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Autotank service


Avtotank-service LLC is the company offering services in complex service of refueling complexes and support of technology equipment of gas station. Foundation year — 2007. The engineering structure "Avtotank-service" is provided in the majority of regions of Russia from Chita to Kaliningrad. The staff of the company contains more than 250 qualified employees.

CST Service (The centralized regional technical service)


+ Karachinsky Anatoly Mikhaylovich

In December, 2012 MAYKOR on behalf of child structure — CST Service Ltd, signed the agreement on acquisition of Avtotank-service LLC providing smooth functioning of gas station and the accompanying hi-tech equipment, used in the field of fuel retail. Avtotank-service LLC will join structure of MAYKOR subsidiary company — CST Service - in the form of the new direction of services.

The transaction took place within strategy implementation of merges and absorption (M&A) according to which MAYKOR purchases as the leading federal outsourcing companies, and large regional players in the market of service and IT outsourcing. Strategy M&A, implementable MAYKOR, aims at an intensification of development of network of service maintenance, obtaining new competences and personnel resources, with a covering in all regions of the country. Until the end of 2013 acquisition of some other players in the Russian service market is planned.

The essential being value of network retail for the end consumer the service quality level permanent for all objects of this operator is. Here a set of services, a status of an object and the continuity of its work, a condition of equipment of self-service and many other things, influencing user experience enters. Fuel retail, in this case, requires the special competences connected with the specialized equipment of gas station. Besides, gas stations are the difficult multifunction complexes including not only actually gas station, but also a mini-market, cafe today, etc. Ensuring the uniform quality standards and uninterrupted operation of work of retail objects requires unification of maintenance of objects and the equipment on all network of the operator. At the same time, the maintenance of own multifunction customer service of federal scale attracts the costs for non-core activity noticeable even for large fuel operators. Therefore the companies are forced to cooperate with a huge number of contractors, to be reconciled with the different quality level of service in different regions, the disordered document flow and other shortcomings of unconsolidated outsourcing. Large fuel retailers, servicing the networks of gas station by own forces, are faced the need of high costs for non-core activities.

MAYKOR group today — the outsourcer of federal scale, only in the Russian market, providing by own forces a unique format of service for geographically distributed retailers — "the engineering systems + IT" in the mode of "one window" for all regions of Russia. Having analyzed the market and the available experience of cooperation with fuel retailers, MAYKOR started formation of the unique offer on hardware and service of gas station in the all inclusive format. For this purpose competences and personnel resources which would allow to add quickly the capacities which are available for MAYKOR in a reach of gas station were required. Namely, it was necessary to enter the effective operating resources and divisions having experience in service of the specialized fuel equipment of gas station into the structure of group. For this purpose it was also decided to purchase Avtotank-service company.

"Autotank service" - the large regional player in the market of maintenance of gas station who passed in five years a way from the local company on service of payment terminals to interregional service network with full range of services, the fuel and engineering systems of gas station, necessary for full support. At "Avtotank-service" there was strategic partnership with many fuel retailers, the considerable experience and resources necessary for implementation of the existing projects and operational scaling of services at accomplishment of new orders is accumulated.

"The acquisitions similar to the transaction about "Avtotank-service" help MAYKOR to increase successfully service capacities, to optimize and expand a service line, offering the market unique effective formats of outsourcing. Accession of resources "Avtotank-service" to MAYKOR will allow to integrate into group the operating branch network with own technological base (Avtotank-service branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd and Chelyabinsk), staff of more than 250 qualified specialists, to involve key fuel retailers in the Russian market. In return, MAYKOR will provide to the purchased local service player the best conditions for development as a part of regional divisions of group. New service of MAYKOR — service of gas station in the all inclusive format — is undoubted, will make success owing to obvious advantages to the geographically distributed companies which will receive outsourcing in the mode of "one window". It means — uniform contact center, minimization of number of contractors, cost reduction, streamlining of management of services, etc. Thus, MAYKOR strengthens positions of the company offering unique model of outsourcing in the Russian market" — the president of MAYKOR Sulgin Sergey comments.