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Anti-Pinsk Refinery


Oil industry
Since 2004
Ural Federal District of the Russian Federation
625047, 6 km of the Old Tobolsk path, 20


The anti-Pinsk oil refinery (Refinery) – the only industrial oil refinery in the 9 million tons of oil Urals in a year.



The ex-CEO Lisovichenko is put on the international wanted list

On August 23, 2019 it was announced that the former CEO of the Anti-Pinsk Gennady Lisovichenko Oil Refinery is put on the international wanted list. Announced a source in law enforcement agencies this TASS.

"Lisovichenko is put on the international wanted list. Is in the territory of other state", - the interlocutor of the agency told.

In July concerning the former CEO of the Anti-Pinsk Refinery Lisovichenko brought criminal case, suspect him of the conclusion of obviously unprofitable agreement which caused damage to the enterprise in the amount of more than 35 million rubles.

The Leninsky district court of Tyumen dismissed on August 9 the claim to the enterprise for collecting from the plant of $10 million bonuses and $1.9 million penalties for benefit of Gennady Lisovichenko suspected of causing damage to the enterprise.

Resuming of production according to the tolling scheme

Production was resumed on July 18, 2019 according to the tolling scheme at which the plant processes the oil which was purchased Sokar Energoresurs (joint venture of Sberbank and group of industry investors which possesses 80% of stocks of Refinery now). At the same time the plant has no property right neither to oil, nor to oil products, earning only from processing cost.

The Refinery took Arbitration court of the Tyumen region with the statement for recognition of by the bankrupt. The amount of requirements for case - 346.4 billion rubles. Later creditors of the plant - Absolyut bank, the Moscow credit bank and others joined case.

Arrest of the head of "New flow" Dmitry Mazurov

On July 13, 2019 the founder and the chairman of the board of directors of New Flow group Dmitry Mazurov was delayed at Sheremetyevo Airport after an arrival from an abroad travel. He is suspected of fraud. Tverskoy Court of Moscow arrested on July 15 Mazurov and sent to the pre-trial detention center till September 12. Read more here.

The plant passes under control of JV Sberbank and Socar - "Sokar Energoresurs"

In May, 2019 because of a difficult financial situation and, as a result, disruptions in oil supply, begun in 2018, the Refinery was forced to suspend work and to pass under management of the main creditor — Sberbank.

On May 18 the Anti-Pinsk Refinery submitted to Arbitration court of the Tyumen region the application for recognition of by the bankrupt, having designated the amount of requirements for this case — 346.4 billion rubles. Later creditors of Refinery — Absolyut-bank, the Moscow credit bank and others joined case. After receiving by Sberbank control over Refinery it was sold to joint venture of bank and the Azerbaijani Socar — Sokar Energoresurs company.

Also entered into group the Mari Refinery, under management there was 6 million tons Afipsky Refinery. In May Afipsky Refinery was included into the Safmar group of Mikhail Gutseriev. The representative of "A new flow" explained TASS that the company remains the managing partner of the Mari Refinery.

Offer of Sberbank on debt restructuring and dopfinansirovaniye

On April 30, 2019 it became known that Sberbank managing capital asset of the New Stream group the Anti-Pinsk Refinery wants to convince other creditors of need of debt restructuring of the Anti-Pinsk Refinery and selection of a dopfinansirovaniye. Otherwise to the plant which for the end of April, 2019 is almost stopped, bankruptcy threatens. Despite selection of a dopfinansirovaniye at the end of 2018, Sberbank did not manage to receive the sufficient volume of advance payments from traders for a full load of the plant raw materials. Besides, the fate of the plant will be affected by the result of negotiations with the Azerbaijani SOCAR which expressed intention to purchase it.

Anti-Pinsk Refinery

The CEO of the Anti-Pinsk Maxim Andriasov Oil Refinery representing the interests of the main creditor of Sberbank intends to submit the application for bankruptcy of the plant to Arbitration court of the Tyumen region.

As explained in the press service of bank, mister Andriasov asked a dopfinansirovaniye for creditor banks, Sberbank in 2018 "transferred all obligations for service and loan repayment" till July 1, 2019. For April, 2019 the address is considered by bank, added in Sberbank. New Stream refused comments.

Among creditor banks can be, in addition to Sberbank, MKB, Promsvyazbank and Absolyut-bank.

All these banks received offers from Sberbank. Messages about bankruptcy it wants to accelerate negotiations with other banks, he assumes. However the similar step can frighten off partners of the Anti-Pinsk Refinery in addition. The Absolute bank confirmed that received offers on restructuring. The bank also noted that already are in "process of negotiations". Promsvyazbank and MKB did not respond to the request yet.

Bankruptcy will depend on whether it will manage to Sberbank to convince creditors of need to restructure the debt of the plant and the result of negotiations with the Azerbaijani SOCAR. SOCAR is the main applicant for purchase of the Anti-Pinsk plant.

As it appears from the message of Sberbank, Oil Refinery it is transferred "to the recirculation mode", to communications "with impossibility to provide utilization of capacity" because of the shortage of prepayments from traders. Andrey Kostin from Rupec notes that it is about "hot circulation". This status with the minimum load with technology environments out of which the plant can be brought quickly is continued by it, a part of installations, most likely, is stopped.

Sberbank at the end of 2018 already selected to the plant several tranches for replenishment of working capital as the Anti-Pinsk Refinery lacked funds for raw materials acquisition, and buyers because of interruptions in loading of Refinery began to refuse purchases of oil products. Sberbank, having taken the plant under control, tried to convince traders of ensuring certainty of supply, but the situation of the end of 2018 repeated again. At the same time, according to CDU TEK, primary processing for the first quarter 2019 at the Anti-Pinsk oil refinery decreased by 14%, up to 1.5 million tons of oil[1].

As a part of the New Stream group

As of April 30, 2019 the 9 million tons of oil Anti-Pinsk Refinery in a year is included into the New Stream group of Dmitry Mazurov, operational management is exercised by Sberbank.


For March, 2016 the power of processing of the Anti-Pinsk Refinery is more than 9 million tons of oil a year.


In 2015, after commissioning of installation of hydrotreating of diesel fuel, the plant began release diz. fuels of Euro-5 standard. The enterprise continues building of new installations that will allow it to achieve depth of the processing equal of 97% this year, and at the beginning of 2017 to begin production of high-octane gasolines of Euro-5 standard and to cover the needs for it in the territory of all Ural federal district.