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Beam Design office



JSC Luch Design office is included into Vega concern of Ruselectronics holding.


For November, 2019 the main activities are:

  • Development and production of pilotless target aviation complexes for the benefit of MO Russian Federation and other law enforcement agencies
  • Development of complexes of air and environmental monitoring based on piloted and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Development and production of the equipment of management and the information transfer placed on aircraft and ground stations of collection of information for automated control systems for air traffic for the benefit of civil aviation
  • Development and production of management systems for turbine jets of different function
  • Development and production of perspective radio beam sensors for protection of perimeters of objects from unauthorized invasion
  • Development of the special software for processing of specific information
  • Production of the Doppler velocity meters, the angle of demolition and the passable distance for sea and river crafts and all types of aircraft
  • Development and production of devices of indication for protection of personnel against high tension on high-voltage networks and plants