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Accounts Chamber of the Russian federation



The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is parliamentary body of financial control in the Russian Federation. The status of Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is defined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Federal law "About Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation" according to which the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation is the permanent body of financial control formed by Federal Assembly and accountable to it.

The Accounts Chamber exercises operating control behind execution of the federal budget and also control of a status of the public internal and external debt, of use of credit resources, of off-budget funds, of receipt in the budget of means from management and the order of federal property, behind a banking system (including the Bank of Russia), carries out audits and inspections, carries out expertize and draws the conclusions, informs chambers of Federal Assembly. At implementation of the functions the Accounts Chamber has some state powers of authority, it has the right to direct representations and instructions.

IT in Accounts Chamber

The separate article of TAdviser is devoted to an issue of development of IT in Accounts Chamber.


2020: Purchase of the building from VTB

On April 20, 2020 it became known that the Administration of the President is going to purchase from VTB the building in the center of Moscow for 930.7 million rubles, follows from procurement documentation of department. The price included the cost of the used property which the bank undertakes to transfer to the new owner of the building.

It is about the building of 3600 square meters to the address Burdenko Street, 1 (near the Park of Culture subway). An object is in the list of non-core assets which VTB is going to sell in 2020. The bank was going to sell it to unnamed state structure.

The body is near the building of Accounts Chamber. As reported Interfax in the press service of control department, initially both of them were under construction as parts of a uniform complex.

"Now it will return to a uniform circuit and will be used for placement of structural divisions of Accounts Chamber. Moving will begin in the third quarter this year", - reported in the press service.

2019: Speech of the Chief inspector of Accounts Chamber at a conference "Import substitution of 2019: real experience"

February 20, 2019 The chief inspector of Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Stanislav Korchivoy took part in the main part of a conference "Import substitution of 2019: real experience", organized by TAdviser, expert center concerning automation of the state and business in Russia and also in a panel discussion with participation of representatives of public authorities, the state corporations, developer companies of the software, the Associations of Developers Program Products (ADPP), members of Expert advice according to the software. Read more here.

2016: The Accounts Chamber revealed in 2016 violations of budget implementation on 700 mdrd rubles

During external check of budget implementation for last year the Accounts Chamber revealed violations for 700 billion rubles. The head of the Audit Chamber Tatyana Golikova said about it on the PIEF fields in an interview to Russia-24 TV channel[1].

Though such violations are partially removable, but their volume, marked out Golikov, is too big. However, though it and "terrible digit", but "it is not necessary to be afraid of it".

At first, the head of Open Source explained, "correction of mistakes" will be carried out. It will be possible to announce the final volume of violations only after that.

Besides, Tatyana Golikova noted, the low performance of use of the state investments became one of the main problems about which it is necessary to speak too. So, last year only 90.7% of that volume of allocations which were provided on these purposes were performed.