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The All-Russian oil research prospecting institute (VNIGRI) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) — the oldest petrogeological scientific center of the Russian Federation organized in 1929 based on oil section of Geological committee for providing scientific bases of search and investigation of oil and gas fields in the territory of the former USSR.

History of institute

1929: Creation of institute

By order of VSNKh of the USSR of 10/21/29 No. 92 based on the former Oil department of Geolkomitet was organized Prospecting institute on oil (is later in documents - Oil prospecting institute - NGRI). It became the first institute of a petrogeological profile and was designed to provide scientific bases of search and oil and gas exploration in the USSR.


In 1930 the institute was transferred to Soyuzneft trust, the management of which, was performed by the academician I.M. Gubkin.

Creation of Oil institute – the first industry institute – assisted in the system of the national economy of the country to improvement of scientific bases of search of oil. Since this time, the oil geology is made out in the country in the form of the special scientific direction and gradually equipped with ad hoc methods of adjacent sections: chemistry, physics, biology. Increase in level of theoretical base of petrogeological researches is caused by requirements of petroprospecting practice as for search works new, harder and harder areas At all stages of development of oil industry accustom the institute was an initiator of the new progressive directions of researches and methodical developments, thereby providing substantial assistance to the industry.

In VNIGRI were created and the scientific directions and schools which became the base of domestic oil geology develop. Names of such scientists and practicians as Porfiryev V.B., Vassoyevich N.B., Bogomolov A.I., Avrov V.Ya., Glebovskaya E.A., Weber V.V., Samoylovich S. R., Dvali M.F., Subbotin N.N., Baturin V. P., Krotova VA., Radchenko O.A., Kalitsky K.P., Pritula Yu.A., Smekhov E.M., Nalivkin V. D., Uspensky V. A., Stepanov D.L., Lindtrop N.T., Kudryavtsev B.A., Dobryansky A.F., Grossgeym V. A., Bulach M.H., Dorofeyeva T.V., Sakhibgareev R.S., Temples A.N., Engalychev E.A., Sverchkov G.P., Clerks B. F., Alferov B.A., Neruchev S. G., Goldberg I.S., Clubs B.A., Gribkov V.V., Vistelius A.B., Belonin M.D., Khalimov E.M., Sokolov B.S., Mesezhnikov M.S. inseparably linked with VNIGRI defined the directions of development of domestic oil and gas science and the industry, and allowed to prove and create a search backlog of the oil and gas industry of the country.

1929 - 1940

The period from 1929 to 1940 was characterized by rapid growth of geological and film-making works with a scope of large territories in new areas. In subject of institute special petrogeological works and theoretical researches appear. Along with it huge work on the organization of laboratories of a different profile and expansion of geography of researches is carried out. So, if in Oil section of Geological committee in 1928-1929 52 field batches worked, then in 1930, already at Oil institute, the quantity reaches them 135, and in 1931 - 162, from them 88 geological, 16 geophysical and 41 topographical. For many generations of domestic oil geologists VNIGRI becomes the center of domestic petrogeological science and a smithy of the scientific personnel.

1941 - 1945

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War VNIGRI enters the most difficult stage of existence from 1941 to 1945. From the beginning of military operations before oil industry of the USSR there are new problems of increase in oil production in the central and east regions of the country. It demanded expansion of the operating fund of operational wells, development of rational methods of search and investigation of fields, increase in efficiency of prospecting and drilling operations. The institute undertakes the essential organizational actions directed to correction of some directions it to research and production activity. 11 stationary research groups in oil-extracting and perspective areas of the central and east regions of the country which complex of works focuses on accomplishment of urgent tasks in relation to conditions of each of these areas are created. In Leningrad only the small group of specialists and administrative personnel continue to conduct work with fall of 1941 and up to lifting the siege. The feasible help is performed directly in defense of Leningrad, separate tasks of the Leningrad front are performed. Fifteen employees of institute go to ranks of the National militia and battle on the Leningrad front.

1946 - 1960

The post-war period from 1946 to 1960 activity of VNIGRI is characterized by expansion of volume of research works, justification of the new scientific directions in petrogeological researches and also gain of scientific and technical base of institute and its financial opportunities. Positively providing the new building to it (Liteyny, 39) and premises for laboratories and subsidiary workshops (Vasilyevsky Island, Tuchkov Lane, 2) affected. Almost throughout this period the institute, as before, was under supervision of the Ministry of oil industry that of course, also created a favorable situation for work. For operational receiving the actual material and for the help to the local personnel of oil geologists by institute a lot of work on the organization of branches and departments in the main perspective oil-extracting areas is carried out.

1961 - 1984

From 1961 to 1984, institute directed the efforts for solving of tasks of increase in oil production in the conditions of intensively developing industry of the country to the period. Leading specialists of institute actively joined in researches of fundamental problems - bases of further practical developments in the field of oil geology. Researches of similar problems were conducted also at the previous stages of activity of institute, however they were not considered as establishing yet and did not take an important place in a total amount of works. The considered period of activity of VNIGRI can be carried to the period of researches of fundamental problems of oil geology. The favorable circumstance contributing to the development of basic researches was that the geological service of oil industry on places considerably grew and in many areas could undertake the solution of practical problems of oil geology. Researches are lifted to new scientific level by development of rational complexes of experimental and model works. The institute is a founder of application and implementation in oil geology of new methods of a research. The prospecting geophysics and logging, instrumental structural shooting, micro biostratigraphic correlation on wells, a research of collectors of difficult type, chemical bituminologicheskiye researches of fossilizirovanny organic substance and modeling of processes of a litogenez of organic substance, infrared and ultra-violet spectrometry belong to them, for example. In institute opens and the method of thermomagnetic stratigraphic correlation of sedimentary thicknesses gains world recognition.

1985 - 2009

During 1985 for 2009 upon transition to the new system of subsurface use with the advent of private companies, to arrival of foreign investors, new mechanisms of interaction of the state and business are started, the new system of licensing for oil-producing enterprises which require operational preparation of scientific justifications is introduced. Due to the new tasks research and analytical work of institute aims at condition monitoring of stocks and resources of oil and gas for the purpose of justification of the current and long-term plans GRR; on a geological economic case of licensing terms of a subsoil; on quantitative assessment of forecast resources of oil and gas using mathematical methods. Further development is gained by development of methodology of the zone and local forecast of oil-and-gas content and the doctrine about oil and gas accumulation zones; concept of the block building and sekvensstratigrafichesky analysis of NGB; quantitative universal model of generation, migration and accumulation of UV.

2009 - 2014

Modern researches VNIGRI during the period from 2009 to 2014 were concentrated on the following directions:

  • Complex regional exploration works with the purpose of creation of regional oil and gas geological models of poorly studied areas, and first of all, regions of responsibility Northwest and Far East
  • Development and improvement of methods quantitative and geological economic evaluation of multi-scale oil-and-gas objects, valuation methods of efficiency of exploration works, the localized resources and assessment of potential of zones of oil and gas accumulation
  • Works on development of the geochemical forecast and modeling of the oil and gas systems
  • Unconventional sources of a hydrocarbonic raw material (UVS), unclaimed and hardly removable stocks as a reserve of a source of raw materials of UVS, search of approaches to assessment of accumulations of UV in low-permeability collectors (slates)
  • Scientific maintenance of exploration works: monitoring, the analysis and generalization of the received materials for the purpose of development of recommendations about further effective carrying out GRR on oil and gas
  • The innovative developments of new methods and technologies of search and studying of accumulations of UVS, etc.

VNIGRI is the leading research oil institute of the country today. Practically all directions of researches are headed by highly qualified personnel (the doctor of geological and mineralogical, economic sciences). In recent years ranks of institute were joined by the young specialists making more than 35% of personnel structure. Having huge information base, and having saved succession of schools of sciences, the institute conducts researches in a broad spectrum of modern theoretical and practical problems of oil geology. Recognition of the high scientific and practical importance of works of institute found reflection in award of Lenin, State and academic awards of the USSR by scientific VNIGRI and in rewarding of institute with an award of the Labour Red Banner (1979) for a big contribution to creation of a source of raw materials for the oil and gas industry and preparation of the scientific personnel. Modern researches of specialists of VNIGRI were also highly appreciated - the State award (2000), an award of the Government of the Russian Federation (1996, 2005 and 2010). Gold fund of the country – highly qualified specialists. The considerable merit in training of highly qualified specialists belongs also to VNIGRI. For all the history of institute more than 460 master's and more than 120 doctoral dissertations are protected. Many today's heads of the companies and the industry are proud of the fact that they studied in a postgraduate study, protected the works in VNIGRI. The institute builds the future according to a mission: "Creation of a research cluster in the oil and gas industry for ensuring strategic interests and security of the state in the field of geological studying and reproduction of mineral resources of oil and gas on the basis of the advanced innovative and information technologies".