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Cedar of CB


Private company KEDR commercial bank.

B&N Bank


Registration number 1574 according to the Book of state registration of credit institutions, is included in the register of banks.

Authorized capital: 80667975.00 rub Date of change of value of authorized capital: 1/12/07.

The territorial office of the Bank of Russia exercising supervision: Moscow head Territorial Department of the Bank of Russia: 115035, Moscow, Baltschug St., 2, ph. (495) 950-20-03

2016: The B&N Bank completed accession of Kedr bank

At the beginning of 2016 the Kedr bank completed not only legal accession, but also technology integration with B&N BANK. Thus, the list of products and services of B&N BANK is available to clients of Kedr. The B&N Bank takes the 3rd place in the rating of reliability among the Russian commercial banks (according to National rating agency for April 1, 2016, the rating is published in the Profil magazine), the 15th place by the amount of assets, the 8th place on the volume of deposits of individuals (according to the Банки.ру portal for May 1, 2016).

The procedure of reorganization does not involve inconveniences for clients: the location of offices does not change, conditions on the signed agreements (including deposits and the credits) remain the same, it is not required to renew them. Bank cards continue to operate as before, it is not necessary to reissue them before expiration.