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AltspaceVR is social network which participants communicate, using virtual reality, namely — Oculus Rift devices, Gear VR and HTC Vive. Users of service show different comedy sketches, discuss presidential elections, browse various important events on the air, etc. By July, 2017 AltspaceVR had 35 thousand users who connected to the web at least, than once a month.

2017: Microsoft buys AltspaceVR

At the beginning of October, 2017 the Microsoft corporation announced acquisition of AltspaceVR for the purpose of improvement of the projects in the field of virtual reality (VR).

Microsoft is very glad to integrate a communication technology into our ecosystem of the mixed reality — the representative of Microsoft in an interview to the TechCrunch edition says. —  Modern social projects can be one-sided: one person publishes the text, photos and videos, and others then consume it. But AltspaceVR takes social networks, integrates them with projects in real time and uses effect of immersion to communicate not simply, and the whole situations. Situations with participation of people, places and things make deeper meaning and, therefore, are better remembered.

Microsoft purchased the social network using virtual reality

Microsoft did not disclose AltspaceVR acquisition value. For the history the startup attracted more than $15 million investments. Microsoft promises to save work of AltspaceVR service.

The AltspaceVR command will join Microsoft and will help the last to select the platform for the mixed reality among the competing solutions. It is about the Windows platform of Mixed Reality intended for operation of VR devices running Windows 10.

In 2017 Microsoft together with other producers began to release a large number of VR headsets at low prices — from $300.[1]

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