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AvtoVAZbank (AVB Bank)


One of the largest credit institutions of the Volga region

TRUST National bank



JSC Bank AVB (AVTOVAZBANK) – The first bank in the Volga region, is created in Togliatti in 1988. General license No. 23 is granted by the State Bank of the USSR, re-registered at No. 23 in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of 8/15/08. The bank is one of the largest universal regional banks of Volga federal district, is included in Deposit insurance system, has rating "And" – the "High level of solvency" appropriated by the expert agency "RAEX".


2019: Completion of accession to Trust bank

On March 11, 2019 it became known that the Trust Bank completed accession of AvtoVAZbank. The book value of assets transferred to bank of non-core assets was 340 billion rubles.

This transaction completed consolidation of assets of the sanified banks on balance of Trust. Taking into account earlier transferred non-core assets of the Opening group, including assets of B&N Bank, Trust and Growth of bank, their total cost reached 2 trillion rubles.

Transition of assets of AvtoVAZbank to balance of Trust bank completed the formation of perimeter of bank of non-core assets. The asset portfolio of AvtoVAZbank is completely accepted in work. For March 11, 2019 our command integrates them into the general model of Trust.
Alexander Sokolov, chairman of the board of Trust bank

Clients of AvtoVAZbank passed to service into Trust bank. All obligations and requirements following from the agreements signed earlier in AvtoVAZbank save the force[1].

2018: The Central Bank decided to sanify AvtoVAZbank through  Fund of consolidation of the banking sector

The Bank of Russia  assigned functions of temporary administration  of AvtoVAZbank to the Fund of Consolidation of the Banking Sector (FCBS) since April 5.

The deputy chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev in 2017 said that AvtoVAZbank needs recapitalization for the amount no more than 15 billion rubles, Kommersant writes.

Promsvyazbank at the end of March, 2018 demanded to cancel through court the tsessionny transaction between AvtoVAZbank and earlier related PSB Vozrozhdeniye bank. Thus, the temporary administration of PSB on behalf of UK FKBS Central Bank disputes the bargains concluded by the former management of credit institution with close structures.


Since 2015 functions of temporary administration in  AvtoVAZbank were performed  by Promsvyazbank (PSB) which since December, 2017 itself undergoes the procedure of financial improvement through FKBS.


For December, 2011 OAO Bank of AVB is a regional bank with traditions, experience and reputation of reliable credit institution, invests the main share of resources in regional development. JSC Bank AVB is universal financial institution, has licenses for commission of all transaction types, works in all directions of business. The regional network is provided in the Volga region region, in the cities Togliatti Samara Syzran Novokuybyshevsk Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad and also in To Moscow Voronezh Cheboksary Novocheboksarsk Orenburg Naberezhnye Chelny. Abroad the branch in the Republic of Cyprus works.