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1C: The first BIT


The official partner of 1C Company since 1997. Till October 1, 2012 - "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT). Is the largest network among 1C companies franchisees.

Dolgov Anton Anatolyevich

The first Bit is the international integrator of IT solutions. The company is engaged in business automation: from infrastructure, accounting before business processes and a business intelligence. For January, 2019 at the company — 5 thousand employees and 90 offices in 60 cities of 6 countries of the world. The first Bit worked in the market 21 years.

Key activities

  • Services in training in 1C: The authorized training center of The First BIT company – training in use of programs 1C, to accounting, work with industry software products.
  • Implementation of large-scale projects of automation for medium-sized and large enterprises and the organizations.
  • Automation using the industry drawing software products intended for trade production, construction, automobile, tourist, a public catering and many other industries.
  • Automation of small and medium business on the basis of software products of 1C Company - sale, installation, setup of programs, maintenance of users.

Performance Indicators

Staff of the company - more than 4000 specialists (fall of 2012) whose most part is certified by 1C company. For May, 2012 in the company more than 3000 employees worked. The company reported about 80,000 implemented implementations of information systems.

As of January, 2010 on projects 1C: The first BIT more than 20% of implementations "1C:Enterprise 8" were necessary (according to the website of 1C company). During operating time the company made more than 120,000 successful implementations of automated systems.


2019: Representation in Khabarovsk

On February 11, 2019 First Bit reported that its services are available to the Far East business now. At the end of January, 2019 the company opened representation in Khabarovsk — the city with the developed industrial and tourism industry. Owners of all types of business can get the round-the-clock support from the certified IT specialists. Business in the city with high economic potential will become more effective thanks to opportunities to receive products of the international IT company, on which account for February, 2019 more than 220,000 successful implementations. The representative office was headed by Alexey Serov who was earlier working at executive positions in the field of education and trade.

The idea to develop business in the Far East very rational. It is sure, we will be demanded in the market of IT services because clients of Khabarovsk need it. In our city competitors undoubtedly are, but I am sure that among them we will be able to be selected at the expense of values of the company, to approach to people and professional competences.
Alexey Serov, First Bit Khabarovsk

Business of the First Bit in Khabarovsk will concentrate on sale of solutions for business automation. Selection and setup of a retail store equipment, automation of all types of accounting, industry automation, the solution IT of tasks will be also available to the local companies.

We only started business in the city with the population of 600 thousand people and so far it is a small command of professional and charged children. Despite distances and time zones, they provide high-quality service and effective IT solutions for business of the Far East clients. Our purpose – to become No. 1 in the market of the IT companies of Khabarovsk and to make the contribution to increase in business performance in the region. It is sure that by the end of 2019 our command will grow, and together with it there will be more happy clients. Complete solutions taking into account all parameters will be available to them: industries, sizes, development stages, levels of automation and other. We remember about the main objective – automation with the maximum advantage for the client and an opportunity to automate business in a new way. To us it is important that people selected our IT solutions for high-quality development of the business.
Evgeny Shustov, head Makroregiona Siberia First Beat companies

The Far Eastern Federal District has the expressed specifics connected both with a geographical location, and with economic structure. Distances between localities are very big, in economy the share of the extracting sector is high, the large companies prevail. In the Far East for February, 2019 200 thousand small businesses which make the potential customer base of the IT companies. An important role is played by foreign economic relations with neighbors from whom three – China, South Korea and Japan are global IT leading in many niches.

The office of the First Bit is located in modern business center in the heart of Khabarovsk. It became the 91st representative office. The first Bit is engaged in automation of business and development of own IT solutions. As of February, 2019 more than 5,000 employees of the company help people with 6 countries on different continents. It is Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the UAE, Canada and Spain.


The second office in Volgograd: merge about Direct project

Direct project company was a part of the international IT company "The First BIT", having become the second office in Volgograd. On December 18, 2018 reported about it to TAdviser in First BIT. Read more here.

The second office in Voronezh

The First BIT company announced on October 17, 2018 opening of the second branch in Voronezh. It became 81 on the account the Russian representative office.

At the opened office 7 employees work so far. The head of branch is Alexey Plenidkin who is responsible for creation of strong team of experts and quality improvement of the services rendered to clients.

My purpose this year — to receive the status of Competence Center on medicine. We already actively work with the medical centers. Our profile orientation — a guarantee for clients that we understand their problems and we speak one language — Alexey Plenidkin emphasized.

Office in Voronezh "The medicine and beauty", "BIT places emphasis on implementation of software products from lines . Finance" and "BIT: Construction". However also work with standard 1C systems is not excluded.

88 offices in 5 countries of the world

For July, 2018 First BIT is the largest company among 1C: Franchisee: 88 offices in 58 cities of 5 countries of the world - Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the UAE and Canada.

Opening of branch in Tambov

On April 3, 2018 The First BIT company announced opening of the branch in Tambov. The increased business need of the Black Earth for automation became the catalyst of opening.

Clients of First BIT in Tambov can get expert advice on business process modeling at the enterprise and to selection of an optimal solution for further automation based on 1C. Specialists will analyze the current organization of business processes, will offer actions for their optimization and improvement and will pick up the software product which will allow to solve problems of the organization most fully. Complex works include installation and setup of an information system according to needs of the company. First BIT supports the clients 24 hours 7 days a week, including performing SLA support.

We have big, ambitious goals for 2018. Our tasks — it is more active to interact with our clients, creating for them new values and implementing their tasks optimum, to start the new directions and products, to open the new markets. For the beginning of 2018 trusts us about 600 thousand users, and their number grows. Opening of office in Tambov is one of steps which we take to be closer to clients quicker to solve their problems — the CEO of The First BIT company Anton Dolgov commented on an event.

As of April, 2018, the company is provided by 88 offices in 5 countries of the world.


Opening of branch in Lipetsk

At the beginning of December, 2017 The First Beat company announced opening of branch in Lipetsk. The total quantity of branches of the company contains already more than 80 worldwide. Opening of the next branch in the Black Earth was promoted by active business development in the area in the last years and the increased quantity of customer appeals in First BIT.

According to representatives of the company, the Lipetsk region is one of the most actively developing in the Black Earth. A large number of requests for optimization and automation of the enterprises of the different industries in branches of First BIT in the Black Earth promoted increase in presence of the company in Lipetsk.

{{The quote|we decided to Open office in Lipetsk after repeated requests of our clients. We worked with many far off in Voronezh or left to the client into place. The First BIT is, first of all, a high level of competences and experience, got used to work with us, trust us. In Lipetsk we put the same high level on work with clients, as well as in Voronezh — Mikhail Vasilyev, the head of the Central Chernozem macroregion of The First BIT company said.

Clients of First BIT in Lipetsk can get expert advice on business process modeling at the enterprise and to selection of an optimal solution for further automation based on 1C. Specialists will analyze the current organization of business processes, will offer actions for their optimization and will pick up the software product which will allow to solve problems of the organization most fully. Complex works include installation and setup of an information system according to needs of the company and also training of employees in work in the program. "The first BIT" offers also own industry developments based on 1C for automation of management accounting of construction business, the medical organizations, the sphere of HoReCa and others.

In general, as of December 5, 2017, the network of First BIT covers 5 countries of the world, 60 cities and more than 80 branches include.

Creation of the joint venture with Axelot

In 2017 First Bit purchased a share in 51% in the Gradum company which is earlier created by Axelot company. Read more here.

Creation of the project of Bit Digital

On February 9, 2017 The First BIT company announced start of the digital-direction and creation of the project of Bit Digital.

The Bit Digital specializes in providing a range of services in the field of internet marketing, including:

  • complex and performance-marketing,
  • search website promotion (SEO),
  • contextual advertizing,
  • media advertizing,
  • targeted advertizing,
  • promotion of mobile versions of the websites and applications,
  • promotion on social networks (SMM),
  • leveling of a negative and management of a goodwill on the Internet (SERM).


In December, 2016 First BIT opened offices in Balashikha, Simferopol, the Queen, Lyubertsy and Podolsk.

For February, 2016 The First Bit companies located office in Orenburg which was engaged in implementation and support of products of the line 1C: Enterprise. Implementation of a range of the industry solutions developed by the head company was the main activity of office.


In December, 2015 the office of First BIT in Togliatti was opened.


For January, 2014 The First BIT company located the project office Running which specialized in large-scale projects of automation for medium-sized and large enterprises of the different industries.

In 2014 the office in Yaroslavl and Sevastopol which provided services in sale of solutions 1C, in their setup and maintenance, automation of the different industries of business based on programs 1C and also to training in work with 1C is opened.


The First BIT company by December, 2013 opened branches in Dubai, Hong Kong and also in the USA. The Canadian company Valmax Solutions Inc., Kazakhstan "IT Business Centre", St. Petersburg Alfa-Prof and "Ekos", Vladimir "The center of maintenance Synthesis", Novosibirsk Poly-software and Izhevsk "Solutions for business" joined a command of First BIT.

For June, 2013 The First BIT company located project office Savelovsky which specialized in accomplishment of large projects of automation of the enterprises of the different industries.

In 2013 the companies from St. Petersburg, Vladimir and Novosibirsk and also the IT company of Canada and Kazakhstan were a part of First BIT.


The first BIT continues to buy the companies in regions

In November, 2012 it was announced the next acquisition of a new regional asset by First of BITS. This time 1C of the franchisee was purchased by one of the largest the Samara group "VS" which was integrated into local Samara department of First BIT.

The Samara VS group was founded in the 2000th year, the main specialization of the IT company - implementation of 1C of systems. Also at a line of group there was a set of accounting programs, standard for the Russian market, - "ConsultantPlus" and "GSI ++ Electronic reporting". Among clients of 'AF' the large state and non-state enterprises of the region: "Onions", Samarales, ministry of natural resources of the Samara region, regional Bar, Samara regional court, local management FTS Russia, divisions of the local Department of MIA, FMS and many others.

First of BITS refused to open data on transaction amount at the request of TAdviser and also did not specify an annual turnover and number of employees of acquired company. It is known that "AF" is included into the list of 100 largest franchisees of 1C Company. By estimates of the financial analysts polled by TAdviser, transaction amount could be several hundred millions of rubles.

For The First BIT company fixing in strategic regions and an exit on new the market through buying up of local assets - the fulfilled practice. Let's remind that in 2011 it purchased large St. Petersburg company franchisee 1C "Soft-Market" and also Moscow "Trade-Soft". Same year in Voronezh the Moscow Service company, in the same city in 2010 - Art KOhm was purchased. In 2010 the list of purchases of The First BIT included the Moscow companies franchisees "Ordos", "AVRO-BUS", and at the end of 2009 - Nizhny Novgorod Gallant Software.

"In the nearest future further expansion filial is planned by city of First BIT", - told TAdviser in the press service of the company.

Accession of VVT group and "Intellectual technologies"

In 2012 the Novorossiysk VVT group company was a part "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT). The Intellectual Technologies company, Yoshkar-Ola, also was a part of the First BIT.

Change of a brand

Since October 1, 2012 firm "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) works under a new brand – 1C: The first BIT! Change of an image is connected with the fact that the historical name lost the relevance and became close for the company which is engaged in automation of accounting and management at the enterprises working in tens of the different industries – from industrial holdings to individual entrepreneurs.


More than 50 divisions in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are opened

By September, 2011 BIT company, in 14 years of the activity in the market of automation of the organizations based on 1C, opened more than 50 divisions in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The beginning of an autumn season of 2011 was marked by opening of branch in Astana in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Kazakh commodity market and services with respect thereto the need for automation of accounting and business processes for increase in business performance of the companies grows develops. In Kazakhstan BIT company is provided by branch in the city of Almaty which is more than 5 years an active player of the market of automation of accounting and business. Due to the numerous requests of the Kazakh clients the decision to open one more branch was made.

Merge about Soft-Market

In June, 2011 the St. Petersburg company "Soft-Market" was a part of the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT). As a result of merge Soft-Market became new office of the St. Petersburg division of 1C: Accounting and Trade company (BIT). The Soft-Market company takes the 2nd place in the rating of 1C: Franchisee across St. Petersburg, being one of leaders in sales of programs of business appointment and implementation of systems for retail and restaurant business. The Soft-Market training center is included into the first five of the Centers of the Certified Training of 1C, also the Maintenance center of the cash equipment is a part of the company.

In 2011 the structure of offices of regional network "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BITS) was replenished also with a join path with Soft Master Group company.

Opening of office in Kemerovo

In March, 2011 opening of office of BIT company in Kemerovo – a part of the strategy of extensive regional development implemented for 13 years took place. The BIT branch network integrates more than 30 cities in three countries - Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Consolidation about Trade of Software

"1C: Accounting and Trade" (the First BIT) announced 1C franchisee in 2011 consolidation with the Moscow company "Trade Software" (The first BIT - the River station). It already the 15th merger of BIT which made M&A the main of the regional development.

As Pavel Sklovsky noted in the official statement, merger of companies will allow clients Trade of Software (The first BIT - the River station) to make use of experience of specialists the First BIT in the field of automation of financial management, logistics, processes of customer relation, automation of the enterprises of the service industry and also budgetary institutions. "We in turn will be able to expand the sphere of influence in the cities of presence the First BIT. We are sure that we together will achieve good results", - he added.

"The trade Software" conducts the history since 1997 when it was based by group of programmers led by Pavel Sklovsky (which was 100% to owners of the company). It began to work at the market as the partner of 1C company.

The "First BIT — the River Station" company proposed the following solutions:

Merge with "Moscow Service"

In January, 2011 the structure of the Voronezh branch 1S:BIT included Moscow Service company. "Moscow Service" - the oldest training center 1C in Voronezh, reputable company with respectable reputation and experience since 1995. But the market dictates the terms: the small companies in regions often work at a profitability edge. The high competition in the industry assumes volume additional expenditure for promotion of goods and services, improvement of service. Exit: the union with large regional network.

Experience of the companies which selected the similar union shows that federal networks have qualitative advantages: they manage to optimize costs better, they are able to afford to support dear highly specialized employees, to do own developments, etc. In 15 years of work in the market of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan more than 15 companies were a part of 1C: Accounting and Trade (BIT).


On October 28, 2010 recertification audit according to the international quality standard of ISO 9001:2008 is undergone. Audit was booked "by Bureau Veritas Certification Russia".

In 2010 in structure "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) the Voronezh company "ART-KOM" entered. In 13 years of work in the market Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan more than 15 companies were a part "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT).

At the beginning of 2010-go years the AVRO-BUS company (Moscow) also was a part of BIT, capital company "ORDOS" became a part of BIT company.


Since 2009 there began work the Tyumen office of The First BIT company (The First BIT (Tyumen)). From the moment of the basis The First BIT headed for rendering a full range of services in automation of the enterprises of different spheres of business based on programs of 1C in Tyumen.


In 2008 opening of one more branch in Novosibirsk took place; acquisition of Dis-proyekt company.

In 2008 there was consolidation to Dis-proyekt companies (Moscow), "Avante-Sistem" (Novorossiysk) and "Nova IT" (St. Petersburg) - strong team in the market of automation of transport logistics.

In 2008 there began the work the Omsk branch of The First BIT company. The main direction it activity – process automation of accounting and management based on software products 1C and own industry developments. The company executes a full range of delivery services, to implementation, setup, adaptation and support of programs.


In 2007 branches in Volgograd Tomsk St. Petersburg Krasnoyarsk Voronezh Sochi, Abakan are open Nizhny Novgorod; the Center of automation Olympus was a part of BIT company; the Moscow branch of the Kaluga firm "KAMIN" passed into a company asset "1C: Accounting and Trade"; the developer of industry solutions "Pibi" became a part of BIT company; offices in Moscow on m of VDNH, m are opened. Proletarian in Moscow.

Since 2007 in Krasnoyarsk the Project office which main specialization — implementation of difficult and "turnkey" non-standard projects in the largest organizations of Krasnoyarsk and edge works.

In 2007 to "1C: Accounting and Trade" 4 companies joined: "Center of Automation Olympus, Moscow branch of a company KAMIN, Pibi company and franchasing part of the distributor of Alfa-Kom 1C company (Odessa).


In May, 2006 assets "1C: Accounting and Trade" was filled up by a part of the Moscow information and analytical center "Softkhaus", in November of the same year the Irkutsk firm "Dyuys" transferred BIT companies, serviced in the direction of 1C, clients, in December the Novosibirsk company "Software of Ek" joined to BIT.

In 2006 offices in Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Saratov, Irkutsk, Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Almaty are opened; the central office of BIT company confirms the status "to 1C: Competence Center on production"; award of the status "1C: Competence Center on production" central St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk and Kazan to offices of the company; three additional branches in Krasnoyarsk Krai are open; obtaining certificate of ISO 9001:2000 by the Kiev branch.


In 2005 branches in Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and Kiev are open; award central Moscow, St. Petersburg and also Samara and Kazan to offices of the status "1C: Competence Center on production". To "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) 1C: Franchisee "OLS" and consulting company "Document A" joined.


2004 - obtaining status "1C: Competence Center on production" the Central office of the company

2003 - obtaining certificate of ISO 9001:2000 by the Central office of the company; the first office of the company in Krasnoyarsk is opened.

2002 - the structural division the Center of protection of a trade secret "7000" is created; there began work the studio of 8000 Online projects; branches of BIT company in Samara and Kazan opened

2000 - beginning of development of own industry solutions; opening of the first branch in St. Petersburg


1999 - the structural division "1C: Accounting and Trade", Softmart company is created

1998 - opening of the second office in Moscow; opening of the Authorized Training Center of 1C Company