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Russian developer and integrator of cloud management systems

National Center of Informatization (NCI) - 25%
Akhmerov Timur Maratovich - 75%


Revenue millions

Number of employees




The Kazan company "BARS GROUP" is known on work in the field of informatization of the Russian public sector. Became one of the first domestic IT manufacturing who began to create the state information systems on the basis of cloud computing.

BARS GROUP specializes in complex projects for federal agencies, regional structures, large state and business companies. Supports the strategy of import substitution and works in the direction of quality improvement and competitiveness of domestic software products. The majority of solutions of the company is included in the unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases.

Performance Indicators


Revenue of BARS GROUP at the end of 2017 exceeded 2.5 billion rubles, having increased in comparison with last year by 17%. At the end of year the company saved the positions in the market of regional informatization, having increased presence scales at the federal level and having strengthened competences of work with corporate customers.


2020: Obtaining two licenses of FSTEC of Russia

15 April, 2020 of BARS GROUP, the subsidiary company National Center of Informatization, obtained two licenses of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC Russia): on technical data protection and creation of means of protecting information. These licenses will allow the company to render services in the field of protection state of a secret and also to develop software, performing functions data protection.

We increase competences and we broaden the sphere of the rendered services in data protection. For data acquisition of licenses a great job which we began in 2019 was done: successfully passed special examination of FSTEC of Russia on confirmation of conformity to license requirements based on which obtained licenses,
commented Ildar Garipov, the head of Information Security Service of BARS GROUP

Besides, the license of FSTEC of Russia for activities for confidential information protection was renewed. This license allows to perform works and to render services in confidential information protection in the systems of BARS GROUP in such industries as health care, education, construction, housing and public utilities, asset managements, etc.

In addition to licenses of FSTEC of Russia, the company has licenses Ministries of Defence RUSSIAN FEDERATION Federal Security Service Russian Federation.


Opening of the first production office in Vladivostok

On October 4, 2019 Dmitry Vakhrushev, the First Deputy CEO of BARS GROUP, subsidiary company of the National Center of Informatization, announced opening of the first production office in Vladivostok. It will become the 17th representation in the territory of the Russian Federation and also will cover activity of the company on Sakhalin, in Magadan and Khabarovsk.

We are glad to announce our presence in regional IT market. Here the strong IT community and suitable conditions for development of activity of the company — Administration of Primorsky Krai does everything possible for support of the IT industry and the fact that this action takes place here — to that an example. It is the platform for exchange of experience between tsifrovizator and authorities for achievement of goals, delivered by national projects — shared during the performance Dmitry Vakhrushev.

The company is going to involve in cooperation of local gurus actively: at the moment there is a set to a command which will be engaged in solutions in the field of digital health care. By the end of 2019 as it is supposed, the office will total more than 20 people. They will continue work on regional projects in the territory of Primorsky Krai, including over implementation of the centralized medical information system.

In the region one of solutions of BARS GROUP — an information system of monitoring of pregnant women is already implemented. It provides support of obstetricians-gynecologists at adoption of medical solutions: centralizes and provides status monitoring of health of patients at all stages of pregnancy on automatically calculated risks in real time.

Opening of office in Krasnodar

The BARS GROUP company announced on September 18, 2019 opening of office in Krasnodar. The production office will develop the key direction of the company — federal and regional medical digital projects. It is expected that the regional representative office will allow to attract local gurus to the existing projects of the company and also to study and provide the need for digitalization of the organizations of Krasnodar Krai.

In Krasnodar Krai strong market of IT specialists, but, at the same time, and high competition: there are both large federal players, and local product companies. We are going to enter into local IT community and by the end of the year twice to increase the staff of specialists — the CEO of BARS GROUP Timur Akhmerov reported.

The command which is based at the Krasnodar office is engaged in web development: the main programming language for the user web interfaces is JavaScript, and for development of a server component of applications PHP is used. Also at office specialists in design and service of databases work.

Basic reason of opening of development center of "medical orientation" — permanent emphasis of the company on implementation of IT solutions in the field of health care: from software development before its implementation and maintenance. In a portfolio of BARS GROUP — such products as the medical information system (MIS), the laboratory information system (LIS), monitoring of obstetric aid (RISAR). In May the company developed service of telemedicine consultations, and in August provided to the public mobile application of the doctor on duty.

Opening of office in Nizhny Novgorod

On September 9, 2019 the BARS GROUP company, subsidiary company of the National Center of Informatization, announced opening of the office in Nizhny Novgorod which became to the 16th in Russia.

In the opening ceremony the deputy governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Igor Nosov accepted

It is expected that the representation in Nizhny Novgorod will allow to optimize a company performance over regional projects and also to provide with jobs of local qualified specialists. It will become the competence center aimed at a transfer and accumulation of experience in a high-tech industry, declared in BARS GROUP.

BARS GROUP — the Russian developer and expert center in the field of digital transformation of all branches of the economy — it is unconditional, will promote implementation of the Digital Economy national project in the region. As far as I know, set of developers and analysts on medical projects on which BARS GROUP in our region already works is planned in the nearest future. So, the company updated an obstetric aid monitoring system in Nizhny Novgorod — the deputy governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Igor Nosov commented on an event.

Anatoly Mladshev and Igor Nosov

More dense participation in "digital life" of the region will provide new cooperation — BARS GROUP entered the International IT cluster of the Nizhny Novgorod Region of iCluster. The relevant agreement was signed within the opening ceremony of office between the director of iCluster Marat Mukharyamov and the deputy CEO of BARS GROUP Anatoly Mladshev. It will allow to develop partnership with other companies and to take part in the working groups.

Marat Mukharyamov and Anatoly Mladshev
We join achievement of common goals — to development of the IT industry in the region and to representation of domestic developments in Russia and on the international scene. On start we will have a small, but strong team which will be engaged in projects of federal and regional scale on development of a cloud system of accounting and payroll which are implemented in 9 subjects of the Russian Federation — Anatoly Mladshev said.

BARS GROUP already conducts the activity in the Nizhny Novgorod Region: in May the agreement with the Volga medical university (PIMU) on exchange of examination and the joint organization of educational process is signed, the medical information system functions.

The agreement on technology cooperation with Trivium

On May 24, 2019 the BARS GROUP company reported that its founder and the shareholder Timur Akhmerov invests own means in Trivium company which will be engaged in development of software products for the corporate sector. Denis Milyukov holding a position of the partnership director and key clients of Prognoz company and Alexey Murashov who supervised work of department of implementation of systems for business planning and the investment management in corporations and holdings in Prognoz company, the platform of the same name known to the market for creation of the systems of a business intelligence act as co-founders of the company.

BARS GROUP and Trivium signed the agreement on technology cooperation. BARS GROUP is aimed at joint creation of the innovative solutions with the Trivium command having experience of implementation of successful projects for the benefit of the domestic large companies.

BARS GROUP and Trivium signed the agreement on technology cooperation

JSC Trivium already began development of IT solution for the corporate sector - large corporations and holdings, namely a single corporate platform under the 3V brand of the class Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) for planning, the analysis and quality improvement of management and optimization of key business processes of the company: operating and project activities, finance, sales, marketing, personnel, etc. The release of starting versions is planned for the 3rd quarter 2019.

Development of the 3V platform is conducted taking into account technology and methodological experience of the Trivium command and use of modern approaches of BARS GROUP to software development. In particular, the 3V platform will be delivered in a single batch with Alpha BI – a technology platform for creation of the management reporting and analytics. Delivery of a uniform stack of software solutions BARS GROUP and Trivium will happen on the basis of the paid license.

The Trivium command has fifteen years' project experiment on implementation of corporate systems of budgeting, investment planning, optimization of production processes, monitoring of financial performance and other systems (in total more than 30 projects) for such companies as Transneft, Lukoil, Gazprom, Rostec, Basic Element, Zarubezhneft, OMK, OAK and some other leading enterprises.


The agreement on cooperation with Galaktika corporation

On October 11, 2018 the Galaktika corporation reported that together with BARS GROUP, subsidiary company of the National Center of Informatization, signed the agreement on cooperation directed to creation and development of a solution stack based on own software products for the benefit of regional and municipal customers in the territory of the Russian Federation. Read more here.

Opening of production office in Tomsk

On July 5, 2018 the BARS GROUP company, subsidiary company of the National Center of Informatization, announced opening of production office in Tomsk. Now the company contains 15 offices and representations from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The action took place with the assistance of the director of the Tomsk branch PJSC Rostelecom Alexey Makhorin and the First Deputy CEO of BARS GROUP Dmitry Vakhrushev.

Opening of office in Tomsk

Opening of office will allow to create additional jobs in the region and will contribute to the development of examination of local developers through participation in federal projects of the company and also to develop solutions which will be competitive and outside Russia.

BARS GROUP is the long-term, checked partner of Rostelecom company. The largest joint project implemented in the territory of the Tomsk region is the regional medical information system of the Tomsk region. The project not idle time, but I consider very useful, both for medical personnel, and for the population. It is sure that we are waited by interesting projects.
Alexey Makhorin, director of the Tomsk branch PJSC Rostelecom

The Tomsk region is the region which is actively developing innovations in the IT sphere. It is reached, in particular, by existence in the region of a large number of the higher education institutions educating in information technology field. We are going to involve actively in cooperation of local gurus in the development area of software products and to give them the chance to work in large regional and federal projects in which our company is engaged. Existence in the territory of the Tomsk region of production office will allow to optimize and bring the current projects implemented in the territory of the region to higher qualitative level.
Dmitry Vakhrushev, the First Deputy CEO of BARS GROUP

Opening of office in the Tyumen region

Logo of BARS Group for June, 2018

The BARS Group company announced on June 4, 2018 obtaining status of the resident of the Tyumen technopark and opening of office in the region. The relevant agreement was signed with the assistance of the acting the governor of the Tyumen region Aleksandr Moor and the CEO of BARS Group Timur Akhmerov.

In 2017 the Tyumen region worked on creating favorable conditions for market development of information technologies. Conditions for the IT companies, including inexpensive offices, a possibility of training, a complex tax and financial support, the state and corporate order on IT developments, promotion and support of sale of IT products are created. Step by step answering these questions, we want to create actively growing branch of the economy in our region. At the same time, we still should create essentially other ecosystem. It is necessary to create the flexible regulatory base and mechanisms stimulating implementation of digital technologies to all spheres of life. This task can do to us if the power, business and the public act together — the acting the governor of the Tyumen region Aleksandr Moor said.

Since 2011 BARS Group participates in digitalization of all steps of the industry of formation of the Tyumen region, and is not going to stop on it. In plans — to create new domestic projects with import substitution potential for which we will gather a team. Within the last three years we actively increase examination — about a quarter of our employees works in regions. We are always interested in IT specialists with strong competences. And in Tyumen as we know, strong technology universities and a perspective personnel backlog — the CEO of BARS Group Timur Akhmerov noted in return.

BARS Group prepares for an exit to foreign markets

BARS Group studies possibilities of an exit to foreign markets, the CEO of the company Timur Akhmerov told in March, 2018. According to him, first of all BARS Group would like to try the hand in the markets of Europe and in Vietnam.

Concerning Vietnam Akhmerov notes that this country "is very located to Russia". As of spring of 2018 the company already takes pre-sale steps in this market, but to speak about specific projects so far early, he reported TAdviser.

Run to Europe of BARS Group thinks to make through Kaliningrad where calculates based on digital processes which "already built in health care", to try to create services for medical tourism. Some medical services in Russia cost cheaper, than in Europe, and it would be possible to entice residents of the nearby European countries to come to be treated to the Kaliningrad region, Akhmerov explained TAdviser.

Timur Akhmerov expects to open "window" to Europe for BARS Group through the Kaliningrad region (a photo - the Real time portal)

This idea was already discussed with the government of the Kaliningrad region. And on development of medical tourism Timur Akhmerov, according to him, already "dreamed" with the Minister of Health.

BARS Group still should analyze what solutions in what countries of Europe it could propose. At the same time both in Europe, and in other countries the company wants not just to sell the software, and together with local partners to do solutions which basis would be formed by its products, Timur Akhmerov explains. Perhaps, such final solutions will be patented in that country where they were created, he argues.

Opening of office in Kaliningrad which the company announced in 2017 is a first step on the way to the European market, the head of BARS Group of TAdviser said.

Saying about how the current geopolitical situation can influence perception of the company in Europe, Akhmerov noted:

I do not know how sanctions will affect. Perhaps, because our shareholder – Rostec, there can be some difficulties but as the businessman, I consider that the glass is half complete and it is necessary to do attempts.

Abroad BARS Group has some experience of projects implementation. So, according to Timur Akhmerov, in 2013-2014 the company participated in the joint project with the partner in Iran. At some point the company understood that to work on this project for it is not too profitable and left it, Akhmerov tells. Who was in this country a customer, he preferred not to specify. Also BARS Group participated in the project in Kazakhstan.

The head of BARS Group explained why the share of Rostec in the company decreased from 100% to 25%

The CEO of BARS Group Timur Akhmerov in March, 2018 explained TAdviser of the reason of restructuring of the transaction with structure of Rostec - "National Center of Informatization" (NCI) as a result of which the NCI was the owner not of 100% of the company as it was planned initially but only the blocking packet.

Announced plans to purchase 100% of BARS Group through NCI Rostec in 2016. Announcing results of the activity at the end of 2016, the NCI claimed that in financial performance of the company activity of BARS Group company which it "purchased in the spring of 2016" is already considered[1]. Timur Akhmerov remained the CEO of the company. In February, 2018 the NCI reported that the transaction with BARS Group was restructured: NCI received 25% + one share of BARS Group, and a share in 75% minus one action Timur Akhmerov owns now.

BARS Group explains that in 2016 the initial transaction which meant step-by-step share transfer of BARS Group of NCI was made. Commission of this transaction was lit as appropriate. In 2017, after transfer of NCI of 25%+1 actions, the transaction was restructured.

Timur Akhmerov says that he initially assumed the organization of the transaction on model of the public-private partnership (PPP) (a photo - Real time)

Akhmerov told TAdviser that when he initially discussed with Rostec of a term of transaction, he still then assumed its organization for model of the public-private partnership (PPP) in a proportion of 25% of the company - at the state and 75% there are private investments. But at that time the parties nevertheless agreed about sale of 100% of the company to the state with perspective within four years gradually to pass to model of PPP.

In 2017 the trend of digital economy in which PPP, concessions became one of the major vectors gained active development, Timur Akhmerov explained TAdviser. On this background in Rostec accepted his arguments about the fact that now it is a high time to restructure the transaction.

The CEO of BARS Group calls the existing structure of the transaction ideal. On the one hand, Rostec has a blocking packet allowing it to provide influence on the strategy of the movement of the company. And at the same time it does not influence daily operating activities concerning signing of the contracts, transactions, use of credit banking products, etc., Akhmerov explains. It allows to implement projects quicker.

If BARS Group executes the registered KPI, provides necessary financial performance, follows strategy and grows annually, then the investor does not have need to interfere with operating activities of the asset, Akhmerov added.


Opening of project office in the Kaliningrad region

BARS GROUP, subsidiary company of the National Center of Informatization of State Corporation Rostec, announced on November 22, 2017 opening of project office in the Kaliningrad region. The office became already the 11th regional department of BARS GROUP.

According to Maxim Blaginin, the deputy CEO — the head of project office of the Kaliningrad region of BARS GROUP, opening of project office will allow to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation between the Government of the region and the company. Opening of office means creation of jobs. Besides, the agreement signed earlier assumes interaction in questions of preparation and training of specialists of ICT and developers of the Russian software according to additional professional programs, he told.

At the left-to the right: Minister of Health of the Kaliningrad region Alexander Kravchenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kaliningrad region Ilya Barinov, CEO of BARS GROUP Timur Akhmerov, head of project office in Kaliningrad Maxim Blaginin

BARS GROUP since 2011 helps to develop the directions, strategically important for the Kaliningrad region: management of finance, education and health care. During this time the company implemented cloud solutions "by BARS. Health care – MIS", "Completing of the preschool educational organizations" and Electronic Budget.

The Kaliningrad region — the natural applicant for the status of the pilot region on implementation of "Digital economy" which program of development was adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2017. For the last months we made a certain break on informatization of a number of processes thanks to colleagues of BARS GROUP which supported our initiatives and helped with implementation of several projects, including on Thrifty clinic. It is sure that we will work further for the benefit of inhabitants of the region and country — the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kaliningrad region Ilya Barinov noted.

According to official data, at the end of 2016 in the medical information system (MIS) developed by BARS GROUP 63 organizations and nearly 3 thousand medics worked. All automated jobs are connected to MIS. Also MIS allowed to get in organizations electronic medical cards and clinical records more, than on 870,000 people, or about 90% of the population (for comparison: by the end of the 2013th there were 25%).

We see high potential in the Kaliningrad region and intend to develop the competitive Russian software for the region. Over time we are going to turn the Kaliningrad region into the advanced region of Digital economy of RussiaTimur Akhmerov said.

25 years in the software market

BARS GROUP is aimed at promotion to the industrial sector with concepts of the digital enterprise and Postmodern ERP and also development of the direction of information security in connection with requirements of a MIC. According to the program of development of Digital economy of Russia, the company will continue to develop projects of federal and regional importance, performing a contribution to development of domestic digital technologies.

Also one of strategic objectives of BARS GROUP is accumulation of competences in the market of corporate informatization. In the future the company is going to consolidate a project success in the field of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having unrolled capacities at the international level.


Revenue - 2.177 billion rubles

In 2016 revenue of BARS GROUP company made 2.177 billion rubles that is 21.6% higher than a similar indicator in 2015. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the BARS GROUP company took the 47th place.

Among the largest projects of BARS GROUP at this time creation of a system of budget planning in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and some other functional units of "The electronic budget". Such big customers as Emercom of Russia, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Fund of Assistance to Reforming of Housing and Public Utilities Group, the Moscow Department of Construction use systems and services "BARS GROUP". Many projects have the high social importance. It is possible to refer creation of regional fragments of the Single state information system in the field of health care (The Kaliningrad, Kostroma, Novosibirsk, Oryol, Saratov and Tomsk regions) to such projects, creation of services for schools, the organization of an electronic priority in preschool educational institutions, ensuring openness of housing and public utilities, etc.

Start of the Information security direction

On June 30, 2016 BARS GROUP announced start of the Information security direction. The complex of consulting and technical services in the field of data protection is available to the acting and potential customers of the company.

the Purposes which are set before division are aimed at providing business continuity of the organizations and minimization of business risks by warning of incidents of information security

and reduction of the extent of potential damage.

Emergence of the Information security direction in a solution portfolio of the company was preceded by long-term successful practice. Earlier we – on the basis of the Russian, international and industry standards ensured safety of data in the company and within projects which perform our business centers. The accumulated experience allowed to select this work in the separate direction, and now we are ready to share our competences of this sphere with a wide range of customers.

Denis Gerasimenko, CIO of BARS GROUP

Accreditation in the field of information security and management:

  • certificate of conformity of a quality management system to requirements of GOST P ISO 9001-2015;
  • certificate of conformity of an information security management system to requirements of GOST P ISO/IEC 27001-2006 (ISO/IEC 27001:2005);
  • license of FSTEC for activities for technical confidential information protection;
  • license of FSTEC for activities for development and production of means of protecting of confidential information;
  • the license of FSB for implementation of activities for development, production, distribution of the cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, to execution of works, rendering services in the field of enciphering of information, to maintenance of the cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using cryptographic (cryptographic) tools (except for a case if maintenance of cryptographic (cryptographic) tools, the information systems and telecommunication systems protected using cryptographic (cryptographic) tools is performed for ensuring own needs of the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur).

BARS Group is sold NCI (Rostec)

On April 20, 2016 the National Center of Informatization (NCI) entering into Rostec announced acquisition of 100% of stocks of BARS Group. In more detail - in the questionnaire of NCI.

Delivery of personnel in lease to Rostec and loss of means in the Note bank

Having received from Rostec 43 million rubles into the account in suffering crash the Note Bank, the BARS Group company managed to write off them for benefit of tax specialists, but those, without having received money, require to pay repeatedly. Having visited a meeting, the correspondent of the Kazan edition "BUSINESS Online" in passing learned how the IT company leased state corporations of operators of call center at the price of 144 thousand rubles a month.

The application of BARS Group to interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 14 on RT was considered in April, 2016 in Arbitration court of RT. The company demanded to nullify the requirement about payment of a shortage for the VAT exposed to it in November, 2015 for the third quarter 2015 in the amount of 9 million rubles. The ordinary, apparently, meeting developed into a basic dispute on the one who should get in line of creditors of 2015 which went bankrupt in the fall the Note bank.

The plot of case is connected with cooperation of BARS Group and structure of Rostec — National Center of Informatization (NCI) LLC. As you know, the state corporation is going to absorb the Kazan company (in March, 2016 satisfied with FAS Russia the petition of NCI for acquisition of 100% of stocks of JSC BARS Group), however at this time business still belongs to Timur Akhmerov.

In court interesting parts of the close relations of BARS Group and state corporation emerged. So, at the beginning of 2015 the company handed over the employees to NCI as to the resident Innopolis in lease. The purpose — accomplishment of services in maintenance of the round-the-clock operability state of the unified information system health care (UNIFORM STATE HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM). Rostec is the only contractor of these works on the order of the government, and NCI was appointed the contractor of Rostec. Using this system electronic document management of sick leave notes and medicinal deliveries in medical institutions, the statement of compoundings, etc. is performed.

According to TAdviser, from January to December, 2015 in NCI under agreements of outstaffing 75 employees of BARS Group and 67 specialists from Er-Es-Technology company worked (it is also registered in Kazan and is a partner of BARS Group). It is about Java, PHP and Ruby developers, project managers, business analysts, system administrators, call center operators, coordinators of technical support. The NCI signed contracts with Leopard for 103 million rubles, with "Ayr-Es-Technology" — for 75.7 million rubles. It is interesting that specialists ran to the state very into money even by the standards of the world of IT. Ruby and Java developers were the most expensive personnel for NCI — monthly the company paid 238 and 225 thousand rubles for each of them respectively (including the VAT). And call center operators were the most low-paid leased employees — they cost 144 thousand rubles a month for NCI.

Let's note that the protocol of the commission of NCI on the choice as the contractor of BARS Group was signed only in October, 2015, the similar document on "Ayr-Es-Technology" — in December, 2015, and under the agreements published on the website of state procurements, providing personnel had to begin since January, 2015. As the lawyer of BARS Group company told during court session, the delay happened because of settlement of "some technical issues".

As reported the TAdviser center with reference to NCI, in 2016 agreements on providing personnel were not prolonged, including because of growth of number of staff of NCI. According to TAdviser, legislative ban on loan work which was imposed since January 1, 2016 by law No. 116-FZ can be one of the reasons.

However the contract did not bring good luck of BARS Group. At the beginning of September, 2015 Rostec transferred into a checking account NCI in the Note bank about 120 million rubles as financing of works on the medical contract, and on October 1 about 58 million rubles from them removed into the account of BARS Group in the same bank (most likely, payment for work in the first half of the year). On October 9 transferred to BARS Group from the same account 15 million rubles in the pension fund, 240 more thousand rubles — in social insurance fund and the whole 43 million rubles — into accounts of tax authority as advance payment on the VAT for the third and fourth quarter. But means in tax did not act therefore in November and the requirement of 9 million rubles for debts for the third quarter was exposed to BARS Group. It also formed the basis for the appeal of BARS Group to Arbitration court. The company considered that requirements are illegal and it is not obliged to pay the second time the same taxes.

As it appeared, money did not reach because just in the October in the Note bank (the major shareholder was a certain Fanida Komarova) taking the 97th place in the rating of the Russian banks problems with liquidity began. From the Moscow bank specializing in service of defense industry enterprises there was an abnormal outflow of funds in connection with information on the preparing changes limiting state companies in the choice of bank for investment of funds. As reported Vedomosti, "nullify" the accounts the Rostec state corporation instructed the structures, in particular. As a result in bank about 20 billion rubles of means of the defense enterprises among which, for example, Almaz-Antey concern all the same got stuck.

Meanwhile moreover advance payment at once in two quarters tax specialists considered early transfer of the large amount without providing the tax declaration extremely suspicious. According to them, the management of BARS Group knew that they will not receive money from bank any more, and thus decided to use somehow them with advantage for itself, having given assignment to bank to list them in tax.

— We consider the requirements to tax specialists legal and reasonable — the lawyer of BARS Group said on it. — Payment of a tax in advance does not mean application of any doubtful schemes. And operating by such concepts as "removal of money", in our opinion, is attempt to mislead court and to put pressure upon it.
— Explain what pressure consists in? — the judge started.
— The tax authority tries to prove that our partner and we were engaged in some illegal transactions. Thus, it tries to make at court a false impression about our activity — the lawyer told.
— This right of each party participating in a dispute! — the judge answered.
— On our checking account means arrived, we sent these funds for payment of taxes, and the bank charged this money off our checking account. The fact of write-off says that we executed the duties. Thereby further responsibility on promotion of this money to the corresponding budget accounts lies already on bank, but not on us. As this bank is recognized as insolvent and concerning it enforcement proceeding, tax authority is opened not to lose this money, it is obliged to direct relevant requirements about inclusion of in the list of creditors of bank — the lawyer of BARS Group advised, having warned tax specialists that if they miss the submission due date of such requirement established by the law, then will not enter the list of creditors, and it can be regarded as negligence of tax authorities, incomplete execution of the direct duties. — Therefore they first of all should attend to join in the register of requirements of creditors the Note bank — the lawyer of BARS Group emphasized.

Representatives of tax authority of charge of negligence were perturbed excessively.

"BARS Group because it with bank had civil relations on budget contribution of money in the absence of an obligation for payment of a tax acts as the creditor of bank. At that time we had no public relations on payment of taxes" — tax specialists said.

Besides, according to them, information on problems in bank was public, on the Internet it appeared still on August 31, 2015 when Nota-bank stops settlings with individuals.

"The applicant had enough time to show discretion and to think before transferring large sums of money for payment of a tax" — noted in tax authority.

Moreover, according to them, on a checking account in the Nizhny Novgorod bank branch VTB BARS Group has several tens of millions of rubles that would be enough for payment of a tax for the third quarter without any risks much.

"This account is deposit, and we use it as an insurance pillow for ourselves — we hold 18 - 25 million rubles for unforeseen payments or for salary payment there in time if our partners do not pay off us in time" — there was in reply a lawyer of BARS Group.

According to him, the tax authority illegally shifts responsibility from bank to the company and goes on the easiest way.

"I understand, to them, of course, it is easier — bank already the bankrupt, and it is unknown how many money from them can be taken. And we the operating large enterprise, money are available for us, and it is easier for them to collect money from us. Concerns nobody that as a result of illegal actions of tax authority we can also appear on the verge of bankruptcy and 700 people will lose the work location. For tax specialists the most important — to receive in any manner money from the operating enterprise" — the lawyer complained to the judge.

Further link exchange on judgments which were for benefit of tax authorities and taxpayers in similar situations followed. In the end links to decisions of the Supreme Court went, and here tax specialists showed a trump ace — the decision of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation of 10/12/98 No. 24-P where it is said that though the tax payment is really set off after the date of transmission to bank of the payment order, this rule extends only to those payers who "act honesty".

Having listened to the parties which before each other waved packs of the printed sheets, the judge left on a meeting and in five minutes announced the refusal in the satisfaction of the claim of BARS Group. Yes! — one of lawyers of tax authority commented, having made characteristic gesture. Having left the hall of a meeting, tax specialists congratulated each other on a victory and even wished all good to the become sad lawyers of BARS Group.

Opening of the additional office in St. Petersburg

In January, 2016 in St. Petersburg the additional office "BARS GROUP" was opened. The purpose of its opening is strengthening of a production resource of the company.

Lately we strongly expanded both geography of our projects, and command number that caused need of search of new points of development, opening of remote offices. An important role is played here by existence in regions of perfectly prepared personnel and universities which grow up specialists necessary to us. First of all – python-developer.
Chief executive of "BARS GROUP" Kamil Ibragimov

For a full-fledged work in the territory the branch State of Northwestern Federal District, in addition to technical specialists, will be completed with a project team. Besides, the convenient location and proximity of new division to the capital of Russia will allow to use more densely this resource when implementing projects in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Participation in expert advices

The company took part in expert advices:

2015: Revenue - 1.79 billion rubles

Consolidated revenues of the company in 2015 with the VAT – 1.791 billion rubles. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2015 the BARS GROUP company took the 55th place.

2014: Revenue - 917 million rubles

According to SPARK-Interfax, revenue of the company grew from 643 million rubles in 2012 to 917 million rubles in 2014. Net profit for 2014 — 9.2 million rubles.

2013: Opening of office in Novosibirsk

In Novosibirsk the Siberian office "BARS GROUP" which specializes in promotion and projects implementation in regions of Siberia and the Far East is opened. The new direction for project implementation in the field of an enegoeffektivnost is opened. In separate department production of mobile applications and portal solutions is selected. The Alpha-BI platform – the powerful tool in the field of a business intelligence, ready for project implementation was published in the state and commercial sectors.


Results of year: growth of revenue by 140%

Revenue of BARS Group in 2012 made 1.1 billion rubles, having exceeded a similar indicator of 2011 for 140%. All income was gained by the company from works in a public sector. 90% in structure of revenue were made by software development, 10% - rendering IT services, reported CNews in the company.

Along with revenue also the number of staff of BARS Group - from 300 people in 2011 to 500 for the end of 2012 considerably increased.

The largest government contract concluded by the company in 2012, this creation of a system of complex automation of administrative activity of treatment and prevention facilities of Chelyabinsk region. Its cost is 44.4 million rubles. Also won other tenders of BARS GROUP in regions (Moscow, Tatarstan, Yakutia, etc.), but their volumes it is much less.

Reorganization in closed joint stock company

Reorganization of BARS GROUP in Private company. Start of release of mobile applications. Large regional projects on informatization of health care, education and construction. Great success on project implementation for the federal program "Available Environment". The largest project – creation of the Uniform information and analytical system of collecting and the code of the reporting of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Solutions of BARS GROUP are present at all regions of Russia.

2011: Revenue of 458 million rub (+26.5%)

At the end of 2011 458 million rubles were succeeded to help out the companies, growth in relation to 2010 was 26.5%.

Revenue of BARS GROUP from projects in the BI direction in 2011 made 93 million 516 thousand rubles (including VAT) that for 91% exceeded indicators of 2010.

Strategic partnership with the partner Rostelecom. Dynamic development of the direction in the field of education informatization. Development of Regulations of information exchange in the field of housing and public utilities for Fund of assistance to reforming of housing and public utilities. Entry into the market of the city of Moscow and a number of projects in federal agencies. Clients of BARS GROUP became: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation; Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation; Federal Agency of Sea River Transport. Entry into the market of the first cloud accounting for the public and municipal authorities.

2010: Resident of the Kazan IT park

BARS GROUP becomes the resident of technopark in the field of high IT park technologies (Kazan). Release of services for transfer of the public and municipal services to an electronic form. The number of the partner organizations reaches 51, 4 partner centers open. Solutions are present already at 50 regions of the Russian Federation.

2009: Start of promotion in housing and public utilities, construction and health care

Development of a solution portfolio for a public sector. The beginning of promotion in the industries of housing and public utilities, construction and health care. Implementation of the first large federal project (System of the budget reporting of Emercom of Russia). The solution of BARS GROUP for housing and public utilities is recognized the best in Russia. The solution portfolio of BARS GROUP for public sector is replenished with the system of complex monitoring of organizations of the social sector of BARS. Web Management of Development of the Region and solution of BARS. Web Efficiency evaluation of Management, intended for monitoring of activity of executive authorities of the subject of the Russian Federation and local government. Information and analytical systems "BARS are developed and implemented in the Republic of Tatarstan. Web Monitoring of Capital Construction" and "BARS. Web Monitoring of Housing Stock".

On the basis of the system of BARS.web and Budget the Reporting of ASBK company is created the System of the budget reporting in Emercom of Russia covering all managers and receivers of budgetary funds of the ministry in country scales. In the same direction partner structures of BARS GROUP implement projects in the Tomsk and Samara regions. Pokhozyaystvenny accounting in the Republic Northern Ossetia-Alania and departmental statistics in the Ministry of Education of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic is automated.


The beginning of an entry into the federal market with an information and analytical system of BARS. Web Monitoring of Budget Requirement and line of solutions for monitoring of the socially important industries: educations, health care, social protection, culture, youth policy, sport and tourism. The system of assessment of qualitative indexes of formation of BARS is developed. Education web Quality management. The functionality of a software package of BARS Budget was replenished with an opportunity to make calculations for an industry wage system. The partner network begins to be under construction. Release of the first web applications. The line of solutions for monitoring of the socially important industries receives popularity in the market. In the Republic of Tatarstan projects on automation of economic accounting, monitoring of the industries of the social sphere and calculation of normative financing are implemented. The BARS.web and Budget the Reporting is implemented partners of the company in the Volgograd region, the Komi Republic, Primorsky Krai, the Siberian department of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. System of BARS. Web Monitoring of Education is implemented in Lipetsk and Saratov (it is integrated with BARS. Education web Quality management) areas.


The beginning of the large project on automation of the centralized accounting in the Republic of Tatarstan on the standard software. Development of the first platform for creation of web applications. Automation of the centralized accounting became the major direction. Opening of the Kazan office of the company. The information and analytical system of BARS is created. Web Codes. The first solution created on the basis of BARS. Web Codes, there was a system of BARS.web and Budget the Reporting. With it the solution BARS GROUP started automation of the budget reporting in the Republic of Tatarstan.

1995: Release of BARS Budget

The software package of BARS Budget is developed. The solution name was decrypted as the Accounting Automated Working Environment. Success of BARS Budget in the regional market turned a brand of BARS into the company name.

1992: Foundation of the company

On June 16, 1992 - a birthday of BARS GROUP. This day the group of students programmers founded Special Software company. The Automated Workplace of the Accountant of National Education was the first software product of the company that predetermined specialization of the company at work with public sector.

Principles of development

Technology basis for project implementation of BARS GROUP is own cloud platform. The company offers the broad spectrum of IT solutions including both available drawing information systems, and unique project solutions. Customers of solutions receive the ready and debugged managerial tools allowing to collect and analyze large volumes of data effectively to build business processes, to perform information exchange, to disclose information.


BARS GROUP is one of pioneers of "cloud" technologies in the Russian public sector. Solutions of BARS GROUP are web applications which function in private and open "clouds" and also have ability to integrate into the National Platform of the Distributed Data Processing (NPDDP).


Jobs and servers on which applications of BARS GROUP are installed are capable to function on the basis of any widespread operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Also users are not limited in the choice of DBMS and the browser as a database server.

Platforms of development

Alpha BI

Alpha BI is the BI platform for creation of the applied analytical systems serving to support of acceptance of management decisions. Features:

  • complex multidimensional data analysis;
  • integration of information;
  • visualization of business indicators;
  • creation of reports.

Developers "BARS GROUP" use several software platforms. Among them – the system platforms giving ample opportunities for creation of any applications and the applied platforms aimed at the solution of a certain circle of tasks.

Platform of BARS.B4

The system platform of BARS.B4 is based on technology of the Microsoft. net Framework company intended for creation of normal programs and web applications. As a core ASP.Net MVC – the open framework for creation of web applications implementing a design pattern Model-vid-kontroller is used (Model-view-сontroller, MVC).

Platform of BARS.m3

BARS.m3 represents the system platform of development of the web applications functioning in private and open "clouds". The free framework for web applications of Django written in the Python language is its cornerstone. Distinctive feature of Django is that each project consists of independent or slabozavisimy applications. Each of these applications can exist in itself, can be embedded in other application or is taken out in other project.

Platform of BARS.D3

The system platform of BARS.D3 is built based on classical three-unit architecture using the business logic included in DBMS. Similar creation allows to be connected and work with databases of other applications, including – using web services. The application server is based based on such tools as Apache and PHP. The system of creation of interfaces represents a framework of own development which allows to receive both representations for a user interface, and data for web services.

Platform of BARS.web Codes

The platform of BARS.web Codes belongs to applied platforms and provides API for development of processes and forms of submission of reports. Functional characteristics of the platform are aimed at operation of a system in the organizations with multilevel hierarchy of the subordinated organizations and also collecting, consolidation and the analysis of the regulated and independent reporting.

Bars UP platform

Modular Russian software platform with the built-in designer intended for fast creation of business solutions under the customer's tasks. Features:

  • business process management;
  • master data management;
  • management of credentials;
  • conducting calculations;
  • creation of the service bus.

Industry directions