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Baikal mining company


"The Baikal mining company" was created for project implementation of mastering of the Udokansky field of copper. The company owns a mineral right for the purpose of extraction of copper and passing components, solves a problem of creation of reliable and safe copper production with high stable yield, the minimum negative ecological and social impact at observance of interests of all concerned parties.


2019: Cooperation with "IKS Holding" for creation of the Center of innovations in Chita

On June 7, 2019 it became known that ICKX Holding and the Baikal mining company will create the Center of innovations in Chita.

The relevant agreement was signed by the chairman of the board of directors of the Baikal Mining Company Valery Kazikayev, the head of "IKS of Holding" Anton Cherepennikov, as well as. the lake of the Deputy Prime Minister of Zabaykalsky Krai on investment development by Mikhail Churkin.

The center of innovations will be created with assistance of the government of Zabaykalsky Krai. Its work will be aimed at staffing of the region by IT specialists, implementation of different models of education in Zabaykalsky Krai, formation of a system of preparation of young talents, including application of best practices of the basic and additional education.

Distribution of digital technologies, their penetration into all spheres of human life lead to global changes. Using digital technologies literally develop economy, their implementation - one of the most important conditions of disruptive development of the region. Creation of modern digital infrastructure will give qualitatively other jump and in use of digital skills, and training of professional staff. The center of innovations in Chita – the starting project in this the direction, major for edge. Its creation will give an impulse to development in all industries – from mining the industry to medicine, will become the first step to creation of modern economy of Zabaykalsky Krai,
speaks Mikhail Churkin, the Acting Deputy Prime Minister of Zabaykalsky Krai on investment development

The center will integrate representatives of education, science, business. Entrepreneurs in the field of high technologies and members of public organizations will also enter it. Work of the Center assumes examination in the field of innovations, assessment and selection of best practices, study of models of development of the region.

Modern technologies have an enormous impact on development of regions, they change management models, create approaches to the organization of separate fields of activity. Our strategic cooperation with Zabaykalsky Krai began with agreement signature. As shows our experience, many regions have the considerable potential for development and implementation of digital technologies. We hope that the planned opening of the innovation center in Chita will urge on the digital capacity of the region and will allow to open many true IT talents,
considers Anton Cherepennikov, the head of "IKS of Holding"

According to the chairman of the board of directors of the Baikal mining company Valery Kazikayev, the Center will allow not only to implement a national technology initiative in Transbaikalia, but also will promote development of investment attractiveness and an entrepreneurship in the region.

It will become the platform for early career guidance of youth and, including, for industrial projects. We calculate that the Center will become a source of manpower for Udokansky mining and smelting plant which operation will demand use of the most modern equipment, technologies and the equipment,
noted Valery Kazikayev, the chairman of the board of directors of the Baikal mining company