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Aviation complex to them S.V. Ilyushina



Revenue and profit of the company, Thousand rub

20146 823 000---
201511 600 000---


"Ilyushin Aviation Complex" (JSC Il) is a part of PJSC United Aircraft Corporation. Executes a full range of the works connected with development, upgrade, tests, preparation and maintenance of production of samples of the aircraft equipment, maintenance of the flight validity of earlier made aircrafts of the Il brand.

PJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex (PJSC Il) is formed in 1933. The company created more than 120 types of airplanes of different modifications, and today develops and Il-76, Il-78, Il-96, Il-112, Il-114 releases different modifications. Also PJSC Il specializes in service, upgrade and hardware of airplanes, trains specialists of flight and technical personnel. Specialists of the company take active part in development a component for MS-21, Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Performance Indicators


The total revenue of Society in 2015 was 11.6 billion rubles that in 1.7 times more the volume of 2014. In comparison with 2014 the net profit of JSC Il increased by 3.4 times and exceeded 1.47 billion rubles that allowed to direct 735.2 million rubles to dividend payout to shareholders. Net assets of Society for the end of reporting year made 8138 million rubles, i.e. in comparison with last year increased by 2228.2 million rubles. The profit got in reporting year had a positive impact on the amount of equity. The amount of a dividend counting on one ordinary share was 3540.45 rubles - it is the maximum value for all history of existence of Society.



TAdviser Interview

In April, 2019 the CIO and digital transformation "Ilyushin Aviation Complex ("Il") Ilya Zayants in an interview of TAdviser told about the IT strategy of the enterprise, difficulties of import substitution and features of the project of creation of a single system of electronic document management based on EDMS Directum.