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Bureau of the Economic Analysis (BEA)


The Bureau of the Economic Analysis (BEA) fund was created in 1996 at the initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation with assistance of the World Bank for carrying out expert and analytical works and providing consulting services in the field of economic policy. Further BEA Fund performed functions of group on preparation and project implementation financed, including international financial institutions.

Academy of National Economy of the Russian Federation
Higher School of Economics (Higher School of Economics National Research University)



BEA on a competitive basis distributes among the domestic companies funds of international financial institutions going from abroad in the form of loans for financing of different projects on the scale of the state.


The Board and Directorate treat governing bodies of BEA Fund.

Now Fonda heads Board the managing director of the Interros holding company Bugrov A.E., Directorate - Dr.Econ.Sci., professor Shastitko A.E.

Main directions of the current activity of BEA:

  • information and consulting assistance to the Russian and foreign physical persons and legal entities, public authorities and local government in the field of efficiency analysis of economic policy and development of the measures promoting sustained economic growth including different questions of business activities;
  • accomplishment of analytical researches on problems of competition and industrial policy; deregulation and debureaucratization of economy; increases in efficiency of public administration; reforms of technical regulation; development of the private financial sector;
  • rendering consulting services in the field of trade purchasing activity according to potsedura of international financial institutions (IBRD, the EBRD, etc.);
  • creation and updating of information and statistical databases;
  • participation in preparation and implementation of the international projects and programs directed to formation of favorable conditions for social and economic development of the Russian Federation;
  • holding seminars, conferences and other public scientific actions.

During the existence by Fund considerable experience in preparation and carrying out expert and analytical works and also in preparation and implementation of the large projects financed with attraction of financial resources of international financial institutions is accumulated.

The existing projects of fund





From time to time Armada and Lanit get involved in tough competitive struggle for budgets of BEA. The largest tenders are won more often by Armada — not least because of Lavrov's lobby, speak in fund. Armada came out the winner from a fight with Lanit for the "Development of a System of the State Statistics" project, and until the end of 2010 with guarantee will receive from BEA one more large order, within the Support of Judicial Reform project. On its implementation the Russian Federation in 2007 occupied IBRD of 50 million dollars[1].