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Cactus (Note Software, Notasoft)



Solonin Sergey - 11,9%


2019: Sergey Solonin invested in Kaktus service

On September 8, 2019 it became known that Sergey Solonin invested in service for start the Internet of trade the Cactus (Nota Soft LLC). Its share made 11.9%. Solonin, is engaged in investment into projects on stimulation of entrepreneurial activity in Russia long ago and is one of the chief experts for entrepreneurs of e-comm and the adjacent markets.

The Cactus project started sales in May, 2019 and years and for several months attracted more than 100 projects on the platform. Using a cloud system for the Cactus online stores any user can start online sales in one day, having integrated online store, call center, a marketplace, a warehouse and the delivery service. For October, 2019 integration with the fulfillment-centers, courier companies, ekvayer and also the integral warehouse unit and the designer of the websites is available to users of the platform.

"The cactus service provides ready infrastructure that any entrepreneur from any point of Russia could start and manage professionally the project on sales on the Internet, on marketplaces and on social networks. It will give a serious impulse in development of an entrepreneurship in the e-commerce market which dynamically grows and will double by 2023",

'Sergey Solonin noted'

In fact, the client receives single solution for fast start, management and development the Internet of trade. Users of service receive completely ready infrastructure of storage and delivery across all Russia without additional costs on integration. Key feature is not only providing IT solution, but also all necessary transactions under the uniform agreement. Owing to what a system provides free of charge, and the client pays only actually executed transactions, all necessary functionality of online store without any initial investments allows to receive the solution. The solution is focused, first of all, on small business, microbusiness and self-employed.

"We are glad to see Sergey the shareholder and we expect his experiment on creation of the large successful company. As of October, 2019 there is a big inflow of clients, microbusiness and self-employed - we are sure of serious synergy with other projects of Sergey. Investments will be directed to further improvement of infrastructure. In the next year clients of the Cactus will have an opportunity to place the goods on marketplaces, we will start the program of financing of sellers and we will open ours a fulfillment warehouses in the large cities of Russia",

'Natalia Subbotina, the head of the Cactus service noted'