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ABBYY Language Services


The company is engaged in the translations of documentation, multilingual localization and also development of technological solutions in the field of terminology management and translation processes.

ABBYY - 51%
Gusakov Vladimir Vladislavovich
Horned owl Vladimir Evgenyevich
Smolnikov Ivan Valeryevich


120 employees in 2016


+ Gusakov Vladimir Vladislavovich
+ Horned owl Vladimir Evgenyevich

The Russian company ABBYY Language Services is included into the ABBYY group since 2007. The head office is located in Moscow. The company has two representations in the CIS: Kazakhstan (Alma-Ata) and Ukraine (Kiev).

ABBYY Language Services executes transfers and multilingual localization more than on 60 languages, has experience of complex linguistic support of large international actions. More than 2000 companies use services of ABBYY Language Services worldwide.


2012: Acquisition of Connective Language Services

On August 1, 2012 ABBYY Language Services announced completion of the transaction on acquisition of the American Connective Language Services which is engaged in linguistic services, services of localization and technologies of automation of transfer. Transaction amount is not disclosed.

Before acquisition of the American company ABBYY Language Services it was widely presented at the markets of Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. As the CEO of ABBYY Language Services Ivan Smolnikov reported TAdviser, the company needed to expand the presence in the market of North America since at this market of ABBYY it was presented only by software products of parent company.

"The decision on purchase of the companies in this segment was made. The main advantage of acquired company - personnel and experience of linguistic work", - Smolnikov told.

"Connective Language Services is engaged in providing linguistic services, solutions on automation of transfer and has ten-year history in the market", - he added.

The office of the company is located in the city of New Jersey. Thus, ABBYY has representations on both coasts of North America. The main office is located in Silicon Valley.

Change of the principle of work

Before purchase of Connective Language Services at project implementation on transfer and localization for clients from the USA management took place from head office ABBYY in Moscow, and only representative and advisory functions were on site provided. Such mode of work was recognized inefficient.

Thanks to accession of Connective Language Services the Russian company expanded opportunities for promotion of linguistic services and technologies in the North American market. Also the company had own full-function production division for accomplishment of difficult projects of transfer and localization. It will allow the global companies with head offices or divisions in North America on all questions to interact with the American division of ABBYY Language Services.

According to Ivan Smolnikov, technological solutions can be provided as in a cloud, and to be implemented in internal network of the client.

2015: ABBYY Language Services opens office in Tatarstan

One of the opening reasons at the beginning of 2015 of office in Kazan – attractiveness of the Republic of Tatarstan as the developed economic center. Besides, it is the unique region in the language plan: not in each territorial subject of the Russian Federation there is a need of translation of the official documentation on two official languages. The republic regularly becomes the center of the international events in the field of sport and tourism – for example, in 2018 there will take place the FIFA World Cup here, and in 2015 – the 16th water sports World Cup of FINA. In plans of the company to offer business and government institutions of Tatarstan solving of tasks on transfer and localization at the new level due to implementation of the innovative technologies.

At the end of 2013 the world market of transfers is estimated approximately at 35 billion dollars: annually it grows for 7–12%. 15-20 billion rubles with the annual level of growth of 5-10% fall to the share of the Russian translation market. By internal estimates of ABBYY Language Services the cost of the translation market of Tatarstan is about 1 billion rubles a year.
"Main advantage of our company consists available own technologies for cost reduction on transfer, – the director of ABBYY Language Services in Tatarstan Artur Hasiyatullin says. – In particular, in our arsenal there is a unique automation system of transfers, SmartCAT. It helps the companies to manage effectively translation process, and to translators to increase performance by 1.5-2 times. Also thanks to SmartCAT and cooperation with ABBYY Language Services translators of the region will have an opportunity to work with large customers worldwide".

ABBYY Language Services will put in business development in the Republic of Tatarstan the knowledge and technologies. The Kazan representative office in IT park will become the modern production center which will undertake work with clients of the Volga Federal District, and further and a part of other loading of the company. Among clients there are companies in the region – Taneko, Yokogawa Electric and Kazanorgsintez. ABBYY Language Services also conducts active cooperation with ANO Ispolnitelnoy direktsiyey sportivnykh proyektov, the Innopolis and IT-parkom university.

ABBYY Language Services also has full-function offices in the USA, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The company is one of leaders of the industry of transfer and localization and the only developer of technologies in Russia for automation of translation processes. In 2013 the ABBYY Language Services company performed linguistic support of the Universiade in Kazan. Then translators processed 3716 calls which came to multilingual contact center.