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Institutional investors have 58%

267000 employees in 2011
American Telephone and Telegraph company (AT&T Corp.) it was founded in 1885 and a progressive tense was a monopolist in the market of distant and local communication of the USA. AT&T the total number of clients of the company — more than 150 million people is the second in value provider of wireless services in the country (77 million users). The headquarters is in Dallas (State of Texas), the state exceeds 300 thousand people.
The AT&T corporation building in Chicago (USA)
The AT&T corporation building in Chicago (USA)


At the end of 2010. Serviced 95.5 million cellular users.

Performance Indicators


The net profit falling on shareholders, the AT&T Inc cellular operator. in 2013 grew by 2.5 times in comparison with 2012 and made about 18.25 billion dollars. In terms of one ordinary share profit was 3.39 dollars against 1.25 dollars in 2012. Consolidated revenues in a year grew by 1% and were 128.75 billion dollars.


Capitalization for March, 2011 - $167.8 billion.


Revenue – $124.3 billion, net profit – $20.18 billion.


Turnover  of $284,528 billion, operating profit - $ 18.16 billion, net profit - $ 10.46 billion. Number of employees - 303,530.


2019: The staff of mobile operator profited installation in network of hacker routers and viruses

At the beginning of August, 2019 AT&T brought to employees charge of fraud — they for a bribe installed the malware and the unauthorized equipment in network of the company.

Based on check the U.S. Department of Justice initiated proceedings against Muhammad Fahd and his now deceased accomplice. They bribed several employees AT&T: at first for an unblocking of expensive iPhones that they could be used outside AT&T network, then for installation of the malware in network of the operator. During the period from April to October, 2013 this program collected data on how infrastructure AT&T works.

For an unblocking of the smartphones attached to AT&T operator threatens the entrepreneur up to 20 years of prison
For an unblocking of the smartphones attached to AT&T operator threatens the entrepreneur up to 20 years of prison

On the basis of information obtained by the first virus, malefactors created the second. This program used credentials of employees AT&T for accomplishment of automatic actions with internal application of the company and carried out an unblocking of phones according to instructions of hackers, needlessly every time to interact with employees AT&T.

In November, 2014 when at hackers problems with management of a virus began, they bribed employees AT&T for installation of unauthorized wireless access points in call center AT&T. These devices helped malefactors to get access to internal applications and AT&T network. The fraudulent scheme ran smoothly at least from April, 2012 to September, 2017.

Hackers successfully unblocked more than two million devices, the majority of which were expensive iPhones, and paid the accomplices about $1 million. In 2015 AT&T filed a lawsuit against three employees for installation of the malware in network of the company after detection of abnormal activity.

Soon the Ministry of Justice interfered and began formal investigation. The hacker extradited from Hong Kong is threatened by imprisonment for up to 20 years.[1]


Start of a 5G network

On December 18, 2018 AT&T announced commercial start of network of fifth generation (5G). At first the technology will be available to subscribers in 12 large cities: Atlas, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Louisville, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Roly, San Antonio and Waco.

AT&T became the first American mobile operator who started a 5G network in mass use. However due to the lack of the smartphones and tablets supporting this technology, users who want to be connected to service will have to purchase at AT&T access point of Netgear Nighthawk 5G of Mobile Hotspot for $500. The first compatible to a 5G phones should appear in the market in 2019: earlier declared the corresponding plans in Samsung and Huawei.

Access point of Netgear Nighthawk 5G of Mobile Hotspot
Access point of Netgear Nighthawk 5G of Mobile Hotspot

Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot provides connection of different devices on Wi-Fi to broadband channel of a 5G. The device received the built-in rechargeable battery and flagman mobile processorqualcomm Snapdragon 855 with the integrated modem Snapdragon X50.

For a 5G Internet AT&T offered the tariff plan including 15 Gbytes of traffic for $70. It is expensive, considering that for this money in the USA it is possible to purchase completely unlimited rates for LTE network.

Besides, as the representative AT&T reported the The Verge edition, the started network of fifth generation allows to transfer data to theories at a speed up to 1.2 Gbps, however "the actual speeds will be lower.

The 5G network AT&T will be publicly included on December 21, 2018. Its start in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose is planned for the beginning of the 2019th.[2]

Other American operators also prepare for large-scale deployment of a 5G networks. So, T-Mobile promised availability of technology in 30 cities until the end of 2018, and Verizon is going to offer access point with support of a 5G at the beginning of the 2019th.

The cryptocurrency investor lost $24 million via the smartphone and accused of it AT&T

On August 15, 2018 the cryptocurrency investor from California submitted a claim against AT&T company and demands from it $224 million. The entrepreneur accused the telecom operator of negligence because of which it allegedly lost about $24 million Read more here.

Purchase of AppNexus for $1.6-2 billion

On June 25, 2018 AT&T announced purchase of the exchange of the advertizing AppNexus for expansion of the strategy in TV advertizing. The transaction price officially is not set. According to the TechCrunch edition, is about the amount around 1.6-2 billion dollars. Read more here.

Failure of the transaction with Huawei

The American mobile operator AT&T cancelled in January, 2018 the arrangement with Huawei on sale smartphones of the Chinese producer through the networks of century at the last minute USA. As a cause of failure AT&T from the transaction the bill imposing ban on use by state bodies and departments of the equipment and services of the Chinese companies served Huawei and ZTE. In more detail here.


In March, 2011 AT&T announced signing of the final agreement on purchase of T-Mobile operator of USA belonging to the German concern Deutsche Telekom. Transaction amount which already got approval of Boards of Directors of both parties will be $25 billion in the form of money and $14 billion in the form of[3].

The USA T-Mobile subsidiary company was purchased by Deutsche Telekom in 2001 for $35 billion (then it was called VoiceStream Wireless) counting on the fact that over time Deutsche Telekom will be able to take rather strong positions in mobile communications market. However years later with billions of dollars of investments the company still remained in the shadow of larger players of the market. According to unofficial information, in 2010 Deutsche Telekom also conducted negotiations on merge of T-Mobile of USA with Sprint Nextel.

Acquisition of T-Mobile of USA, the fourth in value operator of a subscriber base, will allow AT&T to expand presence geography. Using infrastructure of T-Mobile the company intends to offer technology of communication of fourth generation of LTE of 95% of the population of the USA, having connected to it 46.5 million subscribers over the initial plan.

AT&T will refuse a brand of T-Mobile of USA and will provide to the existing subscribers of this operator of service under own trademark. The brand of T-Mobile will continue to be used in Europe. Besides, within the transaction several thousands of jobs can be reduced. At the time of the transaction the state AT&T includes 267 thousand people, T-Mobile of USA - about 38 thousand. Representatives of Deutsche Telekom will join the board AT&T.

By acquisition AT&T is also going to improve communication quality, capacity of the networks which earlier repeatedly became a criticism object, in particular from users of iPhone. According to some information, once the operator even had to limit sales of the device in San Francisco and New York somehow to limit inflow of subscribers of mobile broadband access.

As a result of the transaction the subscriber base AT&T will grow approximately to 130 million subscribers, having made the company the largest mobile operator by this parameter in the country. For comparison, Verizon Wireless at the time of the transaction serviced about 94 million subscribers. In comparison with Sprint Nextel (the third place) the subscriber base AT&T will be approximately twice more. It already caused concern in Sprint which representatives said that they after absorption will control the market (almost for 80%) actually two companies.

All necessary regulating authorities, including the Commission on communication of the USA should approve the transaction which is going to be closed within 12 months. In May, 2010 her representatives already expressed concern on - an occasion of excessive consolidation in the telecommunication market.


In 2006 AT&T absorbed BellSouth. Acquisition cost AT&T $83 billion.


1876: Invention of phone Alexander Bell

1877: Bell Telephone Company company is founded

1878: In New Haven (piece Connecticut) the first telephone exchange is open; within three years similar nodes appeared in all largest cities of the USA, having given rise to Bell System company

1885: On the third of March American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T[3] is founded[3]

1892: The long telephone line between New York and Chicago is open

1899: As a result of restructuring AT&T purchases assets of the parent company, American Bell Telephone Company, and becomes the owner of Bell System

1913: Legal procedure with the federal authorities is settled; AT&T receives the status of "officially authorized monopoly"

1915: In the USA the first transcontinental telephone line is open; three minutes of a conversation between New York and San Francisco cost 20.70 dollars.

1925: The Bell Telephone Laboratories company is founded

1927: The service of transatlantic radiophone transmission is put into operation; the cost of three minutes of a conversation  — 75 dollars.

1934: The service of the transpacific radiophone transmission is open; three minutes of a conversation between America and Japan cost 39 dollars.

1937: Clinton Devisson the first of employees AT&T becomes the owner of the Nobel Prize

1947: The invention of the transistor Bill Shokli, John Bardin and Walter Bratteyn from AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories

1956: The next trial between AT&T and the federal authorities is complete; AT&T saves the status of the national telephone operator

1956: TAT-1, the first transatlantic cable channel of telephone communication is put into operation

1958: AT&T represents the commercial modem first in the history

1962: The communication Telstar I satellite using which the forward television translation first in the history through Atlantic was performed is launched

1964: The submarine telephone cable of TPC-1 which connected wire communication Japan and the Hawaiian Islands is laid

1965: In AT&T for the first time in the world the electronic telephone switch is installed

1968: Service 911 is put into operation

1971: In Bell Telephone Laboratories Unix OS is developed

1974: The U.S. Department of Justice initiates the next antimonopoly process against AT&T

1977: In Chicago AT&T the first of the communication companies begins to use the optical fiber cable in commercial communication systems

1982: Within legal procedure settlement AT&T agrees to the section of Bell System

1983: In Chicago the USA first commercial cellular transmission network is open

1984: On the first of January Bell System stops the existence

1984:  AT&T begins with reduction of prices of long-distance and trunk calls of 6.4% a six-year campaign for reduction of rates for the services

1988: TAT-8, the first translantichesky underwater fiber-optical communication channel is put into operation

1991: AT&T purchases NCR company

1993: AT&T purchases McCaw Cellular Communications company; formation of division of AT&T Wireless will become one of results of this transaction later

1995: Selection from structure AT&T NCR company and the firm afterwards called Lucent Technologies is announced

1999: AT&T purchases TCI company which will be renamed into AT&T Broadband

2001: According to the plan of the next restructuring announced in 2000, the division of AT&T Wireless becomes the independent company

2002: Assets of AT&T Broadband pass Comcast corporations


Stock price dynamics

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