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+ Atomenergoprom, JSC

JSC Atomenergoprom (the complete name — Atomic Power Industrial Complex open joint stock company) — the integrated company consolidating civil assets of the Russian nuclear sector. Atomenergoprom provides a full stroke of production in the field of nuclear power engineering, from extraction of uranium before construction of the NPP and electricity production, paying priority attention to quality improvement of products, implementation of the innovative technologies and ecological management. Affiliated enterprise of ROSATOM State Corporation

The company integrated many leading enterprises of the industry having more than 60-year history. It incorporated the unique experience accumulated on all range of technologies of a nuclear fuel cycle and construction of the NPP. This extensive experience — a leadership basis in the world market of nuclear technologies.

2019: Plans of creation of Rusatom-Tsifrovye Solutions company

In January, 2019 the Board of Directors Atomenergoprom (is a part of Rosatom State Corporation) made the decision on creation of the new company – Rusatom-Tsifrovye Solutions. It for 100% will belong to Atomenergoprom, and authorized capital of "Rusatom-Tsifrovye of the solution" will be 80 million rubles. Atomenergoprom reported about it on the website of the center of disclosure of corporate information. Read more here.

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