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ATAPI Softver LLC - The IT company specializing in the products and services connected with automation of procedures of document flow and the translation of paper documents in an electronic format.



80 employees in 2018


The Atapi Software company specializes in software development to order since 2001.

For October, 2018, the company is engaged in applied developments in the field of optical recognition and automation of input of documents and data. In particular, systems based on software of the strategic partner are ABBYY companies.

In addition to development of programs, Atapi Softver is engaged in implementation and support of products of ABBYY in the Siberian region and also digitization of printing editions and data entry — the last direction is called media service.

As main customers of Atapi Softver the companies from Russia, Western Europe and the USA act (data for October, 2018).


2018: Acquisition by ABBYY company

The ABBYY group, the world developer of solutions in the field of intellectual information processing and linguistics, announced on October 16, 2018 acquisition of the developer of solutions on workflow automation and the analysis of images "Atapi Software".

As told TAdviser in Abbyy, integration of Atapi Softver into the structure of ABBYY group will be complete at the beginning of 2019. All 80 employees of Atapi Softver will become a part of commands in different departments of ABBYY, and office of the developer in Novosibirsk — branch of group.

Abbyy and ATAPY Software cooperate nearly 18 years. During this time Atapi Softver implemented a set of projects, from them over 80 — in cooperation with Abbyy. Among them — porting and completions of a number of products of ABBYY, a series of projects on iOS for Moleskine S.p.A., the owner of a famous brand of notebooks and also projects for JSC Vostokgazprom, the mayor's office of Novosibirsk, network of retail articles "Noveks" and many other companies.

ATAPY Software has the status ABBYY Bronze Integrator and has extensive experience of implementation of the non-standard projects connected with recognition including in a video flow. Among such projects there are companies: recognition of numbers of railway cars, identification of events in a video series, automatic calculation of objects on a photo and video for the analysis and optimization of logistic processes, object search in satellite pictures and many other things.

Integration of Atapi Softver will allow us to attract experienced engineers who not only are well familiar with our technologies, solutions and products, but also are deeply submerged in the current projects of ABBYY. Together with specialists of Atapi Softver we will develop new solutions for corporate customers and to give to clients technical support — Dmitry Shushkin, the CEO of ABBYY Russia commented on an event.

Consolidation with ABBYY group — logical continuation of our long-term partnership — the director of Atapi Softver Sergey Borovoy noted. — It is sure, examination of specialists of Atapi Softver will qualitatively add global experience of ABBYY and will give new opportunities in implementation of large projects in the field of intellectual information processing in the companies of the different industries.

2001: Background

History ATAPI began spring of 2001 when the group of IT managers from Moscow and Novosibirsk having wide experience of joint work in the field of paperless document flow made the decision to create the company for accomplishment of custom developments in the field. Novosibirsk was selected for this purpose not accidentally: since 60th years of last century there was here a unique educational and personnel base which from the beginning of a computer era generated a powerful and versatile IT environment. In the Novosibirsk Campus the USSR's first system of optical recognition was developed.

The first office ATAPI on Fabrichnaya Street opened doors in March, 2001, and by the end of the year the staff of the company totaled eight people. In further ATAPI moved to the Campus.