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Audi — the car maker entering into the Volkswagen group

Revenue and profit of the company

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Investment of 14 billion euros into electric vehicles, pilotless cars and digital services

At the beginning of December, 2018 announced Audi investment of 14 billion euros into unmanned vehicles, electric vehicles and digital services. This budget of the German car maker is calculated till 2023.

In total Audi planned a five-year capital expenditure in the amount of 40 billion euros. Here investments into  the main production capacities  and also expenses on   research and development, says the company enter.

Audi invests 14 billion euros in electric vehicles, pilotless cars and digital services
Audi invests 14 billion euros in electric vehicles, pilotless cars and digital services
In this plan of planning there is an accurate characteristic: we apply very systematic approach to electric vehicles and we will be much more focused in the future — the acting chairman of board of Audi Bram Shot (Bram Schot) says. — We consistently pay priority attention to our resources for the products and services focused on the future which are very attractive and relevant for the market.

Follows from the press release which released Audi on December 4, 2018 that in the years ahead the company is going to release a set of new electric cars. In particular, by  2025 Audi will offer clients about 20 models of elektrofitsirovanny cars, a half of which will be completely electric.

Also Audi works in the direction of digitalization of the motor transport and the enterprises and also expands a range of digital services. Besides, the company carries out restructuring which, by its estimates, in 2018 will allow to gain 1 billion euros an additional income.[1]

The Volkswagen concern into which Audi enters, intends to produce by the end of 2022 10 million electric cars based on the new modular MEB platform. It is going to market 27 models or options of electric vehicles, including under the name of Audi, on the basis of MEB, since the Volkswagen ID electric car which production starts at the plant in Zwickau (Germany) at the end of 2018.

Ericsson will equip the Audi enterprise of a 5G communication for development of "smart" production of a car

In August, 2018 Audis and Ericsson signed the contract within which the Swedish company will equip the enterprise of the partner of a 5G communication for the purpose of development of "smart" production of cars. Read more here.

In ten the most expensive German brands

In January, 2018 the company was included into ten the most expensive German brands, according to rating which was made by advertizing and communication  holding WPP  and the marketing agency Kantar Millward Brown. Read more here.

2015: Audis, BMW and Daimler redeemed cards of Nokia

On August 3, 2015 the company Nokia announced sale of cartographic business to the German auto giants BMW, Daimler and Audi (enters into concern Volkswagen). The cost of purchase is estimated at 2.8 billion euros. In more detail here.