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ANO Technology Development Agency it is founded in June, 2016 by the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation (The order of May 26, 2016 No. 1017-r). The agency assists the Russian enterprises in implementation of modern technological solutions for achievement of competitive level of products. The central office of the Agency is located in the territory of the Innovation center "Skolkovo".

Creation of the Agency on technology development will promote increase in number of the signed license agreements and joint ventures created for the purpose of technology transfer, improving competitiveness of the Russian companies due to their involvement in processes of upgrade and technology updating and also to growth of non-oil export.

2019: The new Deputy CEO - Mikhail Nosov

In November, 2019 Mikhail Nosov who was earlier holding a position of the Chief information officer of Helicopters of Russia reported to TAdviser that he held a position of the deputy CEO in ANO Technology Development Agency. Appointment took place in October. Read more here.


For simplification of access of the Russian companies to the advanced technological solutions taking into account the international experience the most effective and demanded tool in the short term is transfer (transfer) of perspective foreign technologies to Russia. The transfer of technologies assumes obtaining by the Russian companies patents and a know-how and also necessary resources for further development (internal production schedules, quality control systems, training programs of personnel).

The signed order in May, 2016 founds autonomous nonprofit organization "Technology Development Agency" (further – the Agency) which will provide to the Russian companies a set of services, necessary for a transfer of technologies.

Basic functions of the Agency are defined. In particular, treat them: support of a transfer of technologies, collecting and updating of data on the existing domestic and foreign technologies and competences, assistance to acquisition of modern domestic and foreign technologies by the Russian enterprises, assistance to formation and implementation in Russia of the projects directed to localization of technologies.

Results of work of the Agency should become: increase in number of the signed license agreements and joint ventures created for the purpose of technology transfer, increase in number of new production sites, growth of the total capital investments on the projects attracted with the Agency and also increase in production volume (an export share) of products created as a result of project implementation.

The signed order also forms the supervisory board of the Agency, its staff and the charter are approved.

The chairman of the supervisory board of the Agency is a Deputy Prime Minister A.V. Dvorkovich.

The structure of the supervisory board includes representatives of federal executive authorities, public and expert organizations, institutes of development.

The made decisions will promote improving competitiveness of the Russian companies due to their involvement in processes of upgrade and technology updating and also to growth of non-oil export.

"The mission of the agency to help the existing Russian enterprises with implementation of world-class technological solutions", – Maxim Shereykin said. The target audience of the agency, according to him, is most the Russian enterprises which average level of performance falls short of the average world level. Such enterprises and "determine in general the level of competitiveness of the Russian economy", the agency head noted. Many of them do not see long-term perspectives of development of productions, explaining it with not too favorable investment climate and unavailability of financial resources.
"For many years when we pumped up our state institutes of support by different financial resources, we were convinced that only all issues are not resolved by money. And there is such vicious circle: the companies do not carry out technology upgrade because they have no money. And there is no money because they have current technology processes, business processes and business models do not generate a sufficient cash flow for this upgrade", – the CEO of the agency explained.

To the enterprises with low development on one worker – in 3-3.5 million rubles, average on the Russian industry, the technology development Agency offers project management services, to technology upgrade. The new model focused on outsourcing to which leading companies of the world resort is recommended to those who works on model of a full production cycle. "You cannot on all technology chain – from foundry procurement activities to the assembly conveyor – with identical efficiency rate and competitiveness to make added value. In the market, 100 percent, there will be the one who does it better, than you do now", – the CEO of the agency claims.

To the competitive companies which perform a transfer of technologies, buying licenses, engineering and the equipment, creating joint ventures, such services are not necessary. But, according to Maxim Shereykin, in Russia it is a little such companies. The agency which is not financial institution is ready to help the majority with finding of competences according to the conclusion of cross-border transactions and with their legal maintenance, in search of new solutions. Cooperation with the agency as with project office on technology upgrade of the companies will lead to decrease in their risks and economy on costs.

"The agency, implementing 10, 20, 100 projects in the medium term, will set most the Russian companies an example of how it is possible to develop in a transfer of world-class technologies – from abroad in Russia where there are no Russian analogs", – Maxim Shereykin told, having added that the agency intends to become the center of examination of technological solutions. In the long term, according to him, also private technology development agencies can appear.