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All-Russian center of medicine of accidents Protection of the Russian Ministry of Health (VTsMK)




+ All-Russian center of medicine of accidents Protection of the Russian Ministry of Health (VTsMK)

The federal state budgetary institution "All-Russian Center of Medicine of Accidents "Protection" (VTsMK) of Russia" Ministry of Health is head public institution on problems of medicine of accidents in Russia, is the Euroasian regional center of medicine of accidents of the CIS countries and the Cooperating center WHO on to medicine accidents and to emergencies.


2018: Rostec and the Ministry of Health will connect to a single system of telemedicine of 700 medical institutions of the country

National center of informatization (NCI) of State corporation Rostec and the All-Russian center of medicine of accidents Protection Ministry of Health Russia announced on November 20, 2018 agreement signature about cooperation. Completion of formation of the Russian telemedicine infrastructure will become the first joint project of the parties. Until the end of 2018 to the system of telemedicine it is going to connect more than 700 medical institutions in all regions of the country.

Rostec. Photo: TASS, Stojan Vasev

As told in Rostec, in total telemedicine consultations will be rendered by specialists from 21 national medical research centers with specialization in the fields of oncology, cardiology, neurosurgery, traumatology, cardiovascular surgery, radiology, endocrinology and others. As of November, 2018 the centers are already equipped with the telemedicine equipment and connected to telecommunication infrastructure of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Doctors of the federal medical centers will advise colleagues from regions on complex clinical cases in planned and in the emergency mode and also to give educational webinars and lectures. An opportunity to consult with experts will be had by doctors of the regional specialized medical centers and clinical hospitals of the large cities. Remote communication of experts of the national centers and experts doctors will come from regional clinics through the Single State Information System of Health Care (SSISHC) developed by NCI.

Thanks to modern digital technologies we make highly skilled medical care more available in all regions of Russia. Any doctor will be able to use knowledge and practicians of the best medical experts of the country. It will allow to raise the overall level of rendering medical services — the director of special orders of State Corporation Rostec, the chairman of the board of directors of NCI Vasily Brovko is convinced.

As the chief of the Center of information technologies of VTsMK "Protection" Nikita Odintsov noted, work on implementation of a telemedicine system is conducted based on the center of medicine of accidents not the first year, consultations in the doctor-doctor mode are already held by several hundred medical organizations. At the same time as the platform internal development of the Ministry of Health is used. Interaction with NCI, according to him, will allow "essentially to expand the number of participants of interaction, to give to a system federal scale".