoft" are most demanded in the financial industry, in trade and in the field of information technologies. The products Elma are more often than others implement construction companies and also the enterprises of mechanical engineering and health care. In a public sector leading vendor on number of projects is the Technology KSK company (in more detail...).

The most popular BPM systems are solutions Bpm`online and ELMA BPM Suite. Over 1.5 thousand projects are the share of these products in TAdviser base (in more detail...).

Modern Business Process Management Suite

Software products of bpm'online help thousands of large and medium-sized companies to optimize and accelerate sales processes, marketing and service worldwide and also operational processes of the organization.

The products bpm'online annually win prestigious awards and also are highly appreciated by the leading analytical agencies of the world. By estimates Gartner and Forrester, the products bpm'online take the leading positions in the low-code markets, BPM and CRM. Products for creation and business process automation and also ready the CRM system in different configurations enter a line of software solutions of bpm'online.

Business Process Management Suite and automation of ELMA BPM is created for business users. Modeling, control and improvement of processes of the company in a system do not require involvement of programmers. All business logic is configured by employees who know how to organize effective work.


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