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Asian-Pacific Bank


Asian-Pacific Bank (JSC) works at the Russian market 22 years (till 2006 – Amurpromstroybank Ltd). Provides a full range of banking products and services for physical persons and legal entities. The general license for banking operations No. 1810 granted by the Bank of Russia on May 10, 2012. The ATB branch network includes 251 divisions in 112 localities of 18 regions of the country. The bank logs in deposit insurance.


2019: The auction of the Central Bank selling the sanified ATB did not take place

The Bank of Russia could not sell the Asian-Pacific Bank (APB) sanified by it, reported on March 14, 2019 RBC with reference to the statement of the regulator. The auction for sale of an asset from the Fund of Consolidation of the Banking Sector (FCBS) is recognized cancelled as the Moscow Credit Bank (MCB) and Sovcombank admitted to trading actually did not take part in them.

The starting price of lot was 9.87 billion rubles. The capital of ATB is broken into huge number of actions, all more than 30.9 septillion of actions were offered for sale (the nominal value of one paper was scanty 1/5155290941638853 rub). Biddings took place in the morning on March 14 in a format of the Dutch auction: everyone half an hour (from 9:30 a.m.) the price of an auction fell by 1.285 billion rubles until reached the minimum level — 6 billion rubles. But any purchasing request of bank even at the minimum cost did not arrive.

MKB reviewed the image of development in the region [business of ATB is concentrated in the Far East], answered with RBC in bank a question why he did not take part in biddings.

In return in Sovcombank reported that carried out a detailed financial and tax inspection of ATB by forces of EY.

FKBS ​ smoothed out balance and enhanced risk management of bank, core business of ATB is profitable and works effectively. Unfortunately, even taking into account considerable synergies with Sovcombank and intentions to strengthen our presence in the Far East the lower price of an auction was too high for us — the chairman of the board of Sovcombank Dmitry Gusev explained. — The decision was made on the eve of the auction, after that as we got permissions of FAS and the Central Bank to acquisition of ATB and were registered at an auction.

As the result, ATB remained in the property of the Central Bank, continuing work under control of temporary administration. The regulator intends to consider the possibility of formation in bank of permanent governing bodies under the direction of which the strategy of development of its business can be defined.

The Bank of Russia expects to sell bank in 2020 after "to a wide range of persons, including potential investors", information on results of activity of credit institution for 2019 is disclosed.[1]

2018: Transfer of function of temporary administration of bank to Fund of consolidation of the banking sector

In April, 2018 the Bank of Russia transferred functions of temporary administration of the Asian-Pacific Bank to the Fund of Consolidation of the Banking Sector (FCBS), RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Far East department of the Central Bank reports. The Bank of Russia announced on April 26 sanitation  of Asian-Pacific Bank which will be contributed to Fund of Consolidation of the Banking Sector. It is reported on the regulator website.