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Asterisk Center of ship repair




+ Asterisk, (center of ship repair)
+ Northern center of shipbuilding and ship repair

The center of ship repair Asterisk is ship-building and ship-repair shipyard. The enterprise is located in the mouth of the river of Northern Dvina, on the bank of the White Sea, in the city of Severodvinsk. The decision on construction of the enterprise is made by the Resolution of Council of Ministers of the USSR of July 9, 1946.


As a part of "Zvezdochka Shiprepairing Center of 6 ship-repair plants:


In November, 2008 by Federal State Unitary Enterprise Zvezdochka Shiprepairing Center it is transformed to Open joint stock company "The center of ship repair Asterisk.

Since the beginning of productive activity on JSC Zvezdochka Shiprepairing Center repair and re-equipment of 120 submarines from which 85 - with the atomic power station are executed.

87 surface ships of Navy and civil courts are repaired (including ice breakers, research, survey vessels, trawlers, tankers, steamships, tows and others). 240 courts, watercrafts and constructions, including floating moorings, floating dock, floating workshops, the pontoon bridge through the Pechora River, 12 body of port tows for the foreign customer, 5 dry-cargo courts of project 16900, 2 trawlers of project 50010 are constructed.