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BetterFly Services


BetterFly Services is the company providing service of management of services which are rendered for the client by both contract organizations, and own services. Year of establishment – 2012. The BetterFly Services command is provided by leading specialists in plot area of service of management of services and has experience of implementation of the offered service in the retail company, largest in Russia.

Maykor (Service Holding Company) - 51%
Shternlib Teymur Tomayevich - 49%


+ Karachinsky Anatoly Mikhaylovich

Teymur Shternlib, the former director of business support of X5 Retail Group who was responsible for informatization of retail network and "The service holding company" (Maykor trademark) announced creation of BetterFly Services company. Its specialization - management of services, first of all, for retail.

According to the USRLE, Shternlibu possesses 49% of BetterFly Services, to "The service holding company" - 51%.

BetterFly Services as her creators speak, optimizes management of services in auxiliary processes of customer company, such as IT, logistics, management of fixed assets and personnel and also in the field of processing of customer complaints and other services rendered by internal services and professional outsourcers.

Customers of BetterFly receive dostupk software of the company via the browser. Payment is made monthly, only for the consumed services. The client has an opportunity to control observance of SLA (the arrangement on the service level) by any contract organizations and KPI (performance indicators) provided for these or those internal servicing divisions.

Functionality of software developed by BetterFly Services are similar to HP Service Manager, IBM Tivoli, etc. "We implement process of management of problems, i.e. we provide the analysis of addresses for the purpose of identification of the root reasons of incidents, - CNews tells Shternlib. – Efficiency analysis of configuration units for identification of the root reasons of incidents and optimization of a configuration of the equipment and service for management of the directory of services is also implemented".

As the marketing vice president of Maykor Irina Semyonova told CNews, BetterFly was created "from scratch". "Its top management is provided by the co-owner and managing partner Teymur Shternlib, and a number of his colleagues which were earlier working in the block of support of business X5 Retail Group including Maxim Efanenkov who was the last 6 years the director of exploitation of group".

In fact, the left command finished software of X5 which creation was conducted within five years. "The similar solution was created and successfully worked in X5 Retail Group with efforts of the block of support of business for 2007-2012, - says Shternlib. - In 2012 based on the experience got earlier we created new service of management of services for foreign market. It considerably differs from the solution developed earlier in X5 Retail Group - taking into account experience, but better and is more modern".

The director of the corporate relations of X5 Mikhail Susov told CNews that there is no strength between the organizations, despite transition of heads: "I do not doubt the highest qualification and management qualities of founders of this company and I do not exclude cooperation of X5 with them in the future though now specific agreements it is not signed yet".

About same tells Shternlib: "BetterFly at the moment has no contract with X5 Retail Group, but we will be glad to offer our services. At the same time our business does not depend and will never depend on group. Services of BetterFly are now rendered to a number of operating organizations (IT and technical operation). We conduct negotiations with several large federal companies from the sphere of retail".

According to Semyonova, natives of X5 did not become shareholders of Maykor. Her co-owners through several offshores in addition to the president Sergey Sulgin are some more people whose names are not disclosed.

In addition to BetterFly Maykor includes three more subsidiary companies: outsourcers "CST Service" and NST and also purchased from IBS Expertek, specializing in development and deployment of software for gas stations and retail.