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Bridge Energy Group


Since 2004






Bridge Energy Group — the American company founded in 2004 specializing in consulting and system integration in the energy sector. The main services are connected with analytics, security and updating of power generating systems.


2019: Accenture purchased Bridge Energy Group

On June 3, 2019  the Accenture company rendering services in the field of management consulting, information technologies  of an iautsorsing  announced acquisition of Bridge Energy Group, but did not begin to open the financial making transaction.

Accenture purchased IT service provider for power
Accenture purchased IT service provider for power
We are glad to welcome Bridge in Accenture better to help the energy companies to stimulate transformation, creating new opportunities for assets and transactions, at the same time opening new sources of income — the area manager Transmission and Distribution in Accenture Stephanie Jamison says. — As well as Structure Group purchased in 2015, Bridge will help us to meet the growing demand from our power clients for assessment and use of the new and developing technologies, including the advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and a blockchain, for development of future power generating systems.

As noted in the press release, energy companies, the companies gas - and public water supply need new services and the innovation thinking better to cope with problems in the industry, such as aging of labor power, extreme weather events and distribution of the distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar energy, wind energy, accumulators and electric vehicles. Bride the analysis of power supply systems, integration of renewable energy sources, etc.[1] helps clients to project, implement and operate solutions for these tasks, like management of DER,]


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