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Big Data Open Lab



Dell company together with Institute of system programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS) with assistance of CompTek company announced on September 4, 2014 opening of Big Data Open Lab — the practical center for promotion and development of technologies of the analysis of superbig Data for the benefit of the Russian organizations. The laboratory represents the open area for testing of new solutions and start of pilot projects.

Now all organizations which activity is connected with large volumes of information — the oil and gas extraction companies, banks, medical and educational institutions, the project and construction organizations, industrial enterprises — within Big Data Open Lab will be able to receive expert evaluation of efficiency of use of Big Data technologies at the solution of specific objectives and technology support for implementation of test projects.

The Big Data Open Lab laboratory is located in Moscow based on ISP RAS. Relying on experience of specialists of ISP RAS and Dell, Big Data Open Lab optimization of infrastructure, increase in levels of availability or creation of the scalable platform will provide all infrastructure necessary for start in the test mode of projects with the purpose of the solution of specific tasks of potential customers and partners, whether it be.

The technology base Big Data Open Lab is made by the hardware of Dell: servers (PowerEdge M620 blade system), switches (Dell Force10), storage systems (PowerVault MD3820i) — and the open source: Openstack, Hadoop, GridGain, Apache Spark, Infinispan, Terracotta, Ehcache, etc. Besides, at a project startup in Big Data Open Lab also the software solutions Dell Boomi and StatSoft aimed at creation of open solutions for Big Data will be applied.

Development of the innovative technologies and their active promotion by means of the Centers of solutions Dell — as own, and in cooperation with partners and the largest research centers and the universities worldwide — strategic direction of development of Dell company. Among such centers it is possible to call the Center of solutions Dell in the city of Limerick (Ireland), the Center of HPC-solutions Dell and Cambridge university (Great Britain), the IT center of the Pisa university (Italy).

Within the similar centers practices in the form of reference architecture, test projects on integration program and the hardware for creation of the solutions Big Data are result of joint work. The Big Data Open Lab laboratory will provide to everyone to the organizations free access to these resources.