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"System software" (Syssoft) specializes in the field of selection and delivery of the software, the second in value revenue software supplier in Russia. Since 2009 the company collected one of the largest directories in Russia license program and the hardware – more than 97000 products, including specialized industry by software, delivered on exclusive conditions.

"System software" is an official partner of 1000 foreign and Russian vendors, for example Microsoft AutoDesk Adobe Systems Atlassian, Kaspersky Lab and many others and also the only distributor in Russia TeamViewer, Trimble (SketchUp), Pixar (RenderMan) The Foundry HERMES Medical Solutions, Ericom.

The company is included into TOP 100 of the largest IT companies of Russia (CNews, 2017; RBC +, 2017 and TAdviser, 2017), top-5 the most fast-growing IT companies (CNews, 2017), top-10 the most effective companies (CNews, 2017), top-20 suppliers of IT in retail (CNews, 2017), top-30 service providers in information security fields, developments and delivering solutions and the systems of data protection (CNews, 2016), top-30 suppliers of IT for transport companies (CNews, 2016), top-60 suppliers of IT solutions for a public sector (CNews, 2016). "System software" has the certificate of conformity of the quality management system (QMS) to ISO 9001:2015.

History and performance indicators


Syssoft - the VAR partner of "Ascon System of design"

The Syssoft company ("System software"), the center of examination in the field of the software, announced on September 15, 2020 that it became the VAR partner of "Ascon System of design". Now Syssoft will be able to present a product of Ascon Pilot-ICE Enterprise at the Russian market. For this purpose specialists of Syssoft underwent training and certification of the developer on installation, setup and carrying out training among administrators and users.

Opening of project office

The System Software company, the center of examination in the field of the software, announced on May 27, 2020 selection in the organization structure of such division as project office which centralizes and structures all processes of management of projects. Except commercial projects, carrying out certifications and technical obucheniye for increase in the partner statuses and management of internal projects of the company will fall within the scope of responsibility of division.

It is expected that the project office will help "System software" to introduce the system of management, clear at all stages, will allow to plan more effectively loading of collective, to manage costs and quality of projects.

Maxim Digunov is appointed the head of project office of "System software", he directly submits to the director of business development of the company Dmitry Novikov. Maxim has wide experience of implementation of multilevel projects in the most different directions of economy: construction and automation of objects of power and sporting venues, creation of communication networks and data transmissions.

"The newly created division accumulates all projects which we keep. The staff of division will be responsible for a full stroke of the project: from determination of methodology and implementation of systems which will be used at management of external and internal projects, before search of contractors, the organization of work of colleagues from other departments. Also creation of project office will help the company to increase more effectively technical expertize" — Dmitry Novikov, the director of business development of System Software company told.

Accomplishment of implementation plans of commercial projects and also implementation of business processes and standards on the effective organization of work of employees will become the main objectives of project office in 2020.


Growth of revenue by 21% to 6.9 billion rubles

"System software" completed 2019 with growth of revenue by 21%, it made 6.9 billion rubles. Number of staff of the company during this time increased from 157 to 200 employees.

Raising of income in the company was connected with gain of competences on priority products, close work with the producer, new level of work on customer service and development of "human capital".

Генеральный директор "Системного софта" Maxim Tikurkin

The most part of revenue of "System software" in 2019 fell on deliveries of the software for the Russian companies. Among such products — solutions for information security support, a management tool IT infrastructure, automated design engineering systems, applications for office work and highly specialized software.

Sales of the equipment at "System software" exceeded 1.2 billion rubles and occupied 18% in a total amount of turnover of the company. Also "System software" announced active development the direction of security — both information, and physical. In particular, within specialized department the ACS direction offering to business and state bodies of the solution for access control of employees and visitors is created.

"System software" increased competences for implementation of RPA, process analytics, speech processing systems, etc. However preparation for changes of heart which are planned for 2020, the press release says. became the main vector of a company performance.

In 2019 "System software" strengthened positions on sales of tools for developers and a CAD. In particular, our market share in the construction industry thanks to involvement of new strong specialists in the field of BIM increased. But also in solutions for creation of modern graphics and animation turnovers of sales significantly increased — the commercial director of "System software" Alexander Gurevich said.

Contract with Laser Systems company for delivery of Alcoframes

On September 24, 2019 "System software" announced the conclusion with Laser Systems company of the agreement under the terms of which the system integrator and multiservice provider  will offer clients the device for a remote rapid test of alcohol intoxication. This product is called Alcoframe. Read more here.

Creation of division on work with the Russian vendors

On July 18, 2019 it became known that the System Software company, the center of examination in the field of the software, selected in the organization structure the direction on promotion and sales of domestic software. Employees of the direction will concentrate on development of the relations with the Russian producers of software products and promotion of domestic hardware and software systems, solutions for virtualization of IT infrastructures, DBMS, operating systems, office suites, platforms of the joint communications, the systems of a video conferencing.

According to RUSSOFT, the aggregate turnover of the Russian software companies increased by 18% to $16.8 billion, export grew by 27% and reached 7 billion dollars. It is obvious that the market is waited by significant changes which execution will be promoted by the order of the Russian President connected with implementation of state policy on import substitution. It is offered to state companies to pass to the Russian software by 2021: more than a half of the used products should be domestic. Customers react to changes therefore requests for domestic of software grow,
tells Irina Kovalyova, the head on work with the Russian vendors of System Software company

The key task the department sees preparation for customers of the complex offer within import substitution. The staff of department will be focused at work with the state and large business companies and with authorities, selecting at the same time analogs of foreign software under individual customers needs and solving problems of business and a state administration with the greatest possible efficiency of expenditure of means.

Many domestic manufacturers by some criteria lag behind foreign competitors, but at the same time they are strongly motivated in reducing this backlog. The Russian vendors are directly involved in all stages of the transaction, beginning from a preseyl and finishing with local maintenance of customers, select the technical specialists and engineers for projects, on demand test software for compatibility with other Russian products and prepare individual completions of solutions. And 'System software' as software provider, for achievement of the maximum success of projects on import substitution, provides active vendor interaction and customers,
notes Irina Kovalyova, the head on work with the Russian vendors of System Software company

"System software" has direct partner and distributor contracts with the leading domestic manufacturers software. The companies IBS Rosplatforma Postgres Professional BaseALT ASTRALINUX Redsoft STC IT Rosa, "became vendors which already entered a solution portfolio New cloud technologies" CommuniGate Systems. Also negotiations with other Russian companies which products enter century are conducted Register of domestic software Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications Russia.

Creation of division of software tools of monitoring

On January 28, 2019 it became known that the System Software company, the center of examination in the field of the software, selected a command which specialists will offer customers relevant software tools of monitoring in the organization structure. This division is urged to strengthen examination in the field of the analysis and management of networks, servers, virtual environments, databases, configurations and other elements of IT infrastructures of the Russian companies. The staff of department will promote software products of SolarWinds, Paessler, Zoho and other vendors of this segment of the market.

The number of data steadily grows in corporate networks. According to forecasts of the international Research Firm IDC, the volume of universal data will grow about the 33rd zettabyte in 2018 to 175 Zbayt in 2025. Also the complexity of corporate IT infrastructures increases: for example, even more often a part of infrastructure is in the territory of the customer, and a part — in a cloud. To provide business continuity in such conditions, it is necessary to manage all equipment and software effectively. Therefore we see system increase in demand for monitors which help to control work of clouds, the equipment, networks and to monitor round the clock all IT infrastructure.
Alexander Dmitriyev, business development manager of System Software company

The SolarWinds company – the recognized leader in category of means for management of corporate information systems became one of the vendors which entered a solution portfolio. Monitoring of devices and components of infrastructure help to pass complete solutions of SolarWinds, considering all existing variety of networks, are convenient in use and suit the companies of any size.

Paessler which solutions are optimal for monitoring of local networks and cloud solutions, servers, websites, means of virtualization, operating systems and so on will become one more key vendor of division. Solutions of the company support the majority of technologies and can be used on any platforms.

High-quality control of network helps business to increase efficiency of jobs and information systems – tools will fill for this purpose a portfolio of the created division, and the command of 'System software' will continue to increase examination. We work with vendors of such software long ago, and now made the decision to select their promotion in the isolated command.
Birute Berestneva, engineer on the software of System Software company


Growth of revenue by 58% to 5.7 billion rubles

The System Software company shared on March 12, 2019 financial results of 2018 with TAdviser. The annual total revenue of the company was 5.7 billion rubles that for 58% exceeded result of 2017 (3.6 billion rubles). The number of regular personnel of the company in a year increased by only 20.7% — from 130 to 157 people.

According to representatives of the company, the main share of revenue of "System software" is received from deliveries of software products for the Russian business: solutions for information security support, management tools IT infrastructure, automated design engineering systems, applications for office work and highly specialized software. At the same time for the first time for years of existence of the company an essential part of income fell on sale of the hardware: turnover of the direction exceeded 0.9 billion rubles that makes 16% of the total amount of revenue.

Analyzing structure of business in an industry section, it is possible to note that "System software" strengthened the positions in a financial segment: 29.9% of revenue were the share of deliveries of the software and the IT equipment to banks, insurance, leasing and investment companies — Valeria Lyubinskaya, the chief financial officer of "System software" noted.

By estimates of specialists of the company, growth of revenue happened due to gain of competences on priority products and close work with vendors. In 2018 the command of "System software" received the highest possible statuses of Autodesk and Adobe, became the entrusted partner of TeamViewer and the only platinum partner of Atlassian in the territory of the Russian Federation. The company developed new activities and created own services: for example, began sale of solutions on a business intelligence, offered the Russian architects a complex implementation service of BIM and created the calculator of cost of the equipment for products of VMware.

Gain of customer service and increase in efficiency of transactions were priorities of last year for us. At the expense of these factors at the beginning of 2018 we planned growth of revenue at the level of 40%, however could exceed this indicator significantly. For us the satisfaction of the customer consists of product quality and quality of service. We most often cannot influence a product, but we can perfect almost infinitely our examination, efficiency and convenience to clients — the CEO of "System software" Maxim Tikurkin emphasized.

The perpetual license of FSB on development and delivery of a CIPF

The System Software company, the center of examination in the field of the software, announced on May 25, 2018 obtaining the perpetual license of FSB on development, production and distribution of cryptographic tools and also systems protected using cryptography. The license also grants the right to rendering services in the field of enciphering and maintenance of information telecommunication systems, the including CIPFs.

According to the head of department of information security Yakov Grodzensky, "System software" is going to offer the Russian business of service in installation and adjustment of systems with cryptographic information protection both in an Enterprise segment, and in mid-size companies. First of all, it is about implementing solutions on protection of communication channels and creation of certification centers.

The Russian information security market shows steady growth several years in a row, even in the conditions of IT market stagnation. At the same time specifics of the market such is that exactly here processes of import substitution and great demand on services of the Russian companies best of all work. In particular, implementation of a CIPF is demanded by customers both in public sector, and in business: first of all, in retail, a financial segment and telecommunication companies — the CEO of System Software company Maxim Tikurkin emphasized.

In general information security — one of the key directions in the company, was specified in "System software". The company delivers software and hardware products for security, performs projects on implementation of means of cyber defense, develops the systems of personal data protection according to 152-FZ and also offers own cloud service on training of employees in protection against cyber attacks of Syssoft Security Awareness.


Revenue of +48%

Based on the period from January to December inclusive revenue of the company made 3.626 billion rubles. In comparison with the same period of 2016, this indicator increased by 1.176 billion in absolute values or 48% in relative calculation. The main part of revenue fell on deliveries of the software, sale of the IT equipment for business and also implementation of IT services: implementation projects, IT consulting and cloud services in information security field.

In 2017 the command of "System software" developed core competencies on vendors in several industries: first of all, financial sector, industry, engineering and project organizations, medicine. Significantly the direction of information security which not only implemented large projects and delivering solutions for cyber defense grew, but also started a cloud service on personnel training to bases of cyber security of Syssoft Security Awareness. Obtaining the license of FSB for delivery of means of cryptographic information protection contributed to the development of the direction.

Last year the separate direction which is engaged in implementation of the large high-loaded implementation projects of the products Atlassian is created: first of all, knowledge bases, service portals and solutions for automation of a back office. Besides, the direction which is engaged in consultation, implementation and implementation of automation systems of production (CAD) is selected.

As a result, by January 1, 2018 the staff of the company grew from 98 to 130 people. By the time of the beginning of year the range of "System software" increased to 97 thousand products from 1460 suppliers from five continents. The examination which is saved up in the company allows to deliver at the request of the customer any software product sold in the world — including those that were not delivered to Russia earlier.

License of FSB for delivery of a CIPF

The System Software company in October, 2017 underwent all procedures and obtained the license FSB for delivery of cryptographic tools. According to the license, the company acquired the right to supply the means cryptographic data protection including intended for cryptographic protection of channels and enciphering end devices to the Russian market.

According to Maxim Tikurkin, the CEO of System Software company, information security — one of the key directions of development of a portfolio of System Software in 2017. Obtaining the license of FSB will allow the company to expand the directory at the expense of products of means of cryptographic information protection of such producers as Crypto Pro, Infotecs, Code of Security and other vendors.

Work with means of cryptographic protection is licensed in Russia without fail according to the federal law "About Licensing of Separate Types of Activity" No. 99-FZ. Acceptance, consideration of documents and issue of licenses are performed by the Center for licensing, certification and protection of the state mystery of FSB of Russia.

As of October, 2017, "System software" has 92 direct contracts with producers of antiviruses and delivers more than 100 corporate IT solutions from 40 vendors in information security field. Except deliveries, "System software" provides services in selection and the cybersecurity configuration of solutions, proposes complex measures for counteraction to cyberthreats and books audit of cybersecurity infrastructure of customers. The company also has the license of FSTEC of Russia for activities for technical confidential information protection.


Growth of revenue by 85% and doubling of the state

In 2016 revenue of System Software made 2.45 billion rubles that is 84.6% more, than for the same period of 2015 when it equaled 1.327 billion rubles. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the System Software company took the 42nd place.

The company management selects three pacing factors of growth. The first – the development of competences and examination which allowed to open a number of the directions in the company (in particular, on products for developers SOFTWARE Atlassian) and also to strengthen existing earlier (in particular, the direction information security).

Strengthening of partnership with vendors became the second factor of growth, speak in "System software". The third driver – development of projects in the field of system integration which turned out to be consequence of building of examination and development of an internal company culture.

The CEO of "System software" Maxim Tikurkin sets a task to double turnover of the company in 2017. Photo: PCMag

In "System software" told TAdviser that development tools, information security, reservation of data became the most fast-growing product directions in 2016.

Among new clients for 2016 in the company select "The national scientific and practical center of children's hematology, oncology and immunology of Dmitry Rogachyov" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (NNPTs of Rogachyov) and Ingrad Group. In group of investment development companies of Ingrad "System software" implemented the system of information loss prevention Infowatch Traffic Monitor. In NNPTs of Rogachyov the company executed the project on system implementation of processing of medical images of Hermes for more exact diagnosis and the analysis of diseases.

According to base " circuit.focus ", quite essential share of revenue of "System software" in 2016 fell on a public sector. The company won more than 240 state tenders for total amount of 681.6 million rubles. The Moscow Department of Information Technology became her largest state customer in 2016, with it three delivery contract software and the equipment almost for 405 million rubles were signed.

The number of personnel in the company for 2016 increased from 50 to 98 people, told TAdviser in "System software". The company specified that mass set on any specific specialty was not, but noted that considerably strengthened the state in the directions of information security and software of Atlassian.

The information security, development of the software direction for developers, including Atlassian, active development of implementation projects, including in public sector will become the priority directions of development of the company for 2017.

Grow quicker than the market, also in the conditions of the continuing recession, very difficult. However System Software significantly increases turnover the second year in a row – at the end of 2015 growth of revenue was 45%. Nevertheless, for 2017 we set even more ambitious task – to double turnover of the company. First of all, we are going to achieve this goal for the project account of system integration, including implementation of the specialized systems which are still poorly presented at the market, – the CEO of System Software company Maxim Tikurkin notes.

In "System software" specified TAdviser that mean the solutions for medicine of Hermes Medical Solutions allowing to receive pictures of the best quality on the existing diagnostic equipment by systems which "are still poorly presented at the market" in the company. They are intended for nuclear medicine, cardiology and some other areas.

License of FSTEC for confidential information protection

The system integrator and multiservice provider "System Software" announced in September, 2016 obtaining the license of FSTEC for activities for technical confidential information protection. The document confirms the right of the company to render services in the field of security of confidential data, protection against unauthorized access, design and carrying out evaluation tests in this sphere.

According to the license of FSTEC No. 3009, System Software company received powers to render services in control of security of confidential information from unauthorized access and leak on technical channels, to carry out evaluation tests, to project in protective execution of the premises and means of informatization and also to set, test and repair the information security facility.

The license is provided to Sistemny Soft LLC is termless on the basis of the order of FSTEC of Russia.

Technical confidential information protection in Russia is subject to obligatory licensing according to Article 12 of the Federal law "About Licensing of Separate Types of Activity" No. 99-FZ of 5/4/2011. Functions of licensing and conducting planned inspections are performed by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control – FSTEC of Russia. The authorized body also renders to applicants of licenses and licensees the methodical help in a set-up time and during examination of license materials.

Certification of ISO 9001:2015

The System Software company received the certificate of conformity of the quality management system (QMS) to ISO 9001:2015. Thus, the company had an additional guarantee of quality of provision of services to the clients.

The certificate to the System Software system integrator was issued by the company "Certificate authority and standardization "MOSCOW TIME" based on substantive external audit of SMK. Also on the basis of the certificate of the company permission to use of a mark of conformity of a system of voluntary certification "The international quality system" in technical, accompanying, financial documentation, promotional products is issued.

The certificate extends to the following types of activity: consulting services and audit, design, development, implementation, testing and maintenance of software, AIS, robotic systems, system solutions, business applications; design, development, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the engineering systems, telecommunication systems, computer systems, systems of technology management; providing computing resources of a cloud platform: placement, hosting

2015: Growth of revenue by 51.8% to 1.3 billion rub

Growth of revenue of "System software" was 51.8% (consolidated revenues of the company in 2015 - 1,327,325 thousand rubles, in 2014 - 874,277 thousand rubles). On this indicator the company entered in top-20 rating "CNewsFast: The most fast-growing IT companies 2015"

In 2015 business transformation process of "System software" began: the company entered the market of system integration and began to perform implementation projects of software products in commercial structures and the state organizations. "System software" expanded project examination, in particular, in the field of BI, information security, consulting in the field of finance, the personnel and strategic management. Own IT solutions are developed for project management at the enterprises of any scale. The team of engineers is strengthened (up to 25 people and two project offices) and the department of own software development is created.

In 2015 "System software" confirmed the highest partner statuses based on work with key vendors – Microsoft, Atlassian, Veeam, Oracle, Kaspersky Lab, AutoDesk and others.


In 2014 revenue of the company made 874,277,000 rubles.