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Financial results
2010 year
Revenue: 150 millions
Net Profit: No data
Number of employees
2019 year

The Acronis company works in the development area of solutions for systems management of data storage, backup, work with hard drives and other system means. The company has representations in North America, Europe and Asia, and its products are translated into 10 languages and enjoy wide popularity around the world, from the USA to Japan. The philosophy of Acronis - to create the products available to users of any qualification.

The company is registered in Switzerland. 18 offices worldwide, and in total the company sells software in 14 languages in 180 countries. The largest offices  –  ​ in Moscow, Munich and Boston. In total in Acronis about 650 employees, 350 of which are in Russia (generally developers). About 10   are transferred to % of functions of development to the USA.

Flagman product line of the company — Acronis True Image.



Rene Bonvani's appointment chairman of the board of directors

On March 11, 2020 the Acronis company announced the Rene Bonvani's appointment the chairman of the board of directors. Read more here.

Acronis - among the European companies which attracted most of all investments in 5 years

The European the technology companies which attracted most of all investments from 2015 to February 2, 2020


Acquisition 5nine

On December 10, 2019 the Acronis company announced TAdviser acquisition 5nine – global provider cloud managements of solutions and security for systems Hyper-V and Azure from Microsoft. Within the agreement on acquisition 5nine becomes the affiliated enterprise which is completely belonging to Acronis. In more detail here.

Attraction of $147 million investments and assessment in $1 billion

On September 18, 2019 Acronis announced attraction of $147 million from group of investors. Most of all enclosed Goldman Sachs investment bank, but how many, it is not specified in the company. It is known only that new investors received less than 10% of shares of the company, and co-founders Sergey Belousov and Ilya Zubarev retained control and own for two more 70 percent share.

According to the results of the financial transaction of the producer of systems for backup and data recovery estimated more than at $1 billion.

Acronis attracted $147 million investments and was estimated at $1 billion

Acronis is going to spend the involved investments for expansion of development team, creation of additional data processing centers, business development in North America and acquisitions of the companies in the market.

According to Sergey Belousov, the investment round organized by Goldman Sachs will help the company to accelerate product development thanks to a company takeover and acquisition of additional resources and also will make growth of business faster.

He noted that in 2019 Acronis expects to come for 30 percent growth of business against 20% in the 2018th. The company does not open the financial performance, but claims that it was profitable from the moment of the basis.

We invest in Acronis at a stage of incredibly rapid growth — the vice president of Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing Group Holgera Staud says. — Results of a business activity of the company demonstrate that it is incredibly valuable new asset in our portfolio, and growth of this company will exceed forecasts.

By September, 2019 more than 5 million consumers and 500 thousand representatives business among which - 80% of the largest companies from the list of Fortune 1000 use the software of Acronis. Products of vendor extend through 50 thousand partners in 150 countries in 30 languages.[1]


Opening of research center in Bulgaria

On October 17, 2018 Acronis reported that the research network became even wider after opening of the European office and research center in Sofia (Bulgaria). This strategically important point not only will help to be closer to the European customers, but also gives the chance to involve technical specialists educated and devoted to the case from Europe.

For development of technologies the Acronis company constantly looks for programmers, scientists and information security specialists. The network of the research centers located in the countries of Asia, Europe and America is for this purpose created. Global presence allows to improve continuously technologies in the field of cyber defense, artificial intelligence and a blockchain.

Acronis research center in Bulgaria

At the beginning of 2018 the company management of Acronis made the decision within the next three years to invest 50 million dollars in creation of 300 additional jobs for specialists in the field of high technologies at the office in Sofia which first of all is aimed at technologies of cyber defense, support of work of data processing centers and development of the corresponding products and services.

The office is in the heart of Sofia, on San Stephano Street, in close proximity to the main thoroughfares and the centers of brisk city life, and, in addition, is the location of the European Center of cyber defense of Acronis company. The Bulgarian office will perform monitoring of different environments of data protection and information on the appearing threats.

In recent years Sofia proved as the regional center of information and communication technologies about more than 40,000 people occupied in the IT sector and 90% of the technology companies in the country.
Yordanka Fandakova, mayor Sofia

Advanced training of technical specialists

The command working in Sofia for October, 2018 consists of 30 engineers, but until the end of 2018 the command will grow to 50 employees. The managing direktor of department of Acronis in Bulgaria Plamen Toshev tells that the company attracts local talented gurus, provides them development of their capabilities, necessary preparation in order that team members could construct successful career in the company.

Training and professional training

Within start of the development center of Acronis in Bulgaria cooperation with the local universities and public organizations is expanded and also joint projects in the field of education are planned. The company already works with the Sofia university and expands partnership with the scientific and educational organizations.

At the initiative of Acronis Fund, the company will offer non-profit organization which main goal is creation of educational opportunities for distribution and protection of knowledge different programs of a training and professional training for programmers and students. The training in the company not only will help students to be prepared better for implementation of the skills in the real world, but also will create additional opportunities for graduates who dream of career in the global IT company.

Purchase of the Bulgarian software developer T-Soft

The Acronis company specializing in area of cyber defense and hybrid cloud storages announced on August 1, 2018 strategic acquisition of the Bulgarian company T-Soft specializing in software development and expansion research (R&D) activity in Europe. Transaction amount does not reveal. Besides, Acronis announced that its subsidiary company located in Sofia will replace the name with Acronis Bulgaria. Read more here.


Acronis, Runa Capital and Parallels on Malta

Acronis, Runa Capital and Parallels announced in October opening of the European technology center on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

The Republic of Malta goes transformation to the international technology center. Within the concept of "The smart island" developed by the Maltese Government, the technology is a pacing factor of business and conversion of Malta to the ICT European innovation center.

The Acronis, Runa Capital and Parallels group will give support to Malta in its transformation due to acceleration of innovations and participation in national initiatives in the field of implementation of blockchain technology. Runa Capital will become the first venture capital company in the republic which will provide financing to local technology startups. Acronis and Parallels will start joint research projects with the local companies and organizations and will create the new research center focused on advanced technologies of data protection, artificial intelligence and a blockchain. It is expected that the companies within three years invest in the project 10 million dollars for the account of expansion of the presence in the country, a venture capital, research and development.

The companies support the aspiration of Malta to become the center of use of applications with blockchain technology. Earlier the cabinet of Malta approved the first project of national strategy for promotion a blockchain, we will provide thereby support to the local companies in implementation of this technology in various sectors of the economy. Acronis will share experience of use of blockchain technology. Acronis is the first global company which released a product for a notarization of data based on a blockchain – Acronis Notary. Only in the first half a year since product launch, using Acronis Notary more than 500000 backup copies of data were certified that is indisputable confirmation of authenticity of their data for users.

Strategic cooperation with MSTU of Bauman

The Acronis company and MSTU of N.E. Bauman at the beginning of August signed the agreement on strategic cooperation within which models of interaction of scientific and education centers and industrial partners will form and be implemented.

Implementation of model of project training of students of MSTU of N.E. Bauman in the directions in which Acronis has extensive industry expertize will become one of the first initiatives.

The Baumanka always differed in a special training method of engineers — the theory through practice. For this purpose we not only develop the scientific and technical base, but also we keep in touch with the large companies and to the organizations. Our cooperation with Acronis company will be undoubted very useful in difficult case of training of talented engineers for our country — the rector of MSTU of N.E. Bauman Anatoly Alexandrov noted.

Acronis cooperates with the leading Russian universities for a long time and actively supports science and education in the country. We understand that the high-quality, conforming to the latest requirements of the industry education is main for successful development of the IT industry. MSTU of N.E. Bauman — one of the leading universities in Russia, and I am sure that our cooperation will be not only mutually advantageous, but also useful in scales of the whole country — the co-founder and the head of development of Acronis company Stanislav Protasov said.

In addition to MSTU of Bauman, Acronis also cooperates with such technical colleges of Russia as: MIPT, NSU, Innopolis University, SPBAU, Higher School of Economics National Research University, ITMO University.

Office in St. Petersburg

The Acronis company opened in April, 2017 office in St. Petersburg. Within activity of new office the group of the leading programmers of Northern Capital will be engaged in developments in storage area and data protection and also implementation in solutions of the company of technologies on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Opening of new office Acronis in St. Petersburg will also become the next stage in development of cooperation of the company with the technical universities of the country. The Acronis company cooperates with the St. Petersburg Academic university. And at the beginning of 2017 Acronis and the ITMO University signed the agreement on cooperation in development of joint educational programs, carrying out scientific research and implementation of joint projects.

2015: Acronis implements quantum enciphering

On September 30, 2015 the Acronis company announced plans to implement technologies of quantum enciphering in the products for data protection. It will be helped with it by the Swiss  ID Quantique which investor is  the QWave Capital "Kvantovye" fund[2] created by Sergey Belousov [2].

The Acronis company will be engaged in development of technologies of a quantum cryptography. The vendor is going to equip with them the products and considers that it will provide higher level of security and confidentiality. Acronis expects to become the company, the first in the market, which implemented similar methods of protection.

The Swiss company ID Quantique with which the vendor signed the agreement will become the partner of Acronis in development of a quantum cryptography. ID Quantique is the company related to the CEO of Acronis Sergey Belousov - he is the founder of QWave Capital fund, one of investors of ID Quantique.

One of technologies which Acronis is going to implement in the solutions - quantum distribution of a key. The encryption key is transferred on the fiber optic channel by means of single photons. The attempt of interception or measurement of certain parameters of physical entities which in this case are information media inevitably distorts other parameters. As a result, the sender and the receiver detect attempt of receiving a non-authorized access to information. Also it is going to apply quantum random number generators and the enciphering steady against quantum algorithms.

ID Quantique technologies are focused on data protection in public sector and business companies.

"Quantum computings require new approach to data protection — Sergey Belousov said. — We are convinced of Acronis that confidentiality is one of the major components at a comprehensive protection of data in a cloud. Today we work with such leading companies as ID Quantique that users of our cloud products received the safest solutions in the industry and were protected from future threats and the attacks".

The Acronis company expresses confidence - quantum enciphering will help to save the customers (believing that the provider will be able to read their data) from fear of sending data to a cloud.


Purchase of the American company nScaled

On September 18, 2014 Acronis announced acquisition of nScaled company, the supplier of the solution 'disaster recovery as service' (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, DRaaS). The Almaz Capital Partners fund became one of sellers of the company. For more details see: nScaled.

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Opening of the headquarters in Singapore, Shmulevich the new CEO

Announced Acronis in September, 2014 start of the international headquarters in Singapore. In 2001 Acronis began work in Singapore as division of SWsoft. Acronis considers as well development of a research and development center in Singapore, as addition to the existing center in Moscow. Development of the new center and cooperation with the universities of Singapore and other countries will be supervised by Mark Shmulevich who joined Acronis as the executive operating and strategic director.

2011: The headquarters in the USA, 17 offices in the world

For November, 2011 the international offices at Acronis 17, and Moscow is engaged directly in development of solutions and user support. The headquarters is in Voburna, the State of Massachusetts, and R&D-центр - in Moscow.

2010: Revenue of $150 million.

Akronis does not open the revenue at this time. However the founder of the company Sergey Belousov in the presentations repeatedly mentioned turnover approximately in $150 million. The main part of revenue of the company is brought by the markets of the USA and Western Europe. Offices at Akronis are in 18 countries of the world, development is based in Moscow.

Business of Acronis quickly gains steam. In the report of Russoft (November, 2011) it is said that the total volume of export of three largest product Russian companies (Kaspersky Lab, Parallels, Acronis) in 2010 exceeds $500 million.

Achievement of turnover in $1 billion became the purpose both for Parallels, and for Acronis, the report says. Their annual income exceeded $100 million 2-3 years ago, and growth rates are not less than 30% a year.

In the rating of the most fast-growing companies Inc.5000 of the USA (on all industries) the companies DataArt, Exigen Services and Acronis which, though place the headquarters out of the Russian Federation were noted, but in the location of the main production site are Russian, also reminds Russoft in the research.

2008: Registration in Switzerland

In 2008 the Acronis company was registered in Switzerland.

2002: Foundation of the company

The Acronis company is founded by Sergey Belousov, Ilya Zubarev and Maxim Tsyplyaev in 2002. Acronis works on technologies which foundation was laid since 1991 within a startup of "Fiztekhsoft". The company appeared in the Russian software market in December, 2000, and in 2001 opened office in Silicon Valley.

Affiliate program of Acronis

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