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Bain & Company Russia


The Russian division of Bain & Company - the international consulting company (enters into the big three of the consulting companies together with McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group). Specializes in strategic consulting.

Bain & Company


Experts of Bain cooperate with the domestic companies and with large international corporations, offering them services of strategic consulting in such areas as strategy, marketing, an organization structure, operational processes, technologies and merges and absorption — in all industries.

For 2012 Bain & Co. is included into the five of consulting firms in Russia.

2012: Development of strategy of Rusnano under the leadership of Chubais

In November, 2012 it became known that JSC Rusnano ordered development of the new development strategy from Bain & Co. which was selected as the contractor in spite of the fact that its price label was one quarter higher, than at Boston Consulting Group. Read more here.

2006: Return to the market of Russia

In 2006 the Bain & Co. company resumed business in Russia.

1997: Leaving from the market of Russia

Bain & Co. worked in Russia from 1993 to 1997.

1993: Consultation of the Deputy Prime Minister Chubais concerning privatization for $3.9 million

Bain & Company works at the markets of Russia and the CIS since the beginning of the 1990th. The head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais worked with Bain & Co. on the Deputy Prime Minister's post in 1993 — the American company advised the government concerning privatization.

The American edition Huffington Post in October, 2012 published investigation on which Bain & Co. in the early nineties — led by future U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney — was extremely active in Russia and brought the American tobacco brands to the Russian market. According to Huffington Post, contract amount on services of consulting of the Russian government concerning privatization was $3.9 million[1].