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Federal communication satellite network. The satellite Internet of VSAT in all territory of Russia and the CIS.






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AltegroSky (Altegroskay) Group – one of operators of satellite communication of VSAT, the supplier of telecommunication services and solutions for the state, large and small business, telecom operators and mass market. The AltegroSky group includes satellite operators of Race Telecom Ltd, SETTELEKOM Ltd, Astra Internet LLC, Moskovsky teleport Ltd and system integrator Altegro Engineering LLC providing services to satellite communication in all territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East. Activity of operators of satellite communication is completely licensed.


2016: FAS approved purchase of satellite operator AltegroSky by Rostelecom

Rostelecom through the child structure "РТКомм.ру" will acquire 99.98% of voting shares of satellite operator "Race Telecom" who enters into the AltegroSky group. Earlier the operator submitted the corresponding petition to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and already got approval. It is expected that the transaction can be closed until the end of a quarter. Write Vedomosti about it [1].

The transaction also mentions other two assets of group - Settelekom Ltd and Moskovsky teleport Ltd. It is Altergosky business basis. By estimates of analysts, purchase of AltegroSky can cost Rostelecom in 2.28-2.85 muzzles of rubles.

As of the end of 2015 about 20% of the VSAT stations set in Russia fell to the share of AltegroSky. At the same time under the AltegroSky brand over 17 thousand exchange satellite service stations were serviced and more than 700 certified partner companies in the territory of the Russian Federation, and also 1100 corporate clients worked in different sectors of business. Taking into account the current share of "РТКомм.ру", after consolidation of AltegroSky Rostelecom will control about 30% of a total quantity of VSAT in Russia.


The AltegroSky group took in the summer of 2014 80.25% of stocks of the operator of Moskovsky teleport» (MT) Ltd at Inmarsat company. As a result of the concluded bargain AltegroSky Group gains an access in a fast-growing segment of mobile satellite communication.

Purchasing MT, AltegroSky Group leaves in a segment of the market of satellite communication, new to itself – the selected satellite channels and autonomous corporate networks. For AltegroSky Group also foreign markets of the CIS countries, the Middle East and Africa where more than 20 years MT successfully works open.

Feature of this segment of the market is very high ARPU counting on one VSAT thanks to what MT, servicing about 450 VSAT terminals, has turnover about 10 million US dollars, i.e. is only 4 times less, than AltegroSky Group in which network more than 13500 terminals work.

Thanks to acquisition of MT AltegroSky has second CCN in Moscow, in addition to the teleport located in the center of space communication Bear Lakes.

In the industry, the fact that MT has wide experience in use of the satellite iDirect platform - the indisputable leader of the Russian market regarding autonomous corporate satellite networks is important for clients of AltegroSky and positioning of group. Thus, clients of AltegroSky will have a possibility of the choice between the equipment of production Hughes Network Systems, ViaSat and iDirect which allow to propose any solution both for stationary objects, and for the satellite stations located on different vehicles.

Integration of competences MT and AltegroSky will allow the united company in difficult economic conditions of today to save profitability and opportunities for investments into group infrastructure, to achieve the best conditions from equipment suppliers and a space segment. The great value for improving competitiveness of AltegroSky Group plays also consolidation of engineering teams of two operators having long-term examination in the field of satellite communications.

Taking into account acquisition of MT revenue of AltegroSky Group at the end of 2014 will come very close to 2 billion rubles. According to preliminary forecasts of management of Altegrosky Group, by the end of the current year the share of group of companies in the market of satellite communication will grow to 20%.

""The Moscow teleport" - one of the oldest and most authoritative companies in the Russian satellite market. Natives of it work in most of the Russian satellite operators, - Sergey Pekhterev, the head of AltegroSky Group told. - For me great honor to return in new quality to Moscow Teleport in 10 years since that moment when the chance to create from scratch the new VSAT operator famous today as AltegroSky was provided to me. My task today - it is the least painful and to quickly go through a stage of integration of two companies, different technologies, different engineering approaches. Pass it so that at anybody of clients of "The Moscow teleport", and it, as we know, has more than authoritative customer base, there was also no shadow of doubt in preserving of the highest quality of the service which is historically provided by "The Moscow teleport" to the Russian and foreign clients. Considering special importance and prospects of business of "The Moscow teleport", shareholders of AltegroSky Group made the decision on my appointment as the CEO of this company. By my estimates, the present status the market TV set in general and a segment of satellite communication in particular is marked by the termination of organic growth that does by the main tool for increase in profitability of business of the transaction of merge, the MT & AltegroSky type".

In 2010 AltegroSky (ZAO "SETTELEKOM) Group acquired 100% of the stocks of the operator SPIN (Race Telecom Ltd), and earlier, in 2009 – VSAT business company JSC Sat-Tel.