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Aykumen of IBS – the Russian scientific and technology center for development and deployment of means of intelligent data analysis, the producer and the supplier of complex industry information and analytical solutions for the benefit of the state and corporate customers in Russia, the countries of the FSU and beyond.

The company is the partner of the domestic and world companies of the IT industry integrating a team of specialists with more than 20 years' experience and competences in automation of collecting and the analysis of the structured and unstructured data from any types of sources on the basis of own digital infrastructure – the multi-purpose search and analytical IQPLATFORM platform.

Aykumen of IBS works in the field of a system business intelligence, modeling of situations and the predictive analysis at texts and numbers using methodologies and the Big Data tools for effective solution of subject tasks of each customer for the purpose of increase in cost efficiency, security and competitiveness of federal and regional state bodies and special departments, strategic corporations and productions, the knowledge-intensive industries and business.


2015: Sale of 75% of stocks to Rostelecom

On November 19, 2015 it became known of entry of Rostelecom into the market of solutions in the field of the analysis of data bulks (Big Data). The debut of the state operator happened thanks to purchase of a controlling interest in   "Aykumen — Information Business Systems" company (Aykumen of IBS).

Rostelecom takes 75% of the shares \"Aykumen of IBS\" and enters thereby the Big Data market
Rostelecom takes 75% of the shares "Aykumen of IBS" and enters thereby the Big Data market

According to TASS with reference to the press service of Rostelecom, the company takes 75% of the shares "Aykumen of IBS". The transaction which was already approved by Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation, it is going to close until the end of 2015. Acquisition value in Rostelecom was refused to be disclosed, having referred to the fact that the transaction was not approved yet by Board of Directors. He should announce the decision on November 24, 2015.

After accomplishment of all formalities concerning purchase of a share in Aykumen of IBS, Rostelecom intends to work at the Big Data market actively. The operator began to be engaged in similar solutions in 2014, however did it only in the structure.

"While the company does projects with Big Data for itself, for example, for the analysis of video traffic" — specified to the agency in Rostelecom.

In February, 2015 Rostelecom acquired  50.1% of stocks of the operator of network of data centers of SafeData.[1]