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JSC AKME-engineering. The mission of the company - satisfaction of needs of Russia and foreign countries in energy-generating capacities due to development, a construction and operation of the 100 - 600 MW small and medium atomic complexes

Federal agency on nuclear power Rosatom - 50%
Irkutskenergo - 50%


The AKME-engineering company is the joint state-private venture created in equal shares by Rosatom state corporation and the private energy company of Russia EuroSibEnergo (in November, 2011 the packet of EuroSibEnergo was transferred to child structure of the power company — Irkutskenergo).

Founders of JSC AKME-engineering:

  • Rosatom State Corporation,
  • JSC EuroSibEnergo.

On November 9, 2011 JSC Irkutskenergo purchased a share block of EuroSibEnergo, having become the cofounder of JSC AKME-engineering.

Share of participation of shareholders is distributed as follows: Rosatom State Corporation - 50%, JSC Irkutskenergo - 50%.

Shareholders of JSC AKME-engineering (Society) sign the Agreement by conditions of which the order right is limited to stocks of Society. The order any shareholder stocks of Society irrespective of a method of such order is possible only on condition of receiving the prior written consent of other shareholder.

Management of the current activity of JSC AKME-engineering is performed by the CEO - Petrochenko Vladimir Viktorovich who is acting on the basis of the Charter.