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+ Buran Venture Capital (BVC)

Spheres of investments

In 2012-2014 target sectors for investments of Buran Venture Capital fund are e-commerce, Internet media, mobile applications and services, social networks and services and also solution SaaS (the software as service), in Russia, the CIS, Eastern Europe and Israel.


For June, 2014 in a portfolio of fund three startups:

  • Sravnikup ( - the website which allows to compare instantly the cost of an insurance of the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE/CMTPL/travel and to purchase it online.

  • Ponominala ( - the company which allows to purchase or book tickets for entertaining actions online.

  • Dashboard Systems ( - develops solution SaaS for automation of work of Boards of Directors, boards, committees and the working groups.


Managing partners of Buran Venture Capital for July, 2012 are Alexander Konoplyasty and Mikhail Salontai, both graduates of MGIMO of 2003. To Buran VC fund Konoplyasty worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Morgan Stanley, UBS and as the independent financial advisor directed restructuring of RBC holding.

Salonta worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Renaissance Group and Elbrus Capital fund.


The Buran VC foundation was set up in 2010.

2012: Vinchel became the co-investor of fund

On July 19, 2012 it became known that one of founders of Mail.Ru Group and the famous venture investor Mikhail Vinchel joined Buran Venture Capital fund as the investor and an advisory board member. He headed the list of 7 investors who invested in Buran VC under control of which there are 10 million dollars. In the next 4-5 years the fund intends to invest 50 million dollars in the Russian startups.

For July, 2012 the fund invested two startups:

  • Sravnikup ( - the website which allows to compare instantly the cost of an insurance and to purchase it online.

  • Epistograph ( - is service for visualization, the analysis and data management. Later the fund left the project, having written off investments.


Closing of the second round of investments for $15 million

On June 2, 2014 the fund of venture investments Buran Venture Capital began closing of the second round of investments with a total amount of 15 million dollars of the USA in which a lead - Group O1 company acted as the investor. Dmitri Mintz, the board member of O1 Group, were also included into the Supervisory Board of fund. Closing of a round will happen till October 1, 2014.

"We welcome development of our fund and joining of such dear and experienced investors as O1 Group," - Alexander Konoplyasty says.
'Despite deceleration of growth rates of economy, we will actively continue to support the young Internet and IT businesses," - Mikhail Salontai adds.
"We actively consider the different possibilities for investments into perspective branches of the economy. Development of technologies and online services has, in our opinion, high potential of growth in Russia. The decision on participation in Buran VC fund for us purely financial investment, in management of its assets we rely on experience of a professional command of fund," - Marina Rudneva, the CEO of O1 Group commented.

Appointment of the venture partner in Israel

On November 12, 2014 it became known that Igor Ryabenky joins Buran Venture Capital fund as the venture partner who is based in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. Igor is responsible for increase in a flow of the entering transactions, their implementation, business development and management of Buran Venture Capital portfolio companies in Israel.

"We are glad that Igor joined to us to perform our investment activities in Israel. His profound knowledge, experience, professionalism and also exclusive reputation is a unique combination for this region", - Alexander Konoplyasty, the managing partner of Buran Venture Capital told.