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Bitnami is a library of server applications and development environments which can be set on the notebook, on the virtual machine or in a cloud. Programs differ in integrity, security, timely updates and also optimization for work on any platform from Bitnami. The company cares for compilation and configuring of applications and all dependent components (third-party libraries, language modules, databases) therefore applications work right after installation. The headquarters of Bitnami is in San Francisco (California), and the main development center – in Seville (Spain).






2019: VMware purchased Bitnami

On May 15, 2019 VMware announced Bitnami acquisition, but the cost and other terms of transaction did not begin to open. At the time of the declaration of Bitnami sale the company attracted in total $1.1 million investments.

According to Shekar Ayar (Shekar Ayyar), the executive vice president for strategy and corporate development, the head of department of VMware Telco NFV Group, the company will be able to accelerate development of multicloud solutions and Kubernetes technologies thanks to merger of Bitnami.

VMware purchased the developer of the platform for deployment of server applications
The directory of package applications Bitnami allows developers quickly and to easily unroll the software with open and closed source code on the leading cloud platforms and also on own servers — Ayar writes.

He also emphasized that developments of Bitnami will help users of products of VMware to simplify use of applications in hybrid environments — from the VMware Cloud on AWS platform to the partner cloud systems within the VMware Cloud Provider program.

The head of division of VMware Cloud Services Business Milin Desai says that the company cooperated with Bitnami a little, and absorption became "the natural next step" which will allow clients to use the VMware platform and a public cloud for creation of new applications irrespective of whether they involve containers, technologies of VMware, the cloud Kubernetes components or virtual machines.

VMware is going to support partner communications which Bitnami created with cloud providers. Also VMware will advance developments of Bitnami through partners and will save the free version of library of applications of Bitnami. The startup will be completely integrated with VMware, Desai notes.

Bitnami says that by May, 2019 previously configured programs of the company are used in millions projects worldwide.[1]