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Apple is the American corporation specializing in release of computers, component parts, the software and also consumer electronics.

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Apple releases different types of computers (desktop, figurative, compact, servers), set-top boxes, displays, phones, players, computer mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, base stations of Wi-fi, the software, etc. and also provides to users different services via the Internet.

History from the basis up to now

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The Apple company founded in 1976 endured bright take-off and dizzy falling about the history. Having begun with production of the PC in the 70th in 2012 Apple became the most expensive firm in the world. The co-founder of corporation Steve Jobs - one of the brightest figures in the world history of IT-Business.

Performance Indicators

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2019: Revenue — $260.17 billion, net profit — $55.26 billion

2019 financial year Apple completed with revenue in the amount of $260.17 billion against $265.6 billion the previous year. Sales to the company were reduced because of decrease in demand for iPhone.

For the reporting 12-month period closed on September 28 2019 calendar year, Apple earned about $142.38 billion from sale of iPhone that is notable below an indicator of year prescription in $164.89 billion. Telephone business which still brings to the American producer more than a half of turnover was the only thing falling at Apple.

Financial performance of Apple

Sales of computers brought the companies in a year to $25.74 billion revenue that it is a little more, than in 2018 to reporting year when income was measured by $25.2 billion.

Annual revenues of Apple in the market of tablets rose from $18.38 billion to $21.28 billion, and sales of wearable electronics, wireless speakers, earphones and other products which in the report are carried to the line Wearables, Home and Accessories increased from $17.38 billion up to $24.48 billion.

Service income to which earnings on Apple Pay payment system, app store of App Store and other services belong reached record $46.29 billion in 2019 to a fiscal year. In the 2018th revenue made $39.75 billion.

The largest sales market of products of Apple there are countries of North and South America which in 2019 financial year brought corporations of $116.91 billion revenue against $112.09 billion the previous year.

Income in Europe year on year decreased from $62.4 billion to $60.29 billion. In the Chinese market of sale of Apple fell with $51.94 billion in 2018 to a fiscal year to $43.68 billion a year later. In Japan revenue of the company changed slightly and made $21.5 billion.

In 2019 financial year Apple registered net profit in the amount of $55.26 billion that there is less profit of the year prescription equal to $59.53 billion[1]

Internet audience

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Apple in Russia

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Working in Russia from 1990th years through partners, in 2007 Apple decided to open office in the country.

Apple in Ukraine

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Merger of Apple

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Employees and work in Apple

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Judicial proceedings with Apple

Offices Apple in the world

Construction of megaoffice for $1 billion

On November 20, 2019 Apple announced the beginning of construction of new office. It will occupy the area almost of 54 hectares and will be located in the city of Austin (the State of Texas, the USA) near the plant on production of Mac Pro workstations.

Originally in the new campus expected 15 thousand employees about 5 thousand people will work. There the divisions conducting research and developmental works for the benefit of the company and also the workers who are responsible for the solution of financial questions and ensuring sales and technical support of clients will be placed.

Apple announced the beginning of construction of new megaoffice

Earlier Apple actively was engaged in workforce recruiting in Austin. By November 20, 2019 about 7000 people work there that is 50% more, than in 2014. About 500 employees are busy with production Mac Pro.

The corporation intends to construct office complex in Austin by 2022. Apple already received from the district and the state tax benefits in the amount of $41 million. The company is going for 100% to provide an object with energy from renewable sources. In the territory of a campus thousands of trees of 20 different sorts will be planted.

Section will be designed so that as much as possible to use green plantings. Landscaping will cover more than 60% of the territory of a campus, including the nature reserve which will be open for visit for everyone.

At the ceremony devoted to the beginning of construction of a new campus and start of production of new Mac Pro in Austin there arrived the U.S. President Donald Trump. He asked the CEO of Apple Tim Cook to consider a question of participation of the company in work on technology of communication of a 5G in the territory of the USA.

Expansion of activity in Austin is a part of the large-scale plan of Apple for investment of $350 billion into the American economy during the period from 2018 to 2023 and additional I will hire 20 thousand employees through the whole country.[2]

Office iSpaceship

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At the beginning of June, 2011 the chief executive officer of Apple Steve Jobs showed the project of new office complex which is going to be opened for the staff of the company in several years. The project was submitted to municipal authorities of the city of Cupertino in California where there is Apple headquarters now.

Intending to broaden the headquarters, Apple, according to Jobs, employed some of the best architects in the world. They developed the complex in the form of a ring reminding the spaceship. Some of the American bloggers right there christened its iSpaceship, by analogy with the name of other products of Apple. Construction of a new complex is going to begin in 2012, and to open its doors - in 2015.

Office in Texas

In March, 2012 Apple announced plans more than to double the size of the working space in Austin (Texas, the USA) in the next decade: the company invests $304 million in construction of a new campus.

At new office about 3600 additional jobs will be created, and mainly at it services of customer service, sales and service of financial accounting, for maintenance of operating activities of Apple in North and South America will be placed.

The representative of Apple Steve Dowling told Reuters that in recent years the office of the company in this city seriously expanded: from 1000 employees in 2004 to 3500 for the beginning of 2012.

On implementation of this project of Apple will also receive a tranche in the amount of $21 million during the ten-year period from Texas Enterprise Fund which was founded in 2003 for attracting investors on the territory of the state. The governor of the State of Texas Rick Perry said that similar investments can make of Texas "national higth-tech a hub".


Chronicle of development of main products of Apple:

System of deliveries

The debugged supply system, or a SCM system, helps to improve schedule system, to optimize warehouse stocks, to perform timely deliveries, to provide compliance of the offer to demand, to reduce costs and, as a result, to increase the market value of the company. It is no secret that the success of business of Apple in many respects is explained by the professional supply chain management and permanent actions aimed at assessment of their efficiency.

According to AMR Research the rating of 25 best companies with the most productive and productive supply chain system included 10 largest IT companies, and the leading position was taken by Apple.


Stock price dynamics

Ticker company on the exchange: NASDAQ:AAPL