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A pilot project on installation of a system of accumulation of energy in Belgorod

In 2019 "Rosseti the Belgorodenergo Center" will install the CFD's first innovation system of accumulation of energy (SAE) in Belgorod. As it became known on August 30, 2019, the pilot project is implemented within the program of digital transformation of an electric grid of the region in the densely populated residential district of the individual housing estate "Southwest".

The drive of the electric power with a power of 10 kVA and rated power consumption of 53.28 kWh will be connected to two-kilometer section of an aerial line of 0.4 kV No. 2 from TP 980 PS of 110 kV Western for quality improvement of power supply of the residents of Belgorod living here. Implementation of the equipment will provide a normative voltage level in network during the peak periods of consumption, will lower nedootpusk and losses of the electric power.

During the minimum consumption (night and day time) the device will accumulate the electric power that then, in hours of the maximum loads (evening) to issue it in network, offsetting thus losses of tension. Besides, the drive will provide incremental monitoring of a voltage level and adjustment of power output. Tension transformer managed by the controller will provide a normative voltage level on each phase.

The system of accumulation of the electric power is implemented based on the Li-ion rechargeable battery equipped with the charger and automatic management systems, electricity metering, the device of overload protection, the simple and reliable equipment of telemechanics and communication providing transfer to Command center by Belgorodenergo networks of data on existence or lack of tension to networks, the level of a battery state of charge and other operating parameters of the equipment. Remote control of inclusion and shutdown of the device is implemented.

By calculations of specialists, use of SNE in close proximity to the consumer considerably will lower load of the power grid equipment, will eliminate the overload mode, will improve quality and reliability of power supply. The technology is well fulfilled and is widely applied in different installations – from household devices to electric vehicles, and in power industry of Russia so far is practically absent. The systems of accumulation will make electrical energy reserved and portable, removing need of strict simultaneity of processes of its generation and consumption.[1]

Monitoring system of quality of work of outside lighting of the region

In May, 2019 it became known that the PJSC IDGC of Centre branch - Belgorodenergo creates the Monitoring system of quality of lighting in the Belgorod region.

Within the project engineers integrated the database of subjects to outside lighting of the region with a geographic information system, having separated lamps on types and having visualized location of everyone on the card. Data by types of lamps, capacities of lamps, to support and control cabinets by outside lighting in a binding to the area and the operating region of the electric networks are entered into the system.

90 types of lamps in number of 194,409 pieces are at the moment visualized. As a result there was an opportunity to carry out job analysis of networks of outside lighting regarding existence of dark zones, installation sites of certain types of lamps, to assist in work planning on replacement of lighting instruments and reconstruction of networks of outside lighting.

In the automated control system for outside lighting there will be a module of quality management of lighting using which it will be possible to control in real time a status of lamps and control cabinets of outside lighting using a user interface in the form of the card.

Power engineering specialists will have an opportunity remotely, without departure into place, to define lines of outside lighting with not Trimmed Lamps, a specific support, and the lamp (in case of application of a system of individual management of svetotochka), its type and power of a lamp. It considerably will reduce time for service and, as a result, will reduce the number of complaints of the population to problems in work of outside lighting. The information access if necessary will be provided to specialists of department of housing and communal services of area.

On service of Belgorodenergo there are over 206 thousand lamps. 65% are controlled by means of the automated control system for outside lighting. The current operation of networks of outside illumination of power is provided on the basis of the contracts signed with municipal entities of area.


JSC Belgorodenergo became PJSC IDGC of Centre branch on March 31, 2008.