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Russian Railways (RR) - 50%
Makhmudov Iskander Kakhramonovich
Bokarev Andrey Removich
50 percent control structures of Transgroup of EXPERT, the president of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company Iskandar Makhmudov and the co-owner of Kuzbassrazrezugol Coal Company Andrey Bokarev (August, 2012).


+ Delta-Trans-Invest

Aeroexpress LLC provides railway communication between the capital and the airports of the Moscow aviation node (Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo) and also the city of Lobnya.


Aeroexpress will organize delivery of passengers on branch lines from Moskovsky railway stations (stations of the Ring line of the subway) to the airports and back.

Besides, the company possesses a blocking stake in the operator of the Moscow electric trains - TsPPK.

IT infrastructure

2014: Key projects of year

In 2014 Aeroexpress conducted works on enterprise management system implementation based on Oracle, and in the second quarter 2015 brings it into trial operation, it is specified in the annual report of the company published in May. In Aeroexpress calculate that it will allow "intuitively, it is clear and transparent" to plan and manage both material, and financial resources of the enterprise.

ERP system will provide a possibility of creation of a common information space on the basis of a set of the integrated applications which are in a complex maintaining all main aspects of a management activity of the enterprise: resource planning (financial, labor, material) for production of goods and services (depot); operational management of plans (including supply, sale and others); all types of accounting; the analysis of results of business activities, said in the project description.

System implementation of analytics and the reporting according to the system of sales based on software of Oracle Business Intelligence became the key project of 2014 in Aeroexpress also.A BI system integrated in the uniform data warehouse the different information arrays existing in Aeroexpress for the purpose of receiving an information system with a set of business activities of the company.

The main result of creation of a BI system in Aeroexpress call an opportunity to set interrelation between representations of discrete facts to act for the benefit of solutions of assigned tasks and the planned purposes, to reduce time for processing of statistical data, to provide necessary cuts of the analysis for acceptance of timely management decisions.

The business applications which are used in Aeroexpress
The business applications which are used in Aeroexpress

Creation convergent otkazo-and a disaster-proof local computer network became one more important project completed in 2014. Its main result in the company call transition to the new level of reliability of otkazo-disaster tolerance of a system of sales of transportations Aeroexpress.

In 2014 the new version of a system of sales of transportations Aeroexpress – ASPPS of v2.0 was also brought into operation. In Aeroexpress note that it which gave to the company the tool allowing to implement flexible tariff policy for the end consumer, attracting with that new target segments of passengers.

"Thanks to this system of the company it was succeeded to increase efficiency of sales and to provide process of cost reduction on technology of sale, in particular due to increase in electronic sales. For 2014 their volume increased twice in comparison with 2013", said in the annual report Aeroexpress.

Sales Aeroexpress via electronic channels in a year grew twice
Sales Aeroexpress via electronic channels in a year grew twice

In addition, in 2014 integration of dispatching systems and security, the uniform dispatching center "Aeroexpress" with IT systems of the Center of the organization of traffic of Moscow and the City dispatching center of Moscow was provided. At the expense of it video surveillance of infrastructure of Aeroexpress, information on infrastructure incidents, location of the rolling stock in real time became available to managers of the Moscow centers. Also regulations of interaction and information exchange with the specified centers were developed that allows to react quickly to any non-staff situations and creates a uniform transport landscape of the city of Moscow, note in Aeroexpress.

History and performance indicators

2018: Summing up contactless payment of journey

On January 29, 2019 the Aeroexpress company reported that 100 thousand passengers seized the opportunity to pay trips to Aeroexpress on tourniquets of the company with a contactless method in 2018.

100 thousand passengers paid journey on tourniquets Aeroexpress in 2018

According to the company, it is possible to make payment on tourniquets Aeroexpress by a contactless method by means of cards payment systems Visa MasterCard, Maestro, Union Pay supporting technology of contactless payment, the transport card Three and also mobile devices with emulation bank maps or the connected payment services Apple Pay Samsung Pay Android Pay.

At contactless payment of journey in 2018 MasterCard technologies enjoyed the greatest popularity – 45% of the total number of transactions fell to their share.

For January, 2019 in the company modern payment technologies, one of which is an opportunity to purchase the ticket, are available, having just attached the bank card or the mobile device on a tourniquet in the terminal Aeroexpress.

Alina Bisembayeva, CEO of Aeroexpress company

2014: A share in the market of intermodal transportations — 21.65%

In 2014 19.7 million people used services of Aeroexpress LLC. From them 16.6 million passengers were transported in the airports of Moscow. The share of the company in the market of intermodal transportations at the end of 2014 made 21.65%.

2012: Tender for the procurement of trains

  • In August, 2012 it became known that Aeroexpress selected four foreign producers, one of whom will construct for it two-storeyed electric trains. The short list included the French Alstom, the German Siemens, Czech Skoda and the Swiss Stadler.

In total seven applications were submitted for the first stage of tender during which Aeroexpress had to select participants on the basis of their experiment on construction of two-storeyed cars. There did not pass prequalification the Korean Hyundai, the Polish Pesa and also Russian Transmashholding. So, the Russian company had a sample of the two-storeyed car, but it did not build two-storeyed electric trains.

The Aeroexpress company announced a tender for the procurement of 150 double-decked electric trains in May, 2012. The winner of competition will be declared in January, 2013. The company decided to order such trains as expects growth of a passenger traffic twice by 2015. According to unofficial data, the cost of the construction contract of electric trains is 18 billion rubles[1].

2011: Shareholders of Aeroexpress LLC

In 2011 it was reported that shareholders of the company are JSC Russian Railways, Delta-Trans-Invest LLC and private investors. Among shareholders Glinka Sergey Mikhaylovich was called.

2010: A share in the market of intermodal transportations — 20%

In 2010 the number of passengers, record for the history of the company, - 11 million 463 thousand people used services of Aeroexpress LLC that exceeds an indicator of 2009 for 38%. The share of the company in the market of intermodal transportations at the end of 2010 increased from 17% to 20%.

2005: Education

The Aeroexpress company is formed in 2005.

Participation in the organizations

Aeroexpress LLC is included into International association of intermodal carriers International Air Rail Organization (IARO).