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Astrazeneka Russia


Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care
Since 2005
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
125284, Begovaya St. 3, building 1 Business center NordStar Tower


1400 employees in 2016


Astrazeneka is the biopharmaceutical company entering into top five of the international pharmaceutical market. Sales to the company are performed in the territory of more than 100 countries of the world including in Russia. Rossiya is one of the priority markets for Astrazenek. In the territory of the country about 50 original medicines of the company are registered and resolved to use. Besides, in 2015 for the purpose of increase in availability of effective and safe medicines to the Russian patients the local pharmaceutical plant "Astrazeneka" was started. The company has the representatives in 73 Russian cities, and the number of employees of Astrazenek Rossiya totals about 1400 people.



Signing of the memorandum of creation in Russia of the Center of Innovations and Internet of Things in Health care

On June 6, 2019 signing of the memorandum between the international biopharmaceutical company "Astrazeneka", Skolkovo Foundation, Nokia companies, Fabrikoy radioterapevticheskoy tekhniki LLC (R-Pharm group), Russian Post, Sberbank about creation based on Fonda Centra Innovatsy and Internet of Things in Health care which is planned to opening in October, 2019 took place. Also will act as partners of the center QIAGEN company. The center will become the platform for consolidation of experience and efforts of business, the state, scientific institutes and startups, health facilities and medical associations, for achievement of more comfortable and exact process control of treatment of diseases, assistance of transformation and to development of a health care system in Russia and to ensuring achievement of the national purposes in the field of health care, demography and digitalization.

The center of Innovations and Internet of Things in Health care represents a form of implementation of modern technological solutions for medicine by creation of prototypes of therapeutic complexes, their demonstration and testing, the subsequent scaling in health facilities for all Russia, creation of education center and space for interaction of startups.

Based on the center spaces for demonstration and testing of the innovation, digital therapeutic complexes and also solutions in the field of Internet of Things for health care for the purpose of development and promotion of best practices in diagnostics, treatment and the subsequent observation of patients in different therapeutic areas will be created. Besides, for the solution of a task of providing the industry with highly qualified personnel, the center of education will be created. For the purpose of development of the innovation projects in the field of health care the working space for startups where there will be a platform for training, exchange of experience and the presentation of the ideas is provided.

Within activity of the Center interaction with different partners in the field of diagnostics, the medical equipment and digital technologies for creation of alliance in the field of Internet of Things is provided in health care and development of the innovation health care system.

The center to Skolkovo will become the Russian localization of the Astrazeneka project in China (the city of Wuxi, the Province of Jiangsu) where in partnership with the government, representatives of the industry, educational institutions, research and medical institutes create the Center of Innovations and Internet of Things in Healthcare IoT Innovation Center. The center in China is an open strategic platform for promotion of commercial solutions in the field of the innovation health care.

One of mechanisms of the national purpose on achievement in Russia of average life expectancy over 80 years (80+ by 2030) is decrease in preventable death rate and preserving in addition of nearly 230 thousand lives in 2024. With respect thereto the initial therapeutic areas which are characterized by prevalence and the social importance were selected: cardiology – a sharp coronary syndrome, oncologylung cancer, endocrinology – diabetes 2 types and pulmonology – bronchial asthma. The center of innovations in health care will allow to integrate data into the unified information system, to create patient registers, optimizing a way of the patient using the innovative technologies allowing to achieve the best results in diagnostics and treatment of diseases, to save time of the doctor on acceptance, to provide standardization of accomplishment of clinical recommendations, to reduce indicators of death rate and to reduce health care costs for the main therapy and treatment.

We believe that the Center of Innovations and Internet of Things in Health care in Russia will become the platform for solving of tasks of the Russian health care system, providing medical and digital solutions which are designed to improve infrastructure of a regional health care system and to improve results of therapy. The international experience of Astrazenek in establishment of effective state-private interaction in the field of the innovative solutions and developments in the field of R&D will promote that the center met unsatisfied requirements of the industry, providing complete solutions to patients and communities,
noted Leon Vang, the executive vice president of Astrazenek in division International markets, the president of Astrazenek, China

Simbikort Turbukhaler received the indication "slight bronchial asthma" to application in Russia

The international biopharmaceutical company "Astrazeneka" announced registration on April 11, 2019 indications for medicine budesonid/formoterol Simbikort Turbukhaler (160/4.5 mkg / a dose) — the slight bronchial asthma (BA). It is possible to take the drug in the mode "on requirement" for knocking over of attacks and symptoms at adults and teenagers of 12 years and is more senior.

According to the instruction for application, Simbikort Turbukhaler is suitable for therapy of BA of any severity at expediency of application of inhalation glucocorticosteroids. Expansion of indications for use of medicine will allow to reach the general control of a disease, including relief of symptoms and reduction of risk of aggravations at bigger number of the Russian patients with BA of light, medium-weight and heavy severity, consider in the company.

Existence in composition of medicine of an inhalation glucocorticosteroid — a budesonid is also long the operating beta2-agonist with quick start of action — the formoterola provides at the same time pathogenetic and symptomatic effect of medicine allowing to remove inflammation in a wall of a bronchial tube and to stop attacks and symptoms at patients with BA — representatives of Astrazenek explained.

In general budesonid/formoterol Simbikort Turbukhaler (160/4.5 mkg / a dose) can be applied in the following modes of therapy:

  • And. for knocking over of attacks/symptoms with anti-inflammatory action in the mode on requirement (at patients with BA of light severity);
  • Century as the supporting therapy and for knocking over of attacks/symptoms with anti-inflammatory action (at patients with medium-weight and heavy severity of BA);
  • Page as the supporting therapy (at patients with medium-weight and heavy severity of BA).

As explained in the company, expansion of indications for this medicine became possible thanks to the data obtained in researches of the clinical SYGMA program (SYmbicort Given as needed in Mild Asthma). Based on these researches, the efficiency budesonid/formoterol Simbikort Turbukhaler (160/4.5 mkg) in the mode "on requirement" on influence on the frequency of heavy aggravations at patients with BA of light severity was much higher in comparison with therapy by short-range beta2-agonist (KDBA) in the mode "on requirement" (frequency of heavy aggravations in group budesonid/formoterol "on requirement" 64% lower) and is comparable to regular therapy budesonidy plus KDBA "on requirement" at much smaller (for 75%) steroid loading.


The court did not satisfy the writ of appeal "Astrazeneki" on the case of "Formisonid-nativ"

On November 7, 2018 the Arbitration court of Moscow refused to Astrazeneka Pharmasyyutikalz LLC v the satisfaction of the writ of appeal on case A41-90766/2017. The substantive provisions of the resolution are published on the website of court on November 12, 2018. Read more here.

The suit against Nativa in the case of "Formisonid-nativ" is lost

On February 28, 2018 the Arbitration court of the Moscow region made the decision on failure of Astrazeneka Pharmasyyutikalz LLC in the satisfaction of claim requirements to the Russian company "Nativa" on case A41-90766/2017.

In November, 2017 the Astrazeneka Pharmasyyutikalz company submitted claim requirements to Nativa LLC about recognition of actions of the defendant unfair competition. The claimant said that the defendant misled consumers, patients, medical specialists, the state customers and also distributors concerning consumer properties and quality of the medicine Formisonid-nativ, the first of the Russian reproduced medicine for basic therapy of bronchial asthma.

Also the court makes the decision on failure in meeting requirements on making changes in the documents which are contained in the registration file on the medicine Formisonid-nativ. Within court session the substantive provisions of court's decision are announced. Information on the adopted judicial act is published on the website of Arbitration court.