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Avalanche Technology (АТ)


AT is engaged in development of SPMEM technology (spin programmable memory). Are its cornerstone recently opened effect of huge magnetoresistance (The Nobel Prize on physics for 2007) and effect of transfer of the spin moment. Memory based on SPMEM technology is completely non-volatile, has high energy efficiency and a large number of cycles of rewriting and also a possibility of miniaturization to 10 nanometers of lithographic process. To AT her CEO Petro Estakhri founded Lexar Media company (the developer of memory cards) which in 2006 was purchased by the producer of computer chips of memory Micron Technology, largest in the USA, for $682 million. The most part of the AT command came to the company just from Lexar Media.

DFJ VTB Capital Aurora


DFJ VTB Capital Aurora as a part of consortium of investors invested in 2012 $30 million in development of the developer of new type of information media AT, Kommersant told the source familiar with the transaction course and the representative of VTB Capital confirmed. Already invested Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Vulcan Capital, Thomvest Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures funds in AT. Before AT attracted $11.5 million. The means received from DFJ VTB Capital Aurora will be aimed at the further development and start of production of a new class of carriers of memory. The share of DFJ VTB Capital Aurora in the project and its overall assessment do not reveal.