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Sovcombank - 74,99%
Nikitin Maxim Andreevich - 25,01%


BTE is created in 2007. The company - the multivendor service operator, the partner in delivery and service of technology infrastructure for the organizations of all industries. The list of the directions includes the bank equipment, the equipment for energy saving, IT and the engineering systems. The company also renders complementary services of the referbishment and logistics of bulky goods. Infrastructure of BTE totals more than 2000 engineers, 140 service and 6 repair centers for all Russia.

The main activity - repair of ATMs NCR Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold and Nautilus.



Entry into the structure of Sovcombank

In 2018 "BTE" left the structure of Maykor. Since November, 2018 the share about 75% of its authorized capital belongs to Sovcombank. In turn, "BTE" owns 100% of BTE-service company. It is not the only technology company which passed into the structure of Sovcombank in 2018. Then Maykor also left GMCS company and joined Sovcombank. Read more here.

Growth of revenue by 34%

The BTE company working at the market of service of the bank equipment and complex outsourcing projects summed up the results of 2018. Revenue for 2018 grew by 34%, indicators of EBITDA remained at the previous level. The company reoriented a portfolio of contracts for benefit of large projects, expanded current contracts with key clients, says the company of February 26, 2019.

At the end of 2018 the number of customers of BTE exceeded 300, more than 80% of the signed contracts it was necessary on cooperation prolongation. Every third prolongation of the contract was followed also by expansion of structure of services or geography of the provided services, told in the company.

Besides, the direction of logistics of bulky goods across all territory of the Russian Federation successfully started. BTE won a victory in the tender of PJSC Sberbank for transportation and a rigging of devices of self-service, in cherverty quarter 2018 cooperation on the contract reached capacities in more than 2 thousand transportations a month.

Positive dynamics was shown by services for retail and the sphere of telecommunications and communication, the agreement on support of DPC of AKADO telecom is prolonged and expanded, the contract on service of the engineering systems of the distribution center of Dixy, support of the climatic systems in RTK cellular shops, support of the climatic systems in network of drugstores of Rigl is signed, long-term cooperation with Auchan network on support of engineering infrastructure of hypermarkets continued. The international company "Philipp Morris" transferred to support smoking rooms in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the financial sector increased demand for services of complex outsourcing including not only support of the bank equipment, but IT outsourcing. Complex projects within a year of BTE executed for Alfa-Bank and Sovcombank. In chetvverty quarter pilots in several banks on complex support of departments started. BTE won the tender for service of ATMs of VBRR bank.

According to the company, in 2018 the direction of IT outsourcing in the transport sector also grew, as the main driver the contract about Mosgortrans on support of transport payment infrastructure acted.

BTE grows year-on-year not less than for 30%, 2018 did not become an exception, expansion of the customer base on all service portfolio and products and also opening of the direction on logistics of bulky goods within the strategy of diversification of services became the main external achievement, from internal would like to note focus on business process optimization that allowed to save and expand positions in the highly competitive market. In 2018 we actively worked on formation of corporate culture, unity of a command and building of end-to-end motivation — Maxim Nikitin, the managing partner of BTE noted.

In 2018 within the program of corporate transformation grades on qualification of engineers with obligatory passing of regular confirmation were entered. In addition to mobile version Service desk location-based services and services for preventive control of execution of SLA engineering were implemented. Traditionally regional infrastructure of the company develops, the repair center in Krasnodar in addition to Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Barnaul, Ufa was open. The number of the service centers exceeded 140, the number of engineers under management exceeded 1000 people.

Start of the direction on service of the Bitmain ASIC miners

On August 15, 2018 the Maykor-BTE company announced start of the direction on service and recovery of the Bitmain ASIC miners.

For 2018 the market of service of miners is at a formation stage, at the same time Russia is one of leaders in attractiveness of investments in infrastructure for production of cryptocurrency in connection with rather low cost of the electric power and presence of reserve capacities, noted in the company. According to different sources, Bitmain equipment share in the world market makes from 75 to 80%. The business model of Bitmain means not only equipment manufacturing, but direct operation of this equipment. For the purpose of receiving the fair partner in service in Russia Bitmain provided training of experts of Maykor-BTE in repair and recovery of ASIC miners in China, than laid the foundation for cooperation of the companies on this direction.

The direction is started for the purpose of strategy implementation of portfolio diversification of services of Maykor-BTE within which we constantly investigate business segments. We planned loading of several repair centers, in particular in Moscow and Novosibirsk where complex repair will be made.
Maxim Nikitin, managing partner of Maykor-BTE company

The companies concentrated the efforts on a line of miners - S9. Products of Bitmain company will be shortly accepted on repair in more than 100 service centers Maykor-BTE for all Russia. In view of high prospects of this direction, Bitmain and Maykor-BTE company discuss options of long-term strategic cooperation on all product line of Bitmain.


Revenue of the MAYKOR-BTE company specializing in service of the bank equipment grew twice in comparison with previous year. The previous year work on development of the direction of service of the engineering systems was carried out to the companies that was expressed as a result in a gain of contracts with new clients and increase in volume of services.

2015: MAYKOR-BTE expanded competences of the center of repair

On November 11, 2015 the MAYKOR-BTE company announced expansion of a range of competences of the repair center. The company entered services for recovery of spare parts of management systems for queue and CINEO and Nautilus ATMs.

The decision on expansion of a range of competences of the Repair center is made in connection with growth of number of technical support contracts of above-mentioned types of the equipment and aspiration to contain growth of cost of service contracts.

"Repair on own production base allows to reduce purchasing amounts of foreign spare parts and, thus, to minimize a currency component of projects in the conditions of instability of currency rates", – Maxim Nikitin, the managing partner of MAYKOR-BTE noted.

Training of specialists of the Repair center was provided by experts of own Competence center of MAYKOR-BTE. They developed specialized internal and remote rates on repair of spare parts which added already available list of the training programs for the bank equipment.

For November 11, 2015 in the repair center 45 people owning competences on recovery of spare parts, nodes and component parts of ATMs Wincor Nixdorf NCR, Nautilus, Diebold, CINEO, information payment terminals of any producers, management systems for queue, the special bank and cash equipment work.


On August 6 2014 BTE was a part of MAYKOR.

The BTE group announced completion of merge to bank service MAYKOR. Having integrated resources in the bank direction which participants before merge had, MAYKOR selected outsourcing of support of the special bank equipment in BTE subsidiary company.

As a result of the transaction of MAYKOR the block packet - at the former owner owns 75% of the BTE subbrand. In addition to merge of assets in the bank MAYKOR direction used in the transaction of investment, received in 2013 from consortium of investors as a part of RDIF, the EBRD and CapMan Russia Fund II.

BTE as the MAYKOR subbrand renders complete maintenance of ATMs, POS-and payment terminals, electronic management systems for queue, the cash equipment. In connection with specifics of bank service in BTE for providing the high level of rendering services there are own operational business processes, in particular, the Service Desk system.

With consolidation of expert bases MAYKOR and BTE Repair Center, largest in Russia, – the center for repair and recovery of spare parts for the bank equipment is created that allows the company to render services of FLM support (support of the first level) to which operations on maintenance of operability of technically operational devices (primary diagnostics, replacement of supplies, etc.), and the SLM support (the second level) integrating the works connected with repair and recovery of the equipment belong.

Experts and other profile MAYKOR resources in the bank direction are transferred to BTE.

Maxim Nikitin, the former chairman of the board of directors of BTE group became the managing partner of BTE.

"BTE as a part of MAYKOR provides a full stroke – from a preseyl before implementation of contracts — on service of the special bank equipment: ATMs, pos-and payment terminals, electronic management systems for queue. Thus, the company completely undertook industry bank expertize in MAYKOR and also specialized services", – Maxim Nikitin, the managing partner of VTE noted.