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Abbyy Infopoisk


Subsidiary company of the Russian company ABBYY.

Skolkovo UK




In ten years invested more than $80 million in Compreno ABBYY technology plus of $14 million more provided Skolkovo Foundation.


In February, 2011 the Skolkovo Foundation approved selection of a grant in the amount of 450 million rubles ABBYY company. Money is selected for creation of technology of hands-off processing of texts of Compreno, the general project budget will make 950 million rubles (other investments will be made by Abbyy). Grant from Skolkovo - non-paid also does not assume return of investments, noted in Abbyy. Earlier the president Skolkovo Victor Vekselberg called Abbyy among those companies with which the fund intends to cooperate.

For a work on a grant the separate company "by ABBYY Infopoisk" was created. She will become one of the first residents of the innovation center Skolkovo, Andreyev notes, the staff of the specialists working on Compreno technology and the corresponding intellectual property will be transferred to her. However, so far the new company will function beyond limits Skolkovo because of not readiness of infrastructure of the innovation center.

The most part of works on creation of Compreno technology is already made, Sergey Andreyev, the president of ABBYY says, 300 specialists who spent for the 1 thousand chelovekolt project work on it. The costs which are already enclosed in Compreno, the president of ABBYY estimates approximately at $50 million. Commercial products on the basis of new technology should will appear during two – three years.

The Compreno technology is intended for creation of analysis systems, transfer and search of texts in different languages. Using this technology it will be possible to perform, for example, automatic database compilation of a context for the improved analysis of texts, automatic text summarization of texts, etc.

Money were given to us with several obligations. First, we had to spend them for development of software products in the approved direction. This money is controlled very tightly - we regularly undergo testing, we submit all primary documents on expenses. In this plan in Skolkovo everything is constructed quite qualitatively. The second condition consisted that each half a year were designated certain intermediate stages when it is necessary to show results of what we do. At us such stages was six. Experts who are attracted by fund often foreigners, independent specialists, estimated these results on a certain technique and made the decision: it is executed or is not executed, corresponds or does not correspond. In the most part these results are prototypes of these or those products, the directions which are put by us now in our business plans. At the same time actually publicly we begin to announce products just now[1].