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Business dialog



The company is engaged in organization of events and sale of printed materials. It is affiliated with JSC "Russian Railways".


In 2007 the AXON-Consulting company began work on the project on implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Business-Dialog company. It was announced that within the project the description of methodology of conducting sales and the relations with partners by roles of users will be created.

A system will be installed in sales departments and marketing. After project finish their employees will be able to trace more accurately stages of business processes, data on competitors and market prices, results of the waged marketing campaigns.

The CRM system will allow to eliminate need of duplication of data for different applications, will facilitate process of support of relevance of data, will provide company management with the operational, complete and reliable information necessary for acceptance of the justified management decisions directed to quality improvement and service rates of clients and profitability of business in general.