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Beru (company)



"Beru" – a joint marketplace from "Yandex" and Sberbank.


2019: Agreement with Sberlogistikaya on delivery of orders to clients of a marketplace

On November 28, 2019 TAdviser knew that I Take a marketplace and Sberlogistika company signed the delivery agreement of orders to users of service.

Now Sberlogistika will take away orders from the logistic centers of Beru, to sort them in own warehouses and to bring them to buyers with the courier or to pickup locations.

With Sberkuryer Beru's clients from 16 million-plus cities will be able to use delivery. Sberposylk's service will be available in network of points of issue of orders which consists of six thousand points (including Sberbank branches) in 500 cities of Russia. In 2010 the network will be added by 2.5 thousand offices of bank and five thousand automatic post offices.

Beru promptly develops, and we need more and more logistic capacities. We are interested in expansion of a pool of courier services that delivery for our clients became only better and quicker, – Maxim Grishakov, the CEO of Yandex.Market group noted.

We develop federal network of warehouses and points of issue of orders to be closer to our clients and to provide to our partners stable and competitive delivery dates and also services in equally high-quality storage in all Russia. Therefore warehouse complexes of the company already work in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, and until the end of 2019 there will be ground storages in Vladivostok and Rostov-on-Don, – Sergey Malyshev, the CEO of Sberlogistika company reported.