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Ayr Technopolice of the Ministry of Defence





Development of technology based on a blockchain for protection against cyber attacks

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation began development of the technologies based on a blockchain intended for protection of crucial information infrastructure against cyber attacks. The 8th head department of MO Russian Federation is responsible for implementation of technology, and works are carried out to laboratories as a part of a military technopolis of AYR, reports the Izvestia edition in June, 2018.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Defence, in the technopolis which is under construction in Anapa the possibility of application of a blockchain for protection of databases and identification of cyber attacks will be studied.

Technologies based on a blockchain also accustom a number of the foreign Defense Ministries for protection against cyberthreats. In particular, in NATO suggested to use a blockchain for protection of financial information and logistics chains. In addition, the Pentagon intends to create documentation transmission system protected from hackers based on a blockchain.

Putin signed the decree on creation of a military technopolis of Ayr

In Anapa the military innovation technopolis of Ayr of the Ministry of Defence, said in the published June, 2018 will be created the decree which was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It is specified that this decision is made for creation of the innovation infrastructure and also formation of effective model of the organization of scientific research for strengthening of an obronosposobnost of the country.

Skolkovo for military will earn an analog of an innocentre in Anapa based on the military sanatoria closed on reconstruction. The president of Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk will begin to direct his scientific projects. Financing of the center is provided from allocations of the federal budget for needs of the Ministry of Defence and other sources.

The area of the object will be 17 hectares. The scientific and educational centers, pilot production and a test polygon for creation of arms and also infrastructure facilities will be its part: a sports complex, the residential complex for young scientists and some other. As the press service of the Ministry of Defence reported, the first stage of a technopolis will open in September, 2018, and Ayr will work in the 2020th at full capacity.

Presentation of a military innovation technopolis of Ayr
Presentation of a military innovation technopolis of Ayr

Among the main objectives of "military Skolkovo" development of defense technologies, including creation of the systems of military artificial intelligence was called. Researches are going to be conducted in a number of the directions. These are IT systems and automated control systems, information security, robotics, technologies of power supply, devices and machines of life support, technical sight, image identification, information science and ADP equipment, bioengineering and biosynthetic technologies, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. In total the program of priority scientific research includes four tens research and development performed together with the enterprises of the industry.[1]